El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

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  • Lousy cartoon

    so it is pretty horrible, no wonder it lasted only one season, cheesy animation

    Goddammit Nick! You had a really good show but alas it's all about the money, Isn't it? The reason they canceled this show was because it wasn't making them enough money...

    The reason they canceled this beloved show was BECAUSE IT WASN'T MAKING ENOUGH MONEY!

    The reason they canceled it is utter GARBAGE! This show had a very good plot, somewhat relateable characters (exept for the superpowers lol) and most of the characters were likable HELL EVEN THE VILLAINS WERE LIKABLE! They had a reasonable backstory and the show was also deciding Manny's fate (Villan like his grandpapi or, superhero like his dad) while tying in real problems, like your friend leaving you for someone "cooler" than you. and one of the villains had a "Senpai Shrine" of Manny's dad and was trying to get rid of Manny to hang out with his dad

    The show was funny and rarely had any disgusting moments in it unlike some shows on Nickelodeon. I just wish that Nick would bring back all the old good cartoons like this and the Mighty B! etc. and not air garbage like Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig and Fanboy and Chum Chum.

    The voice acting was good on the ears unlike some cartoons that have main characters that you just want to tape their mouth shut after 3 seconds of their voice. This show brings back so many memories of my childhood and actually created my very first ship, the very last episode of this show made me so happy because THE SHIP KINDA CAME TRUE AND I WAS YOUNG TOO SO-

    overall this show deserves to be brought back, It was funny and also had adult jokes too, I mean we got Frida thrusting in a car XD

    and... Other jokes I can't think of right now lol

    this show needs more recognition unlike Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig
  • No offense but

    This show isn't that good. It has bad characters, bad animation, bad story line, annoying characters, and it rip offs mucha lucha.
  • Nick should bring this wonderful seris back!!!!

    Man i love this show alot and i have no idea why nick would end this wonderful seris!!!
    Let me name the great things about this show!!!
    1.Great comedy
    2.Great charecters
    4.great couple i mean come on this show was wonderful and when i found out it was cancelled i was so sad!!! Nick should get off there lazy butts and bring this show back i mean if they brougt this show back maybe there ratings might go higher and they will get more popular and i have a feeling they will be sorry they ever cancelled this wonderful seris so BRING IT BACK!!!!!!
  • I Can't Believe this Show was Canceled...

    I loved this show, back when it was still popular. I don't remember much, but I remember it being funny, and I loved the charaters. I watched it every night before bed.

    I remember some of the episodes, and the creative plots. I also find it unique that the plot took place in Mexico. Don't see many of those kinda of shows anymore.
  • Weird artwork,unlikable characters,horrible plots and is possibly one of the most awkward Nicktoons you will ever watch


    If you can guess one of the most awkward Nicktoons of all time,your guess will probably El Tigre. The show takes place in Mexico,where it focuses on a boy named Manny Rivera,who is really a superhero named El Tigre. So basically,this doesn't have an original idea,but it gets worse. For starters,the animation and artwork. Everybody has just weird designs,and all of the settings look brand,because all of them are colored orange. The characters are just unlikable. Manny is a trouble maker,and never listens to anybody. His dad is just a generic tough guy,the grandpa is OK,but cannot save the show and the villains are just awkward. Frida seemed like the only good character of the show. She was awesome,and got a laugh out of me. The plots are just ridiculous. Most of them rely on Manny getting into trouble,so he becomes El Tigre to make things WORSE,but even without that plot,the show still has god awful plots like trying to get to school on time or spending money on a tattoo instead of guacamole. Overall,I will just describe this show as awkward. The animation is bad,the characters are unlikable,and is just unoriginal. If you want a good mexican cartoon,watch Mucha Lucha!.

  • Delightfully art style and outstanding chemistry between the characters. Excelente!

    Manny Rivera (Alanna Ubach) has a legacy. His father, White Pantera (Eric Bauza) is a superhero. His grandfather, Puma Loco (Carlos Alazraqui) is a supervillain. Unsure whether to go down the path of good or evil, Manny gives both paths a try but in the end aims to be more good than evil.

    With his best friend Frida Suarez (Grey DeLise), the youngest and most rebellious daughter of Miracle City's Police Chief, Manny and Frida go on wild adventures together.

    Artfully created by Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua, El Tigre only lasted 26 episodes. (That's Nickelodeon for you.) Fortunately, Jorge and Sandra are still creating art and animation. Jorge humorously took a few friendly swipes on Cartoon Network's MAD to make a short parody of Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Are they outta their mind?! Compared to other crappy nick shows this is da bomb.

    OK El tigre is about a boy named Manny who is a superhero named El tigre he has a dad named White Pantera and an evil (though trying to get on the path of good) grandfather PUMA LOCO. And has a best friend Frida. He lives in miracle city where it's "a spicy zest pool of crime and viliany" So He has very action-fulled adventure which makes this show real cool.

