El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 1 Episode 2

Enter the Cuervo / A Fistfull of Collars

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Enter the Cuervo: When Manny starts spending time with the Black Cuervo wrecking havoc, his and Frida's friendship is put to the test. As Frida's birthday party nears, he has to choose to either go to it, or hang out with the Black Cuervo, a bad-girl supervillian.
A Fistfull of Collars: When Manny and Frida want Luxe Skates. They have no idea how they are going to pay for them. So they decide to go to Calavera, a town full of tough bandits to retrieve Taco (the lost dog of one of Miracle City's richest families) for reward money.moreless

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  • This was the only episode with a flashback. But Black Cuervo is so cute!

    Black Cuervo is my fave super villian! And here's the words to the Balled of Frida:

    Now I shall sing of myself, I am Frida, the best friend of nobel El Tigre... 1! 2! 3! 4!

    Sometimes we get in trouble!

    Sometimes we can not stop!

    But that can't be a problem cause' my papi is a cop!

    There's music in my bones!

    There's music in my narros!

    I'm rockin' with my band!

    The Atomic Somberos!

    And my coch's emigo is El Tigre!

    Oh, yah!

    And here's the words to Remember the good times Raul:

    Remember the good times, Raul!

    Dog races & shooting pooo-ool!

    Growing up exciterment! Like paying our taxes!

    Tryin' out differant mustache waxes!

    Remember the time that we painted the mule!

    Remember the good times, Raul!

    I love that song! And here's the balled of Manny, which I also wrote in my El Tigre review!

    Gather round while I sing you of Manny Rivera, the boy who is known a El Tigre! 1! 2! 3! 4!

    His Powers are amazing! He's got a super claw!

    And a family with a talent like he never saw!

    He's either good or evil!

    We'll have to wait & see!

    His best friend's name is Frida also known as me!

    And his name is El Tigre!


    And the last song I'm gonna write in this review is A cat pooped on my lawn!

    La-da-da-da! da-da-dee-dee-dee! There's nothin' going on!

    Sew-da-see-da! Sew-da-la-fee-dee! A cat pooped on my lawn!

    A cat pooped on my laaawwwnnn!!!!


    I love all those songs!

    And I love El Tigre & Black Cuervo!

    PS. Here's a song I made up of Black Cuervo!

    Gather round while I sing you of the feice Black Cuervo, the enemy of El Tigre! 1! 2! 3! 4!

    She's very, very black!

    She loves to be that black!

    She is very quite black!

    Did I mention that she's black?

    She's trying to get Manny a.k.a. El Tigre, to have a great time with her! Oh, yah this is swell!

    And her enemy's El Tigre!

    Go, yah!moreless
  • One of my favorites already

    The fact Manny and Frida find lost pets, steal them back when all the lost pets are found and then return them again is just hilarious, not to mention Manny and Frida in the beginning of "Fistful of Collars" is just priceless. The humor in the show is great. "Enter the Cuervo" is ok for what it is. I love the fact Frida has a rival it makes the episode all the more pleasurable. The "Kick Me" sign when Frida walks into Karate is just hilarious, not to mention adorable little kid Frida is definitely one of my favorite parts. Overall I give it a 9.7 The show needs more episodes like these funny and cute.moreless
  • When Manny and Frida want Luxe Skates. They have no idea how they are going to pay for them. So they decide to go to Calavera, a town full of tough bandits to retrieve Taco (the lost dog of one of Miracle City's richest families). For reward money.moreless

    Let me start of by saying that I don’t really get into or enjoy many nicktoons. EL Tigre is different. The animation is bright and clean. The voices are done very well. In this episode ” Fistful of Collars” Manny and his best friend Frida find an easy way to make money to buy new gadgets they want. They start finding peoples lost pets and get PAID. But then when a new toy comes out that they want, they are stuck with no more pets to get rewards on, so what’s a kid to do? They steal all the pets that they have returned and then get more rewards for finding them again. I found this pretty funny. The show isn’t side splitting but just very nicely done. The crisp animation is what does it for me I guess. The buddy relationship between Manny and Frida is nice too.I like this episode and show. I'll keep watching.moreless
Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Dineron, Mrs. Dineron

Guest Star

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Humberto, Policeman, Bandido

Guest Star

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Lupito, Waldo, Dowager, Scooter Kid

Guest Star

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Zoey Avers/Black Cuervo

Recurring Role

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Officer Suarez

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • El Tigre: Hey! Nobody trashes Grandmamis in my town you fiendish... (Realizing the villain is a female) girl? (She flies off and Manny snaps out of his funk) Hey! He grapples onto her foot and gets dragged then lands on a rooftopSince your a lady I'll go easy on...(He is blasted before he finishes his sentence into a brick wall; he spits out a brick) Who are you?
      Black Cuervo: I am known as Black Cuervo. But you may call me Oof.
      El Tigre: Oof?
      Black Cuervo: Yes! As in (She punches him)
      El Tigre: Oof!

