El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 1 Episode 1

Sole of a Hero/ Night of the Living Guacamole

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Sole of a Hero: After Manny borrowed and broke his father's magical boots he had to think about something, anything to get them back to their original state. Night of the Living Guacamole: When Rodolfo gives Manny $100 to buy guacamole, Manny uses the money to buy a tattoo-maker instead.moreless

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  • funny

    I loved sole of a hero , what a funny way to draw feet isn't it? El oso is funny, i watched the spanish version, and he always says "bato" el tigre is great, the night of the living guacamole rocked it's a series classic and a very funny epiosde too, sole of a hero was great, I LOVE GUACAMOLE that's why I love el tigre Puma LOco (Crazy Puma) is very funny too the same for you frida ha ha manny and rodolfo are very funny too I liked when a fly put in rodolfo's eyes, very funny episodemoreless
  • I loved these two episodes! They both really brought out the father/son relationship.

    I loved these two episodes! They both really brought out the father/son relationship.

    First of all, my favorite character is Pantera! I love the way he's drawn and his voice!

    I really like the father/son relationship in this show. In the first episode, Pantera fought to protect his son even though his boots were biserch! Quote: "Boots or no boots.(Picks up Manny)I will always have the power to protect you amigo"(Manny and him hug) It's not as corny as the text make it sound. He's says it in a kind of heroic way, like how a superhero is sitting on a roof top and says, "Whereever there is evil afoot, I'll be there." He said it in that kind of tone.

    In the second part of the first episode, Manny buys guacomole from a stranger, his dad a grandpapi eat it and turn into monsters. He finds out from the villan behind it that only real guacamole will cure them. So he sells his tatto maker to buy real guacamole and it expells the guacamole monster from them. What I like about this episode was that after Manny blew up the guacamole monster, he stayed lying on the ground in pain, his father became worried and picked up Manny asking him to say something. When Manny didn't respond, he started crying. Kawaiiiii!!!!!moreless
Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Manny Rivera/El Tigre

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Granpapi Rivera/Puma Loco

Eric Bauza

Eric Bauza

Rodolfo Rivera/White Pantera

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frida Suarez

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • If the guacamole blasts destroyed walls, it should have done more damage to Manny than just melt part of his costume

    • Manny's father gave him a big wad of $100 bills but the guacamole only costed $100.

    • When running to the store after refunding the tattoo maker, it shows Manny lossing money. He shouldn't have afforded guacamole any more.

    • "Guacamole de Angeles" translates to Guacamole of the angels

    • When the Guacamole was "sold out", Manny had to swing vines, run and swim to the Andes. But on the way back, he couldn't have held onto the guacamole because he had to swing on the vines back. The guacamole was actually floating behind him, or he was holding it with his tail.

    • Grandpapi and Roldofo completly finish the evil Guacamole. Then after invading Manny's room, Manny and Frida escape through the hole in the wall. As they run through the hole, theres full container of guacamole split on the ground.

    • The guacamole Rodolfo told Manny to buy is "Guacamole de Angeles". But the guacamole that Manny got for free was "Guacamole de Anglos"

    • Frida discover that the TV wasn't plugged but, with careful inspection of the living room, there wasn't any plugs on the walls anyway.

    • Manny's full name is Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'brian Equihua Rivera, as revealed by White Pantera in "Night of the Living Guacamole".

    • Diego (Dr. Chipolte Jr.) like his father Diego is a mad scientist 10 year-old boy with a metal arm

    • When El Tigre says hi to Mrs. Chachita, his mouth doesn't move at all to pronounce the words.

    • When Rodolpho asks Granpapi where the guacamole is, his sombrero is stuffed with money. However, when Manny walks into the living room, there is no money.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Pantera: Boots or no boots! I will always have the power to protect you, Manny.

    • Frida: He saved us all from the evil guacamole.
      White Pantera: (Emotional then stops) Thank you Man- Wait, what evil guacamole?
      Frida: Duh, the free stuff we got from that creepy old lady so Manny could use your money to buy the tattoo maker. (Realizing what she just said) Dang.

    • Frida:(Hushed voice) Tattoo maker.
      Manny: Frida, I can't go home without guacamole the floaty tattoo dad head won't let me!(Frida blinks confused)

    • Rodolfo: What is going on here!?
      Frida: We can explain! See there were these aliens, and then they grabbed my face!
      El Tigre: No Frida its time to tell the truth

    • Dr. Chipotle Jr.:Hahahaha..haha! Those pinheads will never discover my zombie gucamole's one weakness. Guacamole de "Los Angeles"!
      Manny: Really?
      Frida: Thanks, dude.
      Dr. Chipotle Jr: (shouts) Swine!

    • Dr. Chipotle Jr: My evil zombie guacamole has taken over your dad and grandpa. And now I command them to DESTROY YOU!!!
      Manny: Ha! They will never hurt me, right dad? (Shoots a blast of guacamole at Manny) Well...almost never!

