El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 1 Episode 19

A Fistfull of Nickels/ Animales

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 16, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

1. After trashing the house with a wild party, Manny decides to pay back his father by stealing from the Miracle City crooks. 2. The Rivera's pet donkey and bird try to regain a sombero that was stolen from them by a bullying goat and rooster.
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  • Really awesooooome episode totally worth it

    I like this episode alot it was really funny but I dont like the time slot they put it in( I'm lucky I got to see it twice at 3:00 in the morning without an alarm clock and at 6:30 with alarm clock). I enjoyed this episode...the reason that I didnt give it a 10.0 was because on the second half Frida didnt show and the main characters didnt show much thats what I didnt like the second half so much...but anyways keep it up El Tigre because that was totally awesome!!!!!for realz the first half was cool it seemed like they did more things than any other ussuall episode...I am honestly happy that El Tigre came back WOOOOOO.moreless

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    • (Manny defeated Sartana, is critically injuried, and is in his father's arms)
      Manny: (weakly) Father...please...forgive...me
      White Pantera: Yes! Mijo! Yes, I forgive you!
      Manny: (suddenly heated to perfect health, much to White Pantera's surprise) Cool, see ya!

    • Rodolfo: Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brien Equihua Rivera! I am very disappointed in you! You need to learn to be responsible! (Sigh, calmer tone) Mijo I always said that you had the heart of a true hero but maybe... maybe I was wrong.
      El Tigre: No dad. I know nothing can replace Senior Chapi.
      Grandpapi: (Crying) Why? WHY!?!
      El Tigre: But let me prove to you I can make this right. I'll pay you back for all this damage.
      Rodolfo: And how do you expect to do that?
      El Tigre: I'll... get a job! Two jobs if I have to. Three!
      Rodolfo: You're doing the right thing my son.
      El Tigre: I'll make you proud dad. I promise.

    • Frida: What I tell ya? Villainy doesn't pay.
      El Tigre: What!? You said being a hero was lame.
      Frida: (Couple seconds of silence) Huh? That does sound like something I'd say.

    • Rodolfo: (After Manny mentions throwing away Sr. Chapi's girlfriend) Manny, don't re-open that wound! Senior Chapi is very sensitive.
      Manny: Sensitive! He's the got the brains of a flying hammer! He only knows how to say one thing!
      Sr. Chapi: Viva Pantelones.
      Manny: And his favorite food is earwax.

    • El Tigre: You know I think I've learned a valuable lesson today.
      Frida: Um, Manny...
      El Tigre: Probably something about... Teamwork!
      Frida: Manny!

    • Frida: (About Grandpapi and Sartana) Old flames. (Sartana's head falls off)
      Manny: Very old.

    • Grandpapi: Tell me, where did you find this much loot in Miracle City?
      Manny: We stole it from all the super villains.
      Grandpapi: WHAT!?!
      Frida: Is that a violation of the Villains Code?
      Grandpapi: No, the "People Who Want to Stay Alive Code!"

    • White Pantera: Sartana! Face the power of... The Riveras!... and Frida (Frida waves)

    • Rodolfo: Manny, hard work is riches enough. Thats why I can't pay for your dental work. (Some of Manny's teeth fall out)

    • Rodolfo: Stealing only leads to trouble.
      Grandpapi: Trouble that makes you rich!

    • Manny: But what if we steal from the Super villains?
      Frida: Yeah!
      Manny: That way it isn't really stealing. Its recovering stolen goods! Dad will be so proud!

    • Manny: How am I ever gonna get enough money to pay Dad back?
      Grandpapi: There is only one way my boy. You must come to the dark side.
      Manny: Ok.
      Grandpapi: Give in to your evil nature, experience the awesome power of...
      Frida: Dude! He said OK!
      Grandpapi: Huh? Oh si, sorry its not usually that easy.

    • Grandpapi: Manny, your father and I disagree on many things. For instance, I believe that EVIL WILL TRIUMPH OVER GOOD! (laughs) (coughs) Whereas he likes grapefruit.

    • El Tigre: Dad, I know I messed up. I sent Senior Chapie to bird heaven, and I wrecked the house... twice. But just let me show you I can be a hero. I will make you proud.

    • Manny: (About his bow tie) I look like a doofus.
      Rodolfo: Well look like a doofus faster! We can't be late for Vice President Rodriguez's bachelor action for charity
      Grandpapi: Yes for "Charity"
      Manny: I hear Rodriguez is gonna use the money to buy a diamond hat (They high five)

    • Frida: (To Skeleton Bandito) Seriously, how can you even stand up? You don't even have any muscles. (The bandito collapses)

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