El Hazard - Season 2

(ended 1996)


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  • Promise for Reunion
    The Trigger of Destruction begins to put together itself. In the air, a gigantic spaceship emerges. It sends a couple Tentakeln to the earth that tap there energy and hunt all possible into the air. Fujisawa that was underway in order to find its Miz, comes somewhere herausgekrabbelt. Yet there Miz is abducted before its eyes of the Tentakeln into the ship. Yuba, Makoto and the other extremely are provided while the Trigger of Destruction begins to bomb the earth. Makoto gets Ifurita and brings it to Yuba (that even also injured is). Ifurita lost all energy. Yuba found out in the mean time, what the Trigger of Destruction is exact. In contrast to the eye of God, that was made actually for that to win wars, serves the Trigger of Destruction in addition to extinguish this by the manipulation of entire dimensions totally. It is a reward weapon that became out of hate and despair born. Nanami admonishes it to not to talk nonsense so much, but rather to undertake something. That is however not so simple, for Masamichi arrives just and reports that the machine Miz took as a hostage. Nevertheless Shayla and Afura proceed themselves on the ship and grasp it at - totally forgive, for its powers pass by far not for that. Makoto and Yuba brought Ifurita to the tax element. Yuba hopes to be able to load there its energy again. This hope proves to be correct, but the again revival costs Yuba the life. A type has anchors cracks potassiums mental trap in Ifurita, and like Yuba this and raises Ifurita, consumes it all its power. Ifurita is again there, but Yuba collapses behind its dead. Nevertheless, now it goes against potassiums. Ifurita wants to shoot down the Trigger of Destruction, but Miz is yet on board, and Makoto admonished never would have allowed it, Yuba it that it sacrifices innocent. Therefore it concerns with Makoto together on board, (if one that once so express wants) potassiums in the near battle low ring. The battle on board of the Triggers supposes notable measurements, but nothing so easily can delay Ifurita and Makoto. Makoto is catched then of Tentakeln and to the kernel, to potassiums, brought. There it penetrates again into it while outside Ifurita of all shoots shortly and small. Potassiums tries, immerses it from tricks, but Ifurita up and hunts a full load in Kalias only sensitive point, namely the hole on its back, with which it can be raised. Potassiums passes, fells the Trigger of Destruction apart. Miz fells down and is caught of Masamichi, and in the remaining, el Hazard is rescued once again. Masamichi excuses itself in Miz and promises its to marry it now really. And Ifurita and Makoto bury Yuba. Then it is named to take for both departure, for Ifurita will remain in Yubas country, that became its homeland,, will return Makoto after Roshitaria. Ifurita says it to the departure, it never should stop searching for its Ifurita, for it needs it. Alas yes, and Katsuhiko gathers the remainders of the Trigger on to construct around from that a new terrible weapon.. And at the end, Miz and Masamichi marry finally.moreless
  • Ifurita, Farewell to Destiny
    Potassiums stands demand the other vis-à-vis, that of it to say them, who it is actual. Potassiums begins therewith to activate the old ruins of the temple in which Yuba lives. Then it shoots on Makoto, that tightly escapes thanks to Uras aid the ray. Jinnai is enthused of its new weapon. During it the other because of its Blödheit verhöhnt, walks potassiums therefrom, on the search for the given as an ultimatum weapon. After Jinnai has it mitgekriegt, that it was put back alone, it races its hastily after. Masamichi makes trusted has itself heavy reproaches, that it Jinnai, but the other (except Nanami) are on its Gesülze also in favor. Together they conclude to stop Jinnai unconditionally. Potassiums marches come meanwhile through the underground units, but the other its and Jinnai after and attack. To be sure stands quickly out that they cannot overcome the demon in this manner. Above all Shayla Shayla relates once again stick. Shortly on that the tax console discovers potassiums for the given as an ultimatum weapon. Ifurita gets that somehow telepathic with and extremely is provided. It announces Yuba that it must leave it now. Both are about that very sad, but it is just more important to delay the Trigger of Destruction, that the entire world could destroy. Through the battles, Makotos group is separated. Some land very deeply below. Masamichi makes