El Hazard - Season 4

(ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • The Eternal Dream
    The Eternal Dream
    Episode 26
    The destructions, that come from the eye of God, become always stronger. Ifurita comes again to itself and tries, the contrary to taxes, but in the reason, only Makoto yet can delay the chaos. Together with rune, it goes into the reactor. There a dimension hole to its normal world opens itself. And in that, it goes while rune remains Venus. The eye returns into its normal orbit, and Jinnai brings the single time in the 26 sequences a couple of words friendly (to Ifurita) over its lips. Rune is alone and depressed and broods before itself there. Seen turn therefrom the persons of el Hazard slowly to its normal life back. Fujisawa climbs each attainable mountain, and Miz Mishtal hopes that it finally marries it. Jinnai hatches again conquest plans, of which Diva is enthused. And then Makoto is all at once again there - for always.moreless
  • The End of the World
    In mind of God device Ifurita except inspection. It is the actual key to the power of the eye that can serve in addition to extinguish the entire world. And exactly therewith it catches now at - to Jinnais horror, for if the world is destroyed, he can control himself no longer. There finally Afura, Nanami arrive and rune. Rune and Makoto transmittieren immediately to the eye of God highly, but at Ifurita also they bite itself itself the teeth from. It does not want to divert let herself of its actual determination: the world to destroy. Finally it gives way, for it recognizes the descendants of its builders in Makoto and rune. But it is too late: the eye of God is over the critical point out. There is another last possibility, but if Makoto activates it, it will disappear.moreless
  • Destiny
    Episode 24
    Jinnai bursts almost before fury over the escaping of its prisoners. Yet then somewhat yet diabolicer fells it on: together with Ifurita entert it the eye of God. The Roshitaria-people notice quickly, that there what does not agree for the satellite changes its course and begins therewith to influence on devastating manner on el Hazard. Only Makoto and rune (jointly) could penetrate into it and could delay it, but rune is yet far away, also if Afura hurries itself very. Now Jinnai lets penetrate a gigantic Bugroom-army in Roshitaria. But at least therewith our heros can become on conventional manner finished. Shayla Shayla and Miz Mishtal pull loose in order to bring plumb the nature powers advised except inspection again in that, and Fujisawa begins against the Bugroom-army.moreless
  • Escape
    Episode 23
    Rune and Nanami escaped to be sure, but in the Bugroomland so to speak verlorengegangen. Makotos sending command one is remained on the retreat, only Afura. It promised to find and to rescue both. It relaxes itself a dramatic, mehrtägige flight both girls diagonally through the country, with which they escape the pursuing Bugrooms a couple of time only very tightly, once even only with the aid of its Bugroom-friend Chico. Underway Nanami rune tells much over Makoto. It knows that rune loves it. Finally, at the bank of the holy river arrived, yet yet are placed it. In last second, Afura emerges out of the air and rescues both.moreless
  • A Death-Defying Rescue
    A Death-Defying Rescue After they arrived somewhat safely in the Bugroom-country, Makoto strike itself and its group to the castle through. The Bugrooms attack it at the same time naturally permanently. Nevertheless Afura considers one it differently and makes itself on the way, to help its friends. Shayla, Makoto and Ura verschlägt it through chance on a Bugroom-Gleiter, that it to the castle flies - until it discovered become. There is alarm, and Nanami to the flight can use that. Then Shayla and Ifurita rattle together while Makoto races to the roof, where Jinnai constructed a trap for it. Rune Venus, at a Gleiter tied up, serves goes as a bait, but it once again awry. A total chaos emerges. Rune flies against its will therefrom, Makoto fells of the tower and becomes unconscious. Shayla and Ifurita took apart the half castle. Then the other arrive, become however of the Bugrooms on circles. Be rescued it final through Afura one who emerges in last second.moreless
  • A Love in Peril
    A Love in Peril
    Episode 21
    The holy river of God is for the Roshitarier insurmountable, in contrast to the Bugrooms, that can cross it with lightness. Yet then Makoto comes behind it that the three priests can control the elements of the river. So they could create it. Yet Afura one refuses, for all three priests did not swear to cross the river, and Afura places the oath more highly than the prospering of its friends. So Afura, Shayla, Makoto, Alielle, Masamichi and Ura in a large Gleiter break open. The flight over the river is extremely onerous and dangerous (and far - the river is already sooner a sea), moreover they are attacked also yet of Bugrooms, but they create it. And to the balance flirtet Miz underway violently with Masamichi. Shayla and Makoto do not try that also somehow, but it klappt so especially.moreless
