El Hazard

(ended 1996)


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  • A group of fun OVA's!

    El Hazard is a series of OVAs that tell a large storyline which continue through all of the different OVAs the characters that you meet in the first installment are almost identical through all of the OVA's which makes the overall story feel connected. This is a decent anime series with the usual mix of seriousness, jokes, fan-favor, along with wonderful explosions and violence!! The story of El hazard is about a teen-age boy with a good heart, his self-centered "rival", a drunk but loveable teacher, and the outspoken smart sister of his "rival" and their fate to unknowingly be transported to another world, where the good hearted boy is convinced to pretend to be a princess which he happens to be almost identical to in an effort to by time. The group must make their way around the world of el hazard with the "rival" and the sister being out on their own while the teacher and boy/princess try to find the three goddesses for help, while each come to find that they have a few new abilities due to the fact they are from another world.
  • Good old school anime! I came into just recently and I love it, highly recomended especially for Tenchi Muyo fans.

    This series has just about everything to offer an anime fan, its got romance, action, hilarious moments and sad moments. A great art style and a wide variety of characters. The setting of this anime is just beautiful, and very creative, and the creatures add to it as well. Does any other anime have a feline who can talk and turn into armor? I don't know of any and I've seen alot! This series also has a pretty simple plot line, the first boxset I bought was the third branch of the OVA and I could easily understand it, and so could my grandma and thats no lie. I think this series really deserves more credit than its being given, its a great example of good old school anime that alot of us seem to be forgetting. And there's a rumor they might finish the OVA so any EH fans out there we should make them bring it back!