itself on the way, to find the three priests and shows the other on to remain there where they are straight. Outside the Artefakte begin to illuminate. The central control element reaches potassiums, but that cannot be controlled so easily how it thought. Also the other arrive finally in the hall and can watch how potassiums tries to get the control under its inspection. Shayla falls itself on potassiums and turns therewith the mechanism again from. For that wants to eliminate brings potassiums Shayla, but then Makoto it on a better idea. It shows it more of its memories - the end of the world. And above all one killed Ifurita. Makoto is geschockt. There Ifurita emerges however in reality, misses potassiums a load and rescues Makoto. Potassiums flies fight its to, and both demons its duel from. After energy shots against potassiums are useless, Ifurita uses its rod in order to beat potassiums therewith. That looks already better, but then the sheet turns itself. It creates potassiums to drain Ifuritas energy and it flachzulegen. Makoto finds that like Ifurita lying dead at the ground. He does not manage also to revive it. With Ifuritas energy, it creates potassiums now relatively easily, the Trigger of Destruction to activation. Yuba tries with its special capacity, to stop potassiums. It was created once of the enemies of the rulers of el Hazard. Many peoples had sent this by means of the eye of God into the Verdammnis, swore whereupon the surviving to rest not until they would have its revenge. And so constructed it a weapon, whose control element potassiums is and that has the purpose, to destroy the rulers of el Hazard not only, but rather to extinguish the total world el Hazard. That knows potassiums naturally and misses Yuba an energy load. Then yet Jinnai comes off shoots in addition in order to harvest the fruits of its work, but potassiums also it. You never kept in mind to obey it because it is not the purpose of its existence. Potassiums begins now therewith to put together the actual Trigger of Destruction again. How turns out, it (external) is a large spaceship, in which a dimensional weapon is incorporated, with which el Hazard can be extinguished.moreless
  • Awakening of Kalia
    Awakening of Kalia
    Episode 2
    Katsuhiko is charmed over its new discovery. Now it can become finally ruler of el Hazard and would rake itself at Makoto. Although Katsuhiko itself not just intelligently at it place, succeeds to awake it it at the end, potassiums with the rod. Yet first of all it does not look would have found is so, as it the desired new weapon, for potassiums in no way willing, it as its master or so what to acknowledge. And moreover it maintains, also to have no super powers. Yet as it notices that it is on domination and submission out of, tells it it that it knows, where a really powerful and terrible weapon is. He puts back makes himself therefore Diva in order to begin with the construction of the building, and even with 2 Bugrooms on the way to the new weapon. Makoto and its group are again in the Gleiter underway. Unfortunately it comes to a dispute between Fatora and Shayla, what has as a consequence, that the fire priest "sinks" the Gleiter. You sows in the dive with full trip on a mountain to, crack is however not on the other hand, for the mountain only a Hologramm. They construct interior a relatively soft breach landing in a strange forest landscape. And then steps them suddenly toward Ifurita and commands them to leave this zone immediately again. Makoto is surprised naturally totally to find it here, but all what it gets, an energy-load is out of its rod. To the good fortune, Ura protected it, but it also so cwas down it first once. None can explain itself why Ifurita so reacts and seems to know no of them. The three priests conclude to use Makotos special capacity. With a risky trick, it succeeds to produce a direct contact between it and it, and it penetrates into its memories on. What it finds there, is very surprisingly. It is another Ifurita, and it belonged is to a man (Yuba), that obvious already for many years with its together. And then it immerses, in the mean time rather as, up and asks Makoto and the other why they came. Nanami explains to it that they would be actual on the search for its teacher, that its bride would have sit let. And through a deplorable accident, they had become entire without intention into this strange country cunning. Yuba did not see Fujisawa, but after Ifurita explained it, what experienced it with Makoto, loads it it everyone on to remain first once. It is a peaceful country