  • Sister vs. Brother
    Sister vs. Brother
    Episode 20
    Because Nanami can converse with the Bugroom problem-free, these close it quickly into its heart, for it is natural much more nicely and sympatheticer than its through crack brother. Gradually almost all Bugrooms overflow including Diva to its. Ifurita is allies last Jinnais, but that drinks straight tea with rune; both angefreundet have itself quickly, also if Ifurita has persuade let itself by Jinnai, that it would be the most dangerous being of the world. (By the way also Ifurita understands the Bugrooms, for it is final a demons-God.) Malice tricky yet against Jinnais remains Nanami of last end yet only second victor and lands again in the Knast. And above on the roof, rune and Ifurita are closely entwined entschlummert.moreless
  • Hive of Darkness
    Hive of Darkness
    Episode 19
    Katsuhiko dropped itself successfully to its troops and weave now before the Verfolgern diagonally through Roshitaria. Nanami is excited over its capture, but Katsuhiko not therefrom naturally can be impressed. Its flight and Makotos pursuit hunt form escapes itself extremely turbulent, but at the end Jinnai in a gigantic flyer over the holy river of God into the bow Rome-empire. And there the other cannot follow it. In the Bugroom-castle arrived, places Jinnai Diva the prisoners before. It stands out that Diva and rune cannot notify themselves. Katsuhiko and Nanami on the other hand both attained the supernatural capacity in the transition after el Hazard to be able to speak with the Roshitariern, and with the Bugrooms. (Only so could Jinnai generally the Bugroom-commander become.) Therefore play both interpreter - and run translates itself at the same time violently into the hairs, for at least Katsuhiko a little what other when Diva said has.moreless
  • Operation Abduction
    Operation Abduction
    Episode 18
    Jinnai hatched once again an infamy. Rune Venus makes exploit a state visit in a friendly kingdom, and this opportunity to abduct it. First of all he can be engaged with Ifurita as a help. With a suitcase money it convinces the committee that it is a suitable candidate. Ifurita makes it with a couple of flashes. In the palace, it must would weave lasting before Makoto, but it simultaneously drives its preparations ahead. And then it is so far: it sends sleep the gate watch, lets the Bugrooms into the palace and snatches itself rune. Nearly vermasselt Ifurita of yet all, because it for rune some pretty fireworks arranges has snatches delivers itself, but in the emerging chaos Jinnai out of oversight its sister Nanami, and Ifurita rune Venus with it off. And with both, it weave then in a Gleiter and lets the despairing Makoto behind itself back.moreless
  • The Eye of God
    The Eye of God
    Episode 17
    Makoto studies old writings. At the same time it finds out that the moon that circles Roshitaria is, an artificial satellite. Its name is "of eye God". Can enter one it only if themselves 2 hearts to the holy contract meet. Remembers princess rune how she was sent of its parents as a little child already once to the eye of God. Later she converses with Makoto about that. Curious become, seek open and use can it the access up, a type high security-bunker, that only of members of the royal family - and Makoto how turns out. Finally, after some incidents, the center, a type Transmitter reach both. Rune feels honest dear to Makoto (already more long to be sure). That activated be conveyed the carrier process, and both to the eye of God.moreless
  • Whirlwind
    Episode 16
    Ifurita got the order of Jinnai to train its annihilation powers. Practice half it produces a whirlwind, but the devices its except inspection. The people in Roshitaria are disturbed very. Afura one wants to be concerned therefore. It penetrates into the turbulence, sees in the distance Ifurita, cracks then advertisement sign against an around turbulence and lands unconsciously on the ground where it is gathered by Makoto and Nanami. After it came again to itself and carried out with Nanami a brainstorming, tries it it again. This time it hears on the voice of the wind, encounters in the center on the tränenüberströmte Ifurita and helps its, that turbulence to dissolve again. Jinnai scolds cooperated has Ifurita, because it with the enemy, but nothing nevertheless happened bad.moreless
  • Tale of the Priestesses
    In this sequence, we learn a few things over the development of the priests. In the first half, Shayla Shayla tells how it had to work as a girl for little money. In the school, it was a feared beater. Yet one day, she was once again from tear, encountered it the fire priest Crana Crana and so was impressed of its that she rock-solidly was decided, also to become a high priest. Yet also in the priest-school, it had so its difficulties. There it encountered also Afura one who reports in the second half from its viewpoint. Between its and Shayla Shayla an ardent hate-loved that ended in some hard fights developed in the course of the years (, that more or less undecided went out). And the miracle happened: not only it, but rather also the "tanjun well Bakamusume" (stupid would hesitate) Shayla Shayla created it until very above: Afura became priest of the wind, Shayla Cranas successor as a priest of the fire. And Miz Mishtal? That is ca. 10 years older than the two other and was at that time already the water-priest.moreless
