El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 1 Episode 18

A Fistfull of Nickels/ Animales

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 16, 2008 on Nickelodeon



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    • (Manny defeated Sartana, is critically injuried, and is in his father's arms)
      Manny: (weakly) Father...please...forgive...me
      White Pantera: Yes! Mijo! Yes, I forgive you!
      Manny: (suddenly heated to perfect health, much to White Pantera's surprise) Cool, see ya!

    • Rodolfo: Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brien Equihua Rivera! I am very disappointed in you! You need to learn to be responsible! (Sigh, calmer tone) Mijo I always said that you had the heart of a true hero but maybe... maybe I was wrong.
      El Tigre: No dad. I know nothing can replace Senior Chapi.
      Grandpapi: (Crying) Why? WHY!?!
      El Tigre: But let me prove to you I can make this right. I'll pay you back for all this damage.
      Rodolfo: And how do you expect to do that?
      El Tigre: I'll... get a job! Two jobs if I have to. Three!
      Rodolfo: You're doing the right thing my son.
      El Tigre: I'll make you proud dad. I promise.

    • Frida: What I tell ya? Villainy doesn't pay.
      El Tigre: What!? You said being a hero was lame.
      Frida: (Couple seconds of silence) Huh? That does sound like something I'd say.

    • Rodolfo: (After Manny mentions throwing away Sr. Chapi's girlfriend) Manny, don't re-open that wound! Senior Chapi is very sensitive.
      Manny: Sensitive! He's the got the brains of a flying hammer! He only knows how to say one thing!
      Sr. Chapi: Viva Pantelones.
      Manny: And his favorite food is earwax.

    • El Tigre: You know I think I've learned a valuable lesson today.
      Frida: Um, Manny...
      El Tigre: Probably something about... Teamwork!
      Frida: Manny!

    • Frida: (About Grandpapi and Sartana) Old flames. (Sartana's head falls off)
      Manny: Very old.

    • Grandpapi: Tell me, where did you find this much loot in Miracle City?
      Manny: We stole it from all the super villains.
      Grandpapi: WHAT!?!
      Frida: Is that a violation of the Villains Code?
      Grandpapi: No, the "People Who Want to Stay Alive Code!"

    • White Pantera: Sartana! Face the power of... The Riveras!... and Frida (Frida waves)

    • Rodolfo: Manny, hard work is riches enough. Thats why I can't pay for your dental work. (Some of Manny's teeth fall out)

    • Rodolfo: Stealing only leads to trouble.
      Grandpapi: Trouble that makes you rich!

    • Manny: But what if we steal from the Super villains?
      Frida: Yeah!
      Manny: That way it isn't really stealing. Its recovering stolen goods! Dad will be so proud!

    • Manny: How am I ever gonna get enough money to pay Dad back?
      Grandpapi: There is only one way my boy. You must come to the dark side.
      Manny: Ok.
      Grandpapi: Give in to your evil nature, experience the awesome power of...
      Frida: Dude! He said OK!
      Grandpapi: Huh? Oh si, sorry its not usually that easy.

    • Grandpapi: Manny, your father and I disagree on many things. For instance, I believe that EVIL WILL TRIUMPH OVER GOOD! (laughs) (coughs) Whereas he likes grapefruit.

    • El Tigre: Dad, I know I messed up. I sent Senior Chapie to bird heaven, and I wrecked the house... twice. But just let me show you I can be a hero. I will make you proud.

    • Manny: (About his bow tie) I look like a doofus.
      Rodolfo: Well look like a doofus faster! We can't be late for Vice President Rodriguez's bachelor action for charity
      Grandpapi: Yes for "Charity"
      Manny: I hear Rodriguez is gonna use the money to buy a diamond hat (They high five)

    • Frida: (To Skeleton Bandito) Seriously, how can you even stand up? You don't even have any muscles. (The bandito collapses)

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