    • Frida: This TV isn't even plugged in.(Takes off the top) Hey, your just a little kid!
      Dr. Chipotle Jr: Look, a thing!
      Frida: Where? Oh man!(Dr. Chipotle Jr escapes)

    • Manny: Keep them busy.
      Frida>: Oh, there'll be busy alright. They'll be busy, BUSY EATING ME!!! (Grabs two birds and does some karate moves)

    • (Grandpapi has been caught with a stolen jewel.)
      Grandpapi: This? The Jeweled Mule? This isn't mine! I won it in a contest! I found it in a cereal box! I'm my evil twin!

    • Dr. Chipotle Jr: Hahahahahahahaha. The power of the Guacamole De Los Angeles can not penetrate my creature's thick skin! Ooh! Burn on you!

    • Frida: (singing)La de da da de da de de de,
      There's nothing going on.
      Scoot de da da de da skee skee skee.
      A cat pooped on my lawn.
      A cat pooped on my lawn!

    • Rodolpho: Face the power of... The Riveras! (Moves sideways and reveals Frida) And little girl. (Frida waves)

    • Roldolfo: (Singing) A cat pooped on my LAWN!!!! That is catchy.

    • Manny: Please father allow me to please make up for my bad behavior earlier. Earlier please?

    • (Manny and Frida are crushing avocados into guacamole for irresponsibly using Rodolfo's money.)
      Manny: How much longer?
      Rodolfo: Just about…a year.

    • Rodolpho: Manny what are you up too?
      Manny: Um.. Helping the poor.
      Rodolpho: Aw yes the poor very good.
      Manny: (While hiding under his bed covers with a flashlight with a magazine) Oh man this is so cool!
      Rodolpho: Manny! I just spoke with the poor and you have NOT been helping them!

    • Rodolpho: Fun is what you make of it. For instance, today I battled giant squid creatures trying to steal the jewel mule of Maya. Fun? And Libra escaped with the mule, but I will find him. This I swear! (Grandpapi comes in riding on the squid carrying the jewel mule chuckling evily).

    • Rodolpho: So, you stole money from me, and you lied (thumbs-up from Grandpapi Rivera)…But you also saved us then told the truth ("could do better" sign from Grandpapi Rivera). Let's see, what would be an appropriate punishment?

    • Manny: Watcha doing?
      Frida: (Laughing) Watching the puppies (Shows inside the pet store where the employee is being attacked by the puppies)

    • Rodolpho: Manny, I'm home! How are you kids doing?
      Manny and Frida: Booored!
      Frida: Nothing fun to do.

    • Manny: He never takes off the bronze boots of truth! He gets all his White Pantera abilities from them.
      Frida: Oh yeah and those abilities would be?
      Manny: He can run, jump, and fight with super speed and strength and anyone who touches those boots is forced to tell the truth.
      Frida Really? (Frida touches the boots) Once after eating ribs I wiped my hands on the dog.

    • Manny: No, he's not! There's nothing wrong with you, Dad! It's the boots. I wrecked em' and didn't tell you.
      White Pantera: I appreciate you trying to lift my spirits, hijo but, the truth is (Rodolpho's boots explode) *Gasp* IT WAS THE BOOTS! I'm not too old! I have merely been betrayed by my only son!

    • Manny: Then I'm gonna hold my breath until you change your mind!
      Rodolpho: Well, if it's your decision.

    • El Tigre: I'm ok except for my internal organs, bones, and skin.

    • Manny: Okay, so what's the special treat?
      Rodolpho: Ah, the treat, it is the most delicious food known to man, Guacamole – Los Angeles. Made only from the finest avocados hand-picked by blind monkeys, and crushed by the delicate feet of virtuous ladies high in the Andes Mountains. It is very expensive, but I have been saving money all year. And at last we will taste the glory!

    • Rodolpho: Fun is what you make of it. For instance, today I battled giant squid creatures trying to steal the jewel mule of Maya. Fun? And Libra escaped with the mule, but I will find him. This I swear! (Grandpapi comes in riding on the squid carrying the jewel mule chuckling evily).

    • Frida: I thought you quit superheroing.
      Rodolpho: Technically I'm retired, but as long as there is evil and I am young and vital enough to oppose it, I will.
      Manny: You're super-macho!
      Rodolpho: The machoest!

    • Frida: You're right, watching your dad sleep is less boring than tv.

    • Rodolpho: Manny, tattoos are evil. Tattoos, piercings, hair dye, loose pants, refined sugar – all evil!

    • Manny: I don't know creepy old lady, coming out of the shadows
      Old Lady: It's free!
      Manny and Frida: Sold

    • Frida: No way Manny you can't steal your dad's money... for something lame like a slingshot.
      Manny: No, next to the Slingshot. (Zoom in on tattoo kit Manny was planning on buying)
      Frida:A tattoo maker?! Drood! You have to buy it!
      Manny: But you just said-
      Frida: Don't listen to me! I don't know what I'm talking about! (Frida pulls Manny by the shirt collar) Listen to me! You have to buy it!

    • Frida: Dude we got to take these babies out for a spin.
      Manny: We can't steal my dad's boots.
      Frida: Not steal, borrow.

  • NOTES (8)