  • The legendary Snow Field
    Princess rune dreams out of its childhood when she watched with its mother outside the falling snow. Every hundred years or so should happen such a snow phenomenon (Roshitaria is actually sooner a tropical country), and all people speak now about that. Doctor Schtalubaugh plans a sending to the place where the snow should appear. The usual people take on that part - and also Jinnai that once again a mysterious power assumes behind it. It goes diagonally through the country, through a jungle and at the end over a tearing river until they reach finally the lake, its goal. Yet it does not snow. Rune deeply is disappointed. Jinnai emerges and demands of Makoto the delivery of the secret. There finally it goes off. To be sure the snowflakes are actually little white mosquitos that appear in gigantic quantities and color knows the country.moreless
  • Pure Evil Genius
    Pure Evil Genius
    Episode 13
    Londs extremely is provided over the awakening Ifuritas. Makoto on the other hand believes sooner that Ifurita will do nothing really evil. There Jinnai with a Geschwader Bugroom-Gleiter emerges and demands the unconditional submission. Back in the Bugroom-castle, he converses with Diva over Ifurita, that can remember nothing of earlier. Makoto and rune send Jinnai a message: they lean its extortion plainly off. Furiously Jinnai Ifurita sends loose: it should make Roshitaria the ground immediately. Underway Ifurita come to be sure objection: it could be injured at the same time yes someone. That wants it on no case. It warns the people, but none believes its. Reflectively it hikes through the streets. There its Afura stands one toward, but after some there and here Ifurita overcomes it problem-free. Back in the castle, Jinnai Ifurita scolds: a good girl should become it and should be angry. And it should destroy finally Roshitaria. It tries its best, but it goes again awry. There it is demanded of Miz and Shayla, but also the two quickly are turned off. To the end, Jinnai emerges at the place of the events and talks nonsense Ifurita full, so that its weapon to the rear loosely goes out of oversight. Jinnai bursts almost before fury. And Makoto must think permanently of Ifurita.moreless
  • Tomb of the Demon God
    After an old legend, day of a century in the sky emerges seals most hotly a castle, in which a terrible weapon is stored out of age old time, in a holy ball. Now it is once again so far. Rune Venus concludes to travel to this castle and to renew the seal. Practical manner has it also the suitable key with itself in the palace, and it, Makoto, Ura, Nanami, Londs so break and Alielle up. And to not to forget Jinnai that is naturally also behind the ultimatum weapon here. Rune and its people reach succeeds in spite of Jinnais Störmanövern the castle first, for Makoto it to crack its secret: that namely the castle in the sky is only a mirage evoked by the extreme heat and is in reality woanders. Rune and Makoto stick the key into the lock, and the given as an ultimatum weapon is freed: Ifurita. Ifurita is a type Aufziehpuppe. First of all it fells raises Makoto around the neck, but as a Jinnai, that emerged in the mean time also, it again and it full nonsense, regards it it as its master. For the beginning, Jinnai commands its to destroy once a mountain, what settles it also problem-free. Jinnai sees itself on target of all its dark plans.moreless
  • A Child's Heart
    A Child's Heart
    Episode 11
    Makoto, rune, Fujisawa and Alielle are a couple of day long in an orphanage in order to attend there to the children. That left out rather, and the four has so its difficulties. Meanwhile Jinnai hatches once again a dark plan: it lets dig a tunnel, that should lead until under the royal palace, around there on breach. Accidentally the tunnel goes through exactly under the orphanage, and Makoto breaks with a leg on, holds it however for a bad joke of Milli. Milli is a difficult child, and in this night, it runs away. Therefore Makoto and rune make themselves as soon as they note it at the next morning, on the search. They find Milli then in a forest in the vicinity of its old parental home. First Milli does not want back, but Makoto has occur let itself something in order to conquer its heart. To the end, another gigantic wolf emerges, but that lands in Jinnais tunnel.moreless
  • The Jungle Beast
    The Jungle Beast
    Episode 10
