El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 2 Episode 3

The Cuervo Project/The Golden Eagle Twins

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Aug 08, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The Cuervo Project: When Manny and Frida are paired with Zoe Aves as a science fair partner Frida is convinced that she is Black Cuervo so she and Manny go to great lengths to prove it.The Golden Eagle Twins: Rodolfo has Manny hang out with beloved Super Heroes of Miracle City, The Golden Eagle Twins but soon finds out the two aren't as noble and heroic as everyone thinks.moreless

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    Grey DeLisle

    Grey DeLisle

    Frida Suarez

    Eric Bauza

    Eric Bauza

    Rodolfo Rivera / White Pantera

    Alanna Ubach

    Alanna Ubach

    Manny Rivera / El Tigre

    Candi Milo

    Candi Milo

    The Golden Eagle Twins

    Guest Star

    Candi Milo

    Candi Milo

    Zoey Aves/Black Cuervo

    Recurring Role

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      • Frida: (Screaming, and then stops.) Hey. I can see my house from here. (She takes a deep breath and screams some more.)

      • Black Cuervo: (Dramatically) Alright you have learned the truth. I am Zoe Aves! (Normal tone) But, maybe knowing my secret will bring us closer. Maybe yo will join me, and maybe I'll give you a jet pack!
        El Tigre: (Loving Look) Oh jet pack. (Licks the jet pack and holds it close to him) We can be together at last mi amor.

      • Frida: Dude are you drawing jetpacks again?
        Manny: (Covering his paper) Noooo. (Uncovers the paper) These are rocket packs! (Manny's drawing has him strapped to a rocket)

      • News Reporter: The Golden Eagle twins have saved the day again. (Fast and dully) From a nameless kid dressed like a tiger.

      • Carla: We want to thank the people of Miracle City for there generous cash donations.
        Carlito: Thanks to you we'll be able to repair the Golden Eagle blimp. (Realizing what he just said) ZEPPELIN!!

      • Frida: Hey Eagle dork! I got two words for ya. Ba-limp!
        Carlito: (Angrily) ZEPPELIN!!!!

      • Rodolfo: (As Manny's conscious) I can always count on you mijo.
        El Tigre: Curse you floating head of guilt

      • Carlito: Check out where we're gonna put our new motor cross track.
        Carla: Right where that stupid community park used to be.
        El Tigre: Wait isn't that where the old ladies, babies, and puppies play everyday?

      • El Tigre: And then we tracked the giant mutant gorilla...
        Frida: Or something!
        El Tigre: To the arcade, a carnival, a futbol game, and a Bar Mitzvah!
        Frida: Shalom Dude!

      • El Tigre: (Yelling after Black Cuervo) You can run but ya can't hide! (sigh) Those jetpacks probably get your butt all sweaty anyway.
        Black Cuervo: Theres a cooling fan!
        El Tigre: Dang.

      • Rodolfo: My son! A real hero! Excuse me I must cry in private!

      • El Tigre: This is such a sweet set up I wish I didn't have to lie to my dad though.
        Frida: Dude look how happy he is. So its a good lie, which makes it not a lie, which means its really the truth, only not true.

      • Zoe: (Sweetly) Project partners I need clay. (Manny and Frida continue doodling and not paying attention)(Angrily) Now you fools! NOW!

      • (The teacher walks by a gives Manny anf Frida both ribbons)
        El Tigre: Mine says "Participant"
        Frida: Mine says "Your Suspended"

      • El Tigre: Zoe, we were wrong, and we're apologizing right Frida?
        Frida: No!

      • Frida: (On her knees begging) Manny you have to help me with this. You know what they say "Friends don't let friends not get revenge on Zoe Aves".

      • Manny: Heres an idea. Maybe we can't prove Zoe is Black Cuervo because SHE ISN'T!? I give up.
        Frida: Oh so your a quitter huh? Is that what you are? Your a stinkin' quitter!?
        Manny: Uh yeah. Thats what "I give up" means.

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