    OK this was an OK show but not worth sayign hey do watch El tigre. Well compared to other nck shows it was awesome. this is way better than Naked Bros. Band (HATE THEM!) Tak, and Zoey 101. So they should bring this back. If they brought Ned back I don't see why they can't with this one.
  • Epic Failure

    This show is yet another bad attempt at animated comedy that Nickelodeon once knew so well, and has since been forgotten under the piles of crappy live action shows in the garbage with the icons of Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life. Anyways, the show: True abysmality. It was a rip-off of another mexican wrestling show (Mucha Lucha!) and can't even be close to being as funny as Mr. Meaty (yes it's that boring/bad) the storyline was stupid, the characters were cliched and horrible, and it was not even close to funny. Overall, another show to avoid. 0/10 F-
  • It's funny at times,otherwis just plain mediocore

    Ok,really it's not that great a show,really all it tries to do is copy Mucha Lucha which was already bad.There are sometimes when it's funny,but the rest nope,sorry can't feel it.It's too off the wall for it to make much sense for me.Now that it's airing on Nicktoons Netowrk and replacing classics like Rocko's Modern Life and The Angry Bevaers or even Invader ZIM,with Kappa Mikey,The Secret Show and Skyland which all three sucked,it's another nail in the coffin for Nick's downfall.And to think we had those three before mentioned shows before shows like this began to take over the network.
  • Worst Nicktoon EVER created.

    The comedy is terrible the voice acting is terrible, and the stories and writing is awful. However the character designs for Frida and the other characters are excellent. That is practically the only thing I like about this show. I just don't understand most of the comedy in this show that's why I considerit terrible. If you want a good Nicktoon, then I would consider the "Mighty B!" . The comedy, voice acting, stories and character designs are PERFECT. El Tigre is consdered to be the BIGGEST mistake in the history of Nicktoons. Trust me. You deserve a better Nicktoon than this piece of garbage.
  • Awesomly epic!

    This was an awesome show. It kinda reminded me of Spiderman. A young kid named Manny has to protect his town and decide whether to be good or evil. When I first saw it I thought it was lame. But when you actually open your mind and watch the show, you will find a very compelling and funny show. This show has a lot of action and adventure. It's also very funny and epic. It can also be very sweet. It can teach good lessons like Be true to yourself & Always stick with your friends and family.

    Really, the only thing I could think about the show to complain about, was White Pantara. He was Manny's dad, but sometimes he would just be so fricken corny. I understand he's a hero, but he would never do anything wrong. He was always obeying the law and being super nice. I mean all heroes make mistakes, they aren't goody goddies.

    Other than that, it was an awesome show.
  • Nickelodeon has finally gotten out of its slump.

    Nickeloden hasn't had a decent show since Avatar. I was expecting another letdown in El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, but after watching the first two episodes, I just have to say that I was pleasently surprised. This show isn't half bad. I enjoy it when young Manny Rivera constantly struggles as to if he will use his superpowers for either good or evil, and evil often wins with very funny results. I have to say once again that this is a halfway decent cartoon show, and I personally hope that Nickelodeon will keep it around for a while.
  • i dont hate spongebob hate the network not the show but eltigre is not mush worse mabey even as good. whats with all these gay live action shows though.and also less sbongebob oh and u can keep icarly peace doawg lov avatar 1 moer season nick come on

    this showisawsome how dare nick cancel it they should at least have a third season. now that avatar is over im done with nick. just cause its not as good as spongebob in the first six months. dosent mean u can cancle it.spongebob wasnt a hit until 1 and 1/2 to 2 years later. when el tigre was on 4 3 months sponge bob was on for 7 or 8 years. el tigre kicks crap out of spongebob.( ok mabey not that but not much worse mabey even as good) i dont hate spongebob hate the network not the show.
  • bring it back to nickolodeon!!!!!!

    i love this show becuase it makes me laugh.the first eposode i saw was the very first one!!!i was laughing cuase the t.v wasn't pluged in. and 'cuase the little dude dressed up like an old lady tricked manny and frida to giving them the wakamolue ( i spelled it way wrong) so they could buy the tactoo maker and he gave it to his granpappy and rodolfo and they turned into wakamolue monsters!!!! and he only did that for no reason.thats what i remember!!! thats why i like to watch that show. my fav. character is frida becuase she funny too!!!
  • yet another show nick makes just to cancel a year later

    its pretty pathetic every show they release after the preview trailer is shown at the kids choice awards or kca's it gets cancelled a year or less later for the new one. the show itself was pretty lame and not exactly a good role model for young children. the only good thing was the cute friendship of two kids. it seems like nick only puts out tv trash and can't really come up with their own ideas. and then the show that it was Succeeded by Tak and the Power of Juju was cancelled by the show it was Succeeded by Back at the Barnyard.
  • why did nick cance this awsome show?..