in which thanks to the disguise so well like someone never comes. Arielle and Fatora hop proceed themselves into a lake, the other to Yubas house (if one that once so name wants). Yuba tells them its story, that is very similar to that of Makoto, it has even the same supernatural capacity as well as Makoto, namely mentally into the old Artefakte penetrate to can. In this manner he has himself also at that time when he became many decades ago after el Hazard cunning, with Ifurita angefreundet. Yet the paradise has a shadow side, the "Trigger of Destruction". Yuba and Ifurita do not know exactly, what that is, but they never want to learn it most dearly also. Jinnai and potassiums reached the goal area. From above they see run around below someone: Masamichi Fujisawa. It wants calculated climb the mountain, is behind that Yubas world. Because the mountain is not real, also it lands in the interior. Jinnai is surprised. Interior Ifurita take and the other Fujisawa in reception. They are happy that it is again there. Above all Miz is charmed. And also Jinnai and potassiums come on a good idea. Katsuhiko emerges before the rock and asks for entrance. It maintains, it would be now one of the goods, and potassiums, a poor orphan child, had rescued etc. it before the certain death. Incredibly however aware, the other (except Nanami) the story buy it off and let it purely. Long does not last yet until they notice, that with potassiums somewhat does not agree. Makoto touches lets frighten it once out of oversight, and what it finds in its memory, it. Apparently it is an annihilation weapon as well as Ifurita - in the hand of Jinnai.moreless
  • Bride of Roshitaria
    Again peace in the empire of rune rules Venus. Nanami opened a flourishing restaurant, Makoto searches for the secrets of the eye of God. And Miz Mishtal prepares its wedding with Masamichi Fujisawa. The wedding is forthcoming directly. Florestika entire is therefore on the legs. Fatora observes Makoto and Nanami. It would snatch herself gladly the girls, who are sharp on Makoto. Arielle brings it on the idea to exploit its resemblance with Makoto for that. Shayla Shayla asks the excited Miz whom it chose as a successor for the office of the water-priest. Yet that still had no time for such things unimportant totally, promises however to be concerned immediately after its honeymoons therefore. Then it tells Shayla and Afura how it brought Masamichi in addition in order to stop its hand. Now, it was drunk and it has it it somehow attributed. In any case it is has now for it too late, it it at the hinge. Arielle attracts Makoto away. It lands tied up left in that, and Fatora so can take in certainly its place. The first at which itself approaches itself is Nanami, but that sees through the vertigo quite quickly. But therefrom the princess cannot be delayed. Arielle admires it violently. In the evening, the wedding ceremony should take place then, but Masamichi sits down previously off and lets stand Miz alone before the altar. Makoto, that is left freed become of Ura out of that, meets itself it outside, like it davonschleicht. It means to Makoto, let it be not its bride worthy and had to be had to found previously to. And to be sure through mountain-climbing. Makoto is geschockt, however unfortunately cannot delay it. Makoto storms into the hall and divides the present that badly message with, whereupon Miz from lawn. With a water demon, it takes apart the palace. After she calmed herself again something, she, its groom concludes zurückzuholen. Afura and Shayla must accompany it. Makoto, Fatora, Nanami, Arielle and Ura join also. With a Gleiter, they make itself on to the Lilicoco-mountains, that only remote place, that for Masamichis tour eligible. The group spends the night then somewhere underway in a girl-hotel where Nanami got a very cheap room for it everyone. That is, Makoto must disguise itself as a woman, what brings Fatora on some ideas. And during then in the night Miz of its Darling dreams, tries would proceed Fatora, Shayla Shayla to. When Makoto emerges and Shayla sees through the vertigo, it is at it with from lawn, what produces a few things at damages and costs. Also Katsuhiko and Diva are underway on the search for a good place for a new cane. Sometime Jinnai spots an old ruin that excites its curiosity. Hardly arrived, discovers it a rod that resembles that of Ifurita. It brings it at itself and makes itself then on the search for the accompanying demon. It needs to not to seek long. Further interior in the ruins, it finds poured in glass a girl - potassiums.moreless