    Makoto, Nanami, Fujisawa, Alielle and rune make becomed extinct a jungle-sending, around a long to find believed monstrosity and possibly also a reference to a return to the earth. They reach a village that in last time regularly by the monstrosity haunted became. Fujisawa concludes that they should catch it. Alielle and Nanami are afraid too deaths, go however nevertheless with. First of all they knock however on a courageous cat, that gets later the name Ura. Ura stands the monstrosity that emerges shortly on that, toward, no chance has however and is rescued in last second of Makoto. Then the hunters themselves must would weave - back into the village where they furnish Ura and prepare a trap for the monstrosity. They construct a solid cage, lift case pits out of etc. Makoto and Ura play then the bait. The plan klappt so entirely, but Ura has not some remarkable capacities and rescues the situation. At the end, the monstrosity lands under a herabstürzenden rock.moreless
  • House of Thieves
    House of Thieves
    Episode 9
    Nanami opened a restaurant in Roshitaria, and the people stand snake. Makoto thinks about about that that everyone, that it cunningly has with it after el Hazard, found, a place. He asks himself, what probably its place could be. It tries different things, but it becomes everything nothing so right. One day there is suddenly no more vegetable. It stands quickly out, that Jinnai and its Bugrooms it stolen have must, but it gives no proof and no witnesses for that (although Jinnai on a gigantic pile vegetable squats). In the night, the Bugrooms of underground gears swipe out of further vegetable - again unobserved. To the use, it proposes Diva to make from that beauty packings. There Makoto comes an idea. It marks the vegetable with color that colors it from within here, and Jinnai transports therewith. There is a vegetable battle that decides however Fujisawa with its super powers for. Jinnai must drop itself once again.moreless
  • Reunion
    Episode 8
    Miz marches bravely the entire night through. At the next morning, it arrives finally and encounters its beloved Fujisawa again. Meanwhile Jinnai broods dark plans against Roshitaria out of (, that it then in the next sequence carry out becomes). Rune Venus bathes once again and converses with its "dragon". It is happy that Makoto is again back. Miz makes rune its attendance, spends it with Fujisawa a romantic morning together when sudden the water in its wish well and in entirely Roshitaria to flow stops. Appalled it races the entire way to the water shrine back (for a priest has it an outstanding condition), followed of Fujisawa and Makoto. Nanami has the water shrine to a baths park and amusement park umfunktioniert and consumes there the entire water. Miz is shocked, makes Nanami and its servants a scene, but then the overburdened machines of the shrine go through and leave behind a ruin. But at least Nanami and Makoto encounter themselves again.moreless
  • A Golden Opportunity
    In this sequence, Nanami, that previously always once again shortly emerged, plays, the leading role. After it cunningly had it with nothing as a bottle Sojasauce after el Hazard, it had to work as a better Küchensklavin until it was able to escape. Now it works becomes as a cook and girl for all in one beach local, that because of its paramount cook arts (its secret is the Sojasauce) in short time famous. To be sure its boss is a rivet. Nanami smells the large business and makes itself independently. Meanwhile Miz longing has after its Masamiji and delivers after some there and here its shrine abruptly at Nanami, that wanted to make there its businesses (with "meal as well as out of another world"). Then she makes herself on the way into the capital.moreless
  • A Game of Chance and Fire
    Makoto, Alielle and Fujisawa must cross on the way to the temple of the fire a desert. Yet they create it. Shortly before the temple, they see a running carpet - the priest Shayla Shayla, that lost just its shrine, its dresses and otherwise all, what possesses it, in the Patan-game at Jinnai, and now naked, only into an old carpet wrapped, go must home. Makoto plans to recover the shrine and demand Jinnai. Yet if it loses, it will be for always Jinnais slave. Jinnai wants to enjoy its expected triumph in full trains and arranges the game in a gigantic stadium. Yet naturally it only can win in that it cheats. And there that not so correctly klappt, gives it its Bugrooms rather noticeable directions so that Shayla, Alielle come and Fujisawa behind it. Shayla reckons with the Bugrooms from - there it the power of the fire controlled, becomes it for the insects and Jinnai rather hot. Moreover the Makoto is very grateful for that, what it risked for it. To be sure Makoto finds no reference also in Shayla's shrine to the return.moreless
  • The Shrine of Wind
    The Shrine of Wind
    Episode 5