    bring el tigre back!! IMO, this show definately deserved more eps than it got. i learned a lot about Mexican culture from this show. why did this show have to be cancelled so soon?!?! i despise nick now cuz they cancelled my two fav shows from the 2000s(this & danny phantom) with these 2 shows gone, i dont even bother watchin nick anymore. all that's on nick now is a bunch of tween crap! to me, it feels like cartoons are startin to die out in favor of these s!*#&% live action shows! before ET got cancelled,i would get up on Saturday mornings just to watch this fabulous show.
  • a great show!!,one of my favourites!

    el tigre got everything what a cartoon needs,funny characters,stupid antagonists,a romantic couple,cameos of animals(XD) an epic kiss,the main character and his partner in crime,mexican folk,funny parodies,great voice actors,it's simply glorious,unfairly cancelled by nickelodeon,this show was the perfect mix between folk,creators' experiences in childhood,superheroes,and goats,the animation got a lot of detail and color,reminds to mexican art and lucha libre costumes,the design of the characters are very original.
    the humor are fantastic,they use the absurdist and violence humor in the show,what is great,the expressions of the characters make laugh too,all the characters are nutcases,no one is sane,what is cool.
    the music are great,looks very great and matches totally with the show.
    It's horrible how el tigre was cancelled. =(
  • I actually didn't find much wrong with this show.

    I wish they could bring this show back, I mean some people didn't really like it, but one sign that's proof that his show beats Tak and the Mighty B anyday is the show's score, a 7.4 is pretty high! Which is good because I actually liked this show and there were neat villains in almost every episode. This show is better since it looks like more people like it, and since Tak and the Mighty B have lower scores than this that proves less people like those shows and show that they are very poor and more crappier than this show. El Tigre was awesome! I enjoyed watching it every day it showed up on TV and I always was happy to see new episodes, the characters were great too, I liked Freida and Manny, they were cool. I loved how Manny had super powers of turning into a tiger-man and stopping villains from taking over Miracle City. Even better was more characters got introduced like Manny's mom and I also saw his dad and grandpa, I thought the grandpa was funny since he caused some mischief since it looked like he was more on the villains side. I thought this show was great and most of the episodes I liked a lot and were quite watchable. Go Manny and Freida! Freida was cool as how she was always so hyper and such! This show was also mexico themed based on the creator's childhood, so yeah I saw desert shown in a few episodes and it looked like a town where it was somewhat mexican. So that was another part to this show that I found interesting. This show had cool characters and the plots were at least decent. Man I can't believe this show got the axe so quickly and suddenly. Instead of Nick piling on crappy shows such as Tak and the Mighty B which sadly bump off other more better great and creative shows, the least Nick could do is bring back at least some decent shows like El Tigre! I will miss that cool show.
  • A pretty good show.

    This show is about the family called Rivera.
    Theres Puma Loco(Grandpapi),White Pantera(Rodolfo) and El Tigre(Manny).They're Miracle City's hero's tought Grandpapi was a villain.They each have a mystical item.Grandpapi has the Sombrero of Chaos,Rodolfo has the Bronze Boots of Truth and Manny has a belt which transforms him into a hero.Manny's best friend is called Frida Suarez.She wants a power very much.The towns most known villain is Sartana of the Dead.She has a grandson called Django of the Dead and has a son,who is unseen.
    Theres also Sergio(Senior Sinestro) Diego(Dr.Chioptle Jr.)Zoe(Black Cuervo) and other villians!
    As I said,the show is not the best,but it is good....
  • I have no clue if this is even still airing but let me sum up my thoughts in two words: IT STINKS!

    This show, along with Mighty B, are the two worst shows Nick has EVER created. It is stupid, pointless and not funny with lame dialogue and plot. The animation is worse than Mucha Lucha, and that's saying something.
    El Tigre himself is a ripoff of Wolverine from X-Men (minus the healing power) and has a crappy costume. The other characters are stupid and look like the creaters spent about 1.5 minutes developing and drawing them before moving on.
    Voice Acting...don't get me started, because then my review word count will be like 2,000.
    I can't even tell if this show is supposed to be funny or not, but if it is, I'm not at all aware of it.
  • Cool.

