El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 1 Episode 16

The Cactus Kid/ A Mother's Glove

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 09, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

1.Grandpapi takes on a new henchman, the Cactus Kid, much to Manny's jealous chagrin. 2.Manny discovers that his mother was once a superhero when he finds her Glove of Power, which she uses to come out of retirement.

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  • I don't really like it because of the part in the show that really upsetting my kids and i had to carry them out to watch some other show like sponge bob.moreless

    Its a terrible episode, my kids didnt like it either, they demanded spongebob.This is really bad because of the thing that will going to have the man in the thing over spongebob stole a balloon, and then he had to be a criminal, he ran away with patrick, and then they became so called "fugitives" Because when they stole a baloon it was on free balloon day. lol it was funny but then it was a bit silly too. El tigre isnt really good because it appeals to only the hispanics and not everyone. I have nothing against any race im just saying though.moreless
Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frida Suarez

Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Manny Rivera / El Tigre

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Grandpapi Rivera / Puma Loco

Eric Bauza

Eric Bauza

Rodolfo Rivera / White Pantera

Eric Bauza

Eric Bauza

The Cactus Kid

Guest Star

April Stewart

April Stewart

Maria Rivera

Recurring Role

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

El Oso

Recurring Role

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    • Manny: Stop hitting my mom... Mom!

    • Cactus Kid: Howdy! I'm new in town, and I--
      El Oso: (laughs) You got a cactus on your head, man!

    • El Tigre: What are you so mad about? Your the one who started all this.
      Grandpapi: I started!? You the one who don't want to do evil no more!

    • Cactus Kid: (takes a deep breath) Golly! What's that smell?!
      Bandito: A spicy cesspool.
      Cactus Kid: I love it!! Miracle City, Imma gonna make you mine!!!

    • Frida: Dude!! Big locked box!!!
      Manny: (reading stickers on box) "Warning", "Danger", "Do Not Open".
      Frida:Wow! It's like an US trap!!. . .Wait! Maybe your dad planted it here!
      Manny: Yeah! To test us!
      (They galnce around suspiciously)
      Frida: I failed!
      Manny: Me too!

    • (Cactus Kid bursts into tears)
      Granpapi: (sighs) I no can stand to see the childrens cry. (picks up Cactus Kid with robot arms and throws him in a dumpster) Better.

    • Granpapi: PLEEEEASE?!?! You promised today we steal the lion from the zoo!!

    • Cactus Kid: Cactus paybactus!!

    • Granpapi: Ok, today you learn how not to get hit by bricks!

    • Cactus Kid: (getting rapidly slapped by Granpapi) Ow! It (slap) hurts (slap) my (slap) face (slap) when (slap) you (slap) hit (slap) it (slap)!

    • Manny: (spinning a rancid orange on his finger) Frida, my friend, there is truly no expiration date for awesomeness!!
      (they high five, squashing the orange)
      Frida: Yeah!!

    • Granpapi: Go on! Show them your mighty power!! (evil laugh) Eh. . .What is your mighty power?
      Cactus Kid: Just a little somethin' called. . .cactus control!!!
      Manny: You make cactuses. . .droop?
      Cactus Kid: And, I also make them dance!
      Frida:Wow, that's really. . .(flatly) observable.

    • Granpapi: (flatly) I fully believe Cactus Boy is the glorious future of supervillainy.

    • Granpapi: Good! Now double time! And wallet grab, wallet grab. Now slap the monkey, slap the monkey!


    • Manny: Stale muffin!
      Frida: Rancid pork!
      Manny: Expired chilli!!
      Frida: Hey!! No canned goods!

    • Manny:(Yawns) People just don't know how to siesta anymore.
      Frida: We must keep the ancient art of napping alive like sleep ninjas.

    • Frida: We gotta find something to shred! Where can we find garbage!?
      Manny and Frida: The Attic!
      Frida: Irreplaceable family heirloom?
      Manny: Garbage.
      Frida: Grandpapi's liver medication?
      Manny: Garbage.
      Frida: Big sack of money?
      Manny: Ha ha! Garbage!

    • Maria: Manny I told you to lock that glove up.
      Manny: I know but(Gasps) a novel in the reference section!
      Maria: Where!?

    • Cactus Kid: (After discovering his awesome cactus abilities) So, Riveras, whose the better super villain now?
      El Tigre and Grandpapi: You.

    • Manny: (Watching Grandpapi and The Cactus Kid getting chased by a lion)(sighs) I remember when he used to use me as bait.
      Frida: What!? Dude, you are not jealous of the kid who makes cactus's bend?
      Manny: No, but I really haven't been hanging out with Grandpapi lately. Maybe I should go apologize.
      Frida: (Grabs Manny's arm and brings him to eye level)Apologize!!? (Throws Manny to the ground) This calls for action!
      Manny: You have an idea?
      Frida: Maybe... no... wait! Got one!

    • Manny: Not only would we get to see Mom kick bad guy booty, but maybe she won't freak out so much when I use my powers.
      Frida: (Snickers) You said Booty Butt.

    • Manny: If we could get my mom to put that glove on...
      Frida: You'll have a parent whose a superhero! How cool would that be!?(Manny nods while a picture of White Pantera hangs in the background. Manny walks away revealing a sad White Pantera picture)

    • Catus Kid:I swaer my vengece on the Rivera Family!
      Rodalpho:(Walks by confused)I was just waking home from work!

    • El Tigre: Uh, hey Mom... watcha doin?
      Plata Peligrosa:Picking a fight with these villainous weaklings!
      El Oso: Your gonna pay for that man!
      Bandito: I will crush you!
      Strong Bandito: Ow, my feelings (He runs off crying)

    • Frida: Say, that sounds like all the stuff you do with Manny. Doesn't that make you a little... oh I don't know. Jealous?
      Grandpapi: I'm not jealous. All's fair in love and - OH! Why don't you just rip my heart out and feed it to the donkeys!!!
      El Tigre: If you can't take the heat don't have the chili!
      Grandpapi: Why you dare!? (Changes to Puma Loco) Its disrespectful!
      El Tigre: Well I learned it from you! (The two start fighting)
      Frida: Hmm, in my head there was more hugging.

    • Grandpapi: What is wrong with you? I try helping you become a great supervillain and you only have time for hero stuff.
      Manny: disbelieving)Hero? We're gonna go throw rotten food!

    • El Tigre: Mom, whats going on?
      Maria: There's something you don't know about me... something... shocking.
      El Tigre: Ah, nothing shocks me.
      Maria: I was once a superhero.
      El Tigre: (Babbling) Guh-blan huzzle floygin! (From the inside of Manny's head we see his brain shatter)

    • (Trying to get Maria to put on her magical glove)
      Manny: Hey Mom we just wanted to know if you want to...uh... play catch. Need a glove?
      Frida: Or you can just cheer us on. "We're number one!" heheh.
      Manny: Everyone loves an oven mit.
      Frida: Me llamo Senor Hand puppet.
      Manny: Boxing Glove.
      Frida: Say "Adios" to dishpan hands.

    • Cactus Kid: Give me your money, or I will stick you so full of needles that you will be dating pocupines.
      Nerd: (Hopefully) I will have a date?

    • Little Girl: Mister, why are you talking to yourself?
      Grandpapi: I'm old. It's what we do.

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