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El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 1 Episode 10

La Tigressa/ Curse of the Albino Burrito.

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 21, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

La Tigressa: Frida "borrows" Manny's El Tigre belt to become a superhero in her own right, but her recklessness soon gets her captured by Sartana of the Dead. Curse of the Albino Burrito: Manny and Frida con a young fan of his into doing all their chores for them, but he soon accidentally activates a giant destructive robot while doing them.moreless

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  • Glad El Tigre came back with these great episodes!

    Well it came back this week and it was exciting to see. 1st off is the episode where this El tigre lover wants to be a hero like him. He's got a bad hero's name called El Burito (i think) but in the end, he came out to be great! It was funny that Manny and Frida were making him do their chores and he's not noticing it. Even to manny that it's actually helping him. lol. Overall It was a funny episode. But not as better than the 2nd one. La Tigresa was the best episode I've seen yet. Of course I like Frida in the show and I didn't expect her to become El Tigre for one day. Until now. It was funny at 1st that she can only help with only throwing a potato at Santana. Didn't work and she was embarrased by the whole city of Miracle City when she was being licked by a bear! lol. Also when Frida's dad made Manny sleep with the vicious dogs. all hillarous. It's kewl to finally see the fighting side of Frida! I love La Tigresa! Hope Frida gets super powers soon. Overall these episodes are great and this season would be awesome as well.moreless
  • That's what La Tigressa was: Revealing.

    There's really not much I can exactly say about this episode. Curse of the Albino Burrito: No comment. But La Tigressa, on the other hand, was probably the most revealing episode there was. Sometimes, revealing episodes make me stay away from a show for about a week or so and... this was one of those times but that episode was still good. We got to see the crime-fighting side of Frida and I never thought she'd get superpowers for one day. And as a "helpless little girl", that was also pretty revealing after seeing White Pantera, Puma Loca and El Tigre all form and Frida was just a "helpless little girl". This was the kind of episode that has on the edge of your seat. It's very revealing but you just don't want to stop watching. The end when Frida was eaten by the bear, though, was pretty comical. I give La Tigressa a 10/10.moreless
  • Really liked it. Packed with humor and adventure. And finally an episode after three months.

    Well I just saw this episode and it was really humorous and full of action. The first episode involved a kid wearing a donkey hat. The second episode involved Frida stealing Manny's belt. Although both episodes are good, it is obvious that the second one was much better, as it was good to see Frida change into a superhero for a change. Frida is one of the those characters that I don't understand why they have to be a main character. I wish sometimes that Frida could play a bigger role in the series, but well I guess that's one thing that makes El Tigre unique. I'm PS2fan2000 and this has been another El Tigre review. Thanks for reading.moreless
  • La Tigressa was so COOL!!!

    As soon as my little sister told me that a new El Tigre was going to air I thought that the episode wasn't going to be too good. Now, if the commercial had been on La Tigressa, that would be a whole different story. Anyway, I acted excited for the first episode, and it wasnt't too bad. The 'Albino Burrito' kid was adorable (in my opinion) and I loved the way he always sang out his name. The ending of that episode made me laugh my head off.

    Now for the best part of the thiry minutes: La Tigressa. I can't even think up a good word to use to describe this. The beginning made me laugh (a lot of the episodes do) and I knew immediately that Frida was going to take Manny's belt. Mostly because of logical deductioning (wow, big word there)... and the fact that I read the summary online before the episode aired. Anywho, throughout the episode, I made comments about how Frida did a much better job with the belt than Manny, and how she looked good in the costume. I also liked how when she was in Santana's Lair and didn't have the belt anymore, she just asked politely to leave, then willingly went into the cell she was in for the previous ten times during that month.

    When Manny woke up from the boring documentary, I thought it was funny that he wasn't able to figure out that Frida was La Tigressa (again). And his explanation was, "The blue hair should have gave it all away." or something like that.

    My sisters, who were watching it with me, asked me ('cuz I'm the El Tigre fan) why if Frida was able to just open the cell like that, she didn't escape earlier. My 'logical' explanation was that she liked Manny and wanted him to rescue her. Cute, right?

    Back to the rest: I kept on laughing at the fact that with all the weapons available, Frida chose the potato and it actually worked! It was so hilarious! And the ending with her in the bear's stomach was perfect. (Okay, not romantically perfect, but episode wise, it was great.)