    • El Tigre: (After noticing Frida is wearing the buckle he made her) Your wearing the belt buckle?
      Frida: My best friend made it for me. (Black Cuervo shoots a laser at Frida that Manny saves her from)
      El Tigre: Yes. He did.

    • Holds the belt Manny made for her
      Frida: My best friend made it for me
      After saving Frida
      Manny:Frida is too important...

    • Zoe Aves: For I, Zoe Aves, am secretly Black Cuervo!...(points laser cannon at a goat)...this must remain our secret, goat. (Goat faints)

    • Zoe Aves: Vendetta!

    • Manny: Luxeblades! Give me a beat. Lowrider style.

    • Calavera Bandito: Please don't take him. Taco is the only friend I ever had!
      El Tigre: This dog must be returned back to his rightful money, err...I mean owner!

    • Frida: (yelling at Manny) Where have you been the last two days?! What kind of piñata is this?! What's the square root of nine?!

    • Black Cuervo: So, not invited to the biggest party in human history? El Tigre: (sadly) No. Black Cuervo: So what are you going to do about it, bad man? El Tigre: What do you mean? Black Cuervo: Is the baddest macho in Miracle City going to take this insult lying down, or is he going to go down there and make Frida Suarez sorry she ever dared to humiliate Zoe Aves! Uh, I mean, El Tigre.

    • Manny: If I skip dinner I can finish the pinata before.. (Lightning flash and Manny sees Black Cuervo on a roof top) No time. Promised Frida I would.. I'll just say "Hi".

    • El Tigre: I just happened to be jumping around rooftops, with cardboard.
      Black Cuervo: Ready to be bad?
      El Tigre: Uh, about that. See, I promised my friend I'd help her with...
      Black Cuervo: Huh, I knew it. You're just another goody-two-shoes.
      El Tigre: No, el Tigre is the baddest macho in all of Miracle city.
      Black Cuervo: Handsome and evil, eh? Well, let's go, bad man.
      El Tigre: After you, my sweet.

    • Manny: It's like my dad says (imitating Rodolpho's voice) You don't need money to have fun!

    • Manny and Frida: Luxe Blades!
      Manny: We must have them! We will have them! This I swear!
      Frida: We need money.
      Manny: Skate eating weasel!
      Frida: Great idea skate eating.. Really?

    • Frida: Where have you been!
      El Tigre: I'm only six hours late.
      Frida: Your two days and six hours late! The party's tomorrow. Go home.

    • El Tigre: No one can help you know chica!
      Black Cuervo: Think again hero!

    • Manny: *gasp* Mrs. Chakita! Pushing a baby carriage, and dragging a box of kittens!

    • Black Cuervo: I might be on this rooftop tomorrow night and I might teach you that move. Adios Hero!
      El Tigre: (with lovey look) Adios Black Cuervo.

    • Frida: There's gotta be a way to get it cause we've gotta get Luxe pods! (The Lost sign for the dog Taco unfolds and reveals $100,000) Santa Claus!
      Manny: Ok thats enough money. We are going to Calevera.

    • El Tigre: He's hiding something.
      Frida: How can you tell?
      El Tigre: His Pancho just pooped.

    • Frida: You know people are gonna lose their pets again sooner or later why don't we speed things up a little
      Manny: (Gasp) Your not suggesting we steal everyones pets and then return them for the reward money!?
      Frida: Uh... kinda
      Manny: This is a good plan

    • Frida: Where have you been the last few days!? What kind of pinata is this!? What's the square root of 9!?
      Manny: Square root?
      Frida: I need help with my math homework which you would know if you were any kind of friend!
      Manny: If you were any kind of friend you'd know I STINK AT MATH!

    • Frida: So you ready for the coolest, most exclusive party in town!
      Manny: Exclusive? You invited everyone, including Roberto. (Points to a sweaty, dirty kid as a goat sniffs him and faints.)

    • Frida: Chicos y chicas, get your invites to the most awesome event in human history – my birthday party! With special musical guests – me, Frida, Suarez, and my band, the Atomic Sombreros!

    • Manny: Oh come on Frida you gotta let that stuff go.
      Frida: Also she once told everyone at school you had a perm.
      Manny: SHE MUST PAY!

    • Manny: This is going to be awesome, if we survive!

    • Pilot: If you look out the window to your right you'll see manny and frida doing something stupid.

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