El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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  • Weird artwork,unlikable characters,horrible plots and is possibly one of the most awkward Nicktoons you will ever watch


    If you can guess one of the most awkward Nicktoons of all time,your guess will probably El Tigre. The show takes place in Mexico,where it focuses on a boy named Manny Rivera,who is really a superhero named El Tigre. So basically,this doesn't have an original idea,but it gets worse. For starters,the animation and artwork. Everybody has just weird designs,and all of the settings look brand,because all of them are colored orange. The characters are just unlikable. Manny is a trouble maker,and never listens to anybody. His dad is just a generic tough guy,the grandpa is OK,but cannot save the show and the villains are just awkward. Frida seemed like the only good character of the show. She was awesome,and got a laugh out of me. The plots are just ridiculous. Most of them rely on Manny getting into trouble,so he becomes El Tigre to make things WORSE,but even without that plot,the show still has god awful plots like trying to get to school on time or spending money on a tattoo instead of guacamole. Overall,I will just describe this show as awkward. The animation is bad,the characters are unlikable,and is just unoriginal. If you want a good mexican cartoon,watch Mucha Lucha!.