    So yeah, I give this a ten out of ten. YAY to La Tigressa!moreless
Susan Silo

Susan Silo

Sartana of the Dead

Guest Star

Jessica DiCicco

Jessica DiCicco

Davi/ Albino Burrito

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio


Guest Star

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Police Chief Elminio Suarez

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (20)

    • Manny: La Tigresa? Claws, tail, and a belt? She's totally copying my whole... me! What kind of loosed out butter-feeder steals a guy's guy?!
      Frida: Maybe she's a nice person with fresh breath and a winning smile who just wanted to feel powerful and never ever do it again.
      Manny: Are you running a fever?

    • Davi: (After sneaking up on Manny) You've been pounced by! Albino Burrito! Albino Burrito! Albino Burrito! Who pounces so good!
      Manny: (Flatly)I hope I may someday recover.

    • Frida: What happened with you?
      Manny: Well Grandpapi got a new cane and he told me not to touch it or...(Dramatically) "Terrible things would happen".
      Frida: So obviously you had to touch it.
      Manny: Well yeah

    • Manny: Frida! I got busted! I can't go to festival of flammable things.
      Frida: NOOOO! We saved for months to buy those tickets! Betrayal! How could you... (Calms down) Oh wait I got busted too.
      Manny: Oh yeah for what?
      Frida: Glued my sisters together again.
      Manny:(Laughs) Aw that just never stops being funny

    • Manny: What movie did you get?
      Frida: Oh, just a little something called "Underground Empire"!
      Manny: Sounds super macho! (Frida puts in the movie where intense music and title card appear on screen then goes to boring music and Dr. Eugene L. Butterman)
      Dr. Eugene L. Butterman: Welcome to the underground empire of worms.
      Manny: Hey this is a docu...(Manny falls asleep)

    • Frida: Did you get Sartana?

      Grandpapi: No. We too busy rescuing a helpless little girl.

      Rodolfo: Papi. Frida already feels bad enough about enabling the fiend to escape, without you reminding her how powerless she is.

      Frida (standing right next to Rodolfo): Dude-I can totally hear you.

    • Rudolpho: What an excellent night to be be outside and enjoy an ice-cream cone.
      Frida: Or two!
      Grandpappi: Or seventeen!

    • Manny: Davi!! You can maybe do it!
      Frida: All right, Davi!! Hit. . .ANYTHING!!!
      (Davi starts swinging at the pinata and misses every time)
      Manny: Left!! LEFT!!!
      Frida: OTHER LEFT!!!
      Rodolfo: Choke up on the stick a little!!
      Granpapi: Good luck! Is indestructable!!

    • Rodolfo: The little donkey boy is trying to stop the giant robot?
      (Manny and Frida nod) Then he is our only hope! Go, little donkey boy! Go!!!

    • Rodlfo: Papi! How can we stop this thing?!
      Granpapi: (makes dismissive noise) Is indestructable! Nothing can stop my big look-like-me robot!!!

    • Granpapi: Manny!! I have only one rule,AND YOU BREAK IT!!! Which makes me want to do the happy dance!

    • Manny/El Tigre: Take it easy, Davi! What, you gotta pee or something?
      Davi/Albino Burrito: . . .not anymore. . .

    • Frida: Manny! How'd you know where I'd be?
      Manny: Are you kidding?! You spend more time here than Sartana does!

    • Frida: (From inside a bear.} Less talk, more Heinlich.

    • Sartana of the Dead: Ah, Frida Suarez. I haven't held you captive since, uh. . .this morning!

    • Rodolpho: We must stop these thieves!
      Grandpapi: Yes! Because I was going to steal all that stuff next week!

    • (Sniffs his ice cream)
      Manny: Why does my ice cream smell like giant monsters?

    • Frida: Hey, who messed up my cards?

    • Manny: Frida's La Tigressa! Man, the blue hair totally should have tipped me off.

    • Frida Never underestimate the power of me throwing a potato!

  • NOTES (3)


    • After realizing Frida is La Tigressa, Manny comments on how easily he should have been able to recognize her. This may be alluding to how many superheros have secret identities that would easily link them to their superhero counterparts if the characters used common sense.