    Makoto, Fujisawa and Alielle one are underway to the wind-shrine of Afura. Already of far, they see the many wind wheels, out of which Afura current or otherwise what wins. In the moment, it is busied just with a new construction project for its library and holds Makoto & Co. for the requested workmen - what they naturally are not. Afura is reserved rather, takes however Makotos offer on to construct the library. To be sure Fujisawa constructs instead of its one Alm-cottage. Afura is geschockt, but it permits Makoto a second attempt. It must carry out that however with Alielle alone, has let itself because Fujisawa amply. The building is final almost finished, but it must fell yet into the city in order to buy material, and with Alielle on the return under robber. With some tricks and the aid Afuras, that controls the power of the wind, the story comes however yet yet to a good end. Only - they do not find a return into its world also in Afuras books.moreless
  • The Lonely Priestess
    Rune informs Makoto that it outside of its empire 3 priests would give. Each of them controls a nature power. They could help Makoto and Fujisawa perhaps to return into its world. Also Jinnai is behind the secrets of the priests here whereby Diva is not enthused very, because she holds it for to dangerously. Doctor Schtalubaugh gives Makoto and Fujisawa Alielle as a rice companion with. They must all possible deserts and cross gorges and escape Jinnais falling before they reach the shrine of the water, in which Miz lives. The priest is bored and fallen in love solitary, and on the first view with Fujisawa. It tells would be allowed to tell both, it its secrets (that it in reality not at has all) no strange, therefore Fujisawa with it had to spend a romantic day, what it does also with growing enthusiasm. At the end, they stood to was retained it, that it only a trick around it with itself, was so solitary because it, but Fujisawa is not angry. It wetted the day very, also if did nothing come out at the same time.moreless
  • The Enchanting Princess
    In the washing, Makoto rune in a compromising situation encounters. They run concludes in dispute and Makoto to make themselves immediately on the search for the return into its world. Meanwhile Jinnai was caught by the Bugrooms, has it however ausgetrickst and discovers then in a worthwhile dialogue its Seelenverwandschaft with king Diva, the Bugroom-king. Together they want Roshitaria and/or immediately the entire world conquer. They block a river and grasp then a village with fire arrows on. Diva simply wants to burn down it, but Jinnai sets yet one thereon and wants to sell the people previously for a crazy price water. Diva is enthused over this malice. Rune Venus is ready to sacrifice for its people its summer palace. Yet Fujisawa removes the river-barrier yet on time, rescues the village and spült Jinnai and the Bugrooms therefrom.moreless
  • Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery
    The next what sees Makoto, rune is Venus that weave also before a Bugroom and jumps at the same time into an abyss. Makoto catches it below and wins therewith its heart. Then they meet Fujisawa that entirely unexpected powers develops and the Bugrooms strongly vermöbelt. Together they proceed itself per air ship into the capital then where rune quarters Venus it. Fujisawa missed its Sake and skin out of oversight the door on, whereupon the watches something "nervous" become. Both would weave and land calculated left in that. Londs, the boss of the palace watch, holds it for spy of the Bugrooms, but rune is convinced of its innocence. After it doctor Schtalubaugh to its investigation sent, and that together with Fujisawa has let itself amply, is the world again in order. It converses begins with Makoto, that accidentally the hand puts on a strange ball, to illuminate that thereupon to all astonishment - the sign of the king (catches already once well at).moreless
  • Drawn into the Land of Adventure
    In the first sequence, we become acquainted with the earthly head performers. (That out of the world el Hazard come logical manner not until the next sequences.) Because for example Nanami Jinnai, the business efficient kitchens genius would be. Your school, the Shinnenome-secondary school, prepares just a festival, and Nanami sells Obentou-packages and makes a pile of coal. Your friend Makoto Mizuhara is - like always - in its laboratory and tinkers at its strange experiments. Teacher Fujisawa is raised of the students with its hobby - mountain-climbing -. And student speaker Katsuhiko Jinnai, Nanamis large brother, must stand just a student meeting speech and answer, that wants to take it into the pair of pliers. At the next day, Jinnai hatches again dark plans against its old enemy Makoto, against whose sunny mind he has round lost already so many. Like usually klappt it so entirely, therefore it does not conclude in the evening, Makotos experiment to sabotieren. Makoto and Nanami are in Fujisawa and look at themselves films over it mountain-climbing. Before they go, Makoto looks over yet once in its laboratory and catches there Jinnai. They fight themselves, Jinnai turns like wildly at any buttons, and sudden they become all four after el Hazard teleportiert. And the first what gets to see Makoto there, a Bugroom that wants it at the collar is.moreless