    Another disliked show from many fans, I on the other hand, like the show. My favorite character is Frida, she is awesome and funny. Manny is funny also but not as much as Frida. Her singing is pretty good also. This show is very unappreciated. Also, it is going to be another Nickelodeon show going down the sewer. I don't understand why most people don't like this show, it's not one of my favorite shows but I like it a lot. Puma Loco and White Panterra should play much bigger roles. Overall, this unappreciated show will recieve a rate of 8.6.
  • this is the best show ever and they need to show new episodes and air it at a good time instead of 6:00 am.

    all I can say is this show was underappreciated! people took this show for granted and now it airs at 6 in the freaking morning! I say that we email the creator of the show and tell him to continue the show. el tigre is the best cartoon mexican related show on nick. they shouldn't have replaced it with tak and barnyard and mighty bee after that because most people including myself have missed most episodes and the only episode I've seen was the good the bad and the eltigre and loveand war/wrong and dance. so I say that the creators should bring the show back!
  • El Tigre is the best!

    El Tigre is the best new show I have ever seen, I love it! When you're not laughing you're trying not to bust a gut, I love the show, I love every since episode so far! I like most of the characters too, I really like Manny, Fida, Roldolpho and Zebra Donkey. I have to say it's one of the best shows I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen quite a bit. I can relate to Manny as far as trying to make your dad proud of you, though you may not do the right things sometimes. I can relate to Frida as far as being protective of your best friend is concerned, and friendship being the most important thing in life.
  • I actually really like this show!

    I like this show because it's almost like Danny Phantom in many ways.First of all Manny ryhmes Danny, they both have super powers, although everyone knows Manny's identity while everyone in the DP universe knew his identity in the last episode. They both have a friend voiced by Grey, and they both get their friends in trouble or hurt. So this show takes my mind to thinking of a Manny Danny power hour... but since Danny Phantom's over, that's not gonna happen. The only time they're side by side is in video game. I'll surprized if the show goes longer than three seasons...
  • I command you 2 wach it!!(lol. just kidding)

    I am making a Podcast for El Tigre Yay and please I am making it for a vary good reson.....TO KEEP IT ALIVE!I kno some af you do not kno what a podcast is and if you don't please just don't say 2 me "whats a podcast?"I cant stand that!It's so hard 2 explain!Now any sugjestion don't be shy please tell me.Any questions please ask.Anyone willing 2 help please, I need all the help I can get.I am also exeptig shout outs I'll tell you when you can submint them.Top Ten List I'll tell you what that is later.So.Yeah Please Help!
  • This is Great!!

    I love this show sooo much and so do my friends we miss it alot and we dont want to move on to a different t.v show ever since it began we started laughing and enjoying this show everyone else out their who dislikes this show please dont bring your negative side bring your posotive. You people should definetly watch this show its funny and cool. If you dont like it just keep watching it then atleast you'll like it a little remember this phrase (or whatever it is) "dont judge a book by its cover". El Tigre is a very great show some my friends are 5-15 yrs of age and they like it some of them seem too old but they like it so please watch it...let a cancelled show return for us fans it will be a miracle.
  • YEA!! This show is awesome! Funny, action-packed, and pretty different from your average super-hero show.

    Manny Rivera is a 13 year old boy with a pretty cool belt buckle that will enable him to turn into El Tigre! His dad is White Pantera, a super-hero dedicated to doing good. His grandfather is Puma Loco, riches-seeking super-villian. So, you could say Manny is a little conflicted on wether or not he's a villian or Hero. That's why El Tigre is so cool! He's not always doing the right thing, he has his bad days, and he has to make some hard decisions, which makes him all the more easy to relate to! With the help of his best friend Frida, Awesome churro loving, guitar-playing, self-proclaimed fassion expert, They save the town their family, and just have fun!

    I recomend this show to anyone over 6, who can understand the action parts. This is such a great show, almost anyone will find it funny!
  • it seriously surprised me

    i thought this show was going to be all boring. Just some super hero again, blah blah saves the day blah blah blah. It kinda shocked me when i saw the premiere. I was like 'Hey! This show is not that bad'
    so, i began watching this show. i mean i would rather watch other shows like spongebob, fairly oddparents, iCarly to this. But, but, but, but i just love this show. the characters are seriously cute. Even though there is alot of best friend time with those two girl and boy(sry, forgot their names althought im very sure is Manny and Fredda), i think they should just stay friends
    well, i think my fav part is the fighting scenes in this show. no idea why but i just love it
  • A wrestler named El Tigre otherwise known as Manny Rivera is a hero and has a girlfriend named Frida.

    I can't believe this was made by mexacins espacily if it was based off of there youthful days this really shows something there plus the animation isn't very good and the villians are overused and the scripting isn't good either. I'll admit I liked it at first but then ever since I watched more and more of it I thought it was going downhill in a bad way. I thought it had a purpose for ripping off Mucha Lucha at first but I found out it is actually based off of the creators younger days and episode by episode I started hating it. I rate this show a 2.4 out of 10 it's not the worst but not the best at least.
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