El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 1 Episode 18

The Good, the Bad, and the Tigre

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 25, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Sartana of the Dead decides to retire and give her magic guitar to whoever wins her special tournament. Both White Pantera and Puma Loco count on El Tigre's help, but he decides that he wants the guitar for himself.

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  • This is the best!

    this episode was soooo cooool to bad I didnt get to vote but thats ok I am glad he chose good this episode was pretty funny. I hope they keep on bringing more of these episodes...yes Nickelodeon bring on the good stuff!!(El Tigre is the good stuff just if you wanted to know). I really like to see the el tigre episodes when their full lenghted I do like this episode alot just like I said my friends also watched it and enjoyed it too. One of my friends said "I wonder what he wouldve done if he chose evil,we tried to go online for the voting but it wouldnt load" just so you know that was one! of them,ok goodbye!!!!.moreless
  • True family values

    Wow this was the best episode yet! Manny competes against his own father and grandfather for Sartana's empire. It really showed a lot about Manny's character. He didn't like being treated like a child so he tried to prove himself but in the end he realized how important his family was to him. So heartwarming, definitely the best episode so far, and YAY my ending won! :D The snowboard gear during the day dream sequence Manny had were so cute. White Pantera wanting to be part of the tournament by going undercover as "Black Pantera" was just too funny. Hopefully after this episode El Tigre will get more viewers and hopefully a second chance with nick. Go El Tigre!moreless
Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Manny Rivera / El Tigre

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Grandpapi Rivera / Puma Loco

Eric Bauza

Eric Bauza

Rodolfo Rivera / White Pantera

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frida Suarez

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

El Tarantula, Vice Principal Chakal

Guest Star

Jack Angel

Jack Angel

Comrade Chaos

Guest Star

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo

El Mal Verde

Guest Star

Susan Silo

Susan Silo

Sartana of the Dead

Recurring Role

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

El Oso, General Chapuza

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Senor Siniestro

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • During the competition White Pantera disguises himself as Black Pantera, but in the end Manny rips off his costume and reveals his White Pantera identity

    • At the end of this episode you see the Rivera family take out all of their main enemies. Even Frida and Manny kiss at the end of this one, then they fly away in a pose. This happens in this episode because it was the last show aired in the series. So they had a very final end.

    • If you look closely, after the volcano explodes at the end ,and Manny and his father are listening to General Chapuza, Manny has his left hand. But remember during his fight with Django, he had to cut it off? The goof only last for about two seconds and vanishes after he starts talking.

    • When El Mal Verde falls into El Oso after fighting Manny in the first round, if you look closely Black Cuervo can be seen in the crowd but she never competes or is seen throughout the rest of the episode

    • Running Gag: Sartana mentioning villains then White Pantera followed by him yelling "Black Pantera" as his cover name.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • White Pantera: This is your fault!
      Puma Loco: Your fault!
      White Pantera: Your fault!
      Puma Loco: My fault!
      White Pantera: My... Your fault!
      Puma Loco: I trick you

    • Sartana: Now, the final event. The contestants are; El Tigre, White Pantera...
      White Pantera: Black Pantera!
      Sartana: (Sighs) Black Pantera... Puma Loco, and my own little Jengy-Wangies.
      Jengo: Nana!
      Sartana: Sorry. Jengo of the Dead!

    • Sartana: And the winner is... El Tigre! Eh.. go figure

    • Manny: They think they know everything just cause they're old. Well guess what I'm gonna do?
      Frida: I know! Disguise yourself as a zoo keeper and steal a giraffe and teach it to roller skate and this isn't even close is it?
      Manny: I'm gonna enter Sartana's tournament, and I'm gonna win! This I swear!

    • Manny: Can you believe this?
      Frida: No! In what century did movies cost a quarter?

    • El Tigre: Adios sucker!(Laughs but then notices Jengo doesn't disappear) Aren't you gonna ya know denigrate or something?
      Jengo: No! Remember I have my own mystic guitar.(He takes it out but his hands covered in magma burn his guitar to a crisp Well that was stupid.

    • Jengo: Listen to them. They don't care what you want are you in this for them or for yourself?

    • Rodolfo: Manny me and your Grandpapi are discussing your future. Why don't you go play with your little evil skeleton friend?

    • Jengo: Nice job back there.
      El Tigre: Thanks I'm (Notices his claws are still out and retracts them) sorry. El Tigre.
      Jengo: I know your name gets around. I'm Jengo. Guess we'll be up against each other in the tournament.
      Frida: Dude you already got a Swee-he-eet mystic guitar. Why do you wanna win Sartana's?
      Jengo: I'm sick of Nana Sartana treating me like a child. I'm gonna show her shes wrong.
      Frida: You wanna really show her shes wrong? Ok disguise yourself as a zoo keeper and steal a gira- (Manny covers Frida's mouth)
      El Tigre:I totally know what you mean. We'll show all of them they're wrong about us.
      Jengo: If I don't win I hope you do. All those old dudes are the past Tigre, you and me are the future.

    • El Tigre: Enough!!! You think I'm just some kid you can boss around? (To Rodolfo then Grandpapi) I'm not on your side, and I'm not on your side. I'm on my side, and if you don't wanna get hurt... (Flames appear in his eyes) stay out of my way.

    • Frida: What you should be thinking about is entering that tournament.
      Manny: Me? Really?
      Frida: Dude, just imagine having all of Sartana's power!
      Manny: I don't know.
      Frida: IMAGINE IT!!

    • Jango: Your pretty good, kid.
      El Tigre: You too, child.

    • General Chapuza Come back when you're older.
      Senor Siniestro You're darn tootin'!! We don't wanna no kids in the tournament! Kids like I am not. . .one.
      (shyly, in normal voice) Hi Frida!

    • Frida: Guy's , I'm lava intorerant.

    • El Tigre: We can wait here till my Dad and Grandpapi go in.
      Frida: What is your dad wearing?
      El Tigre: (sighs) Thats his disguise
      Rodolfo: I am... Black Pantera a new villain from out of town. I sure love evil

    • White Pantara: He is my son!

      Puma Loco: He is my Grandson!

      White Pantara: I earned his respect!

      Puma Loco: I bought his respect, It's faster!

    • Senor Siniestro: Yes, that El Tigre should be kicked out, but the blue haired, she's a godess. She can stay .

      Frida: I'm a what now?

    • White Pantera: Sartana! He shouldn't be here. He is just a child. He still drinks from a sippy cup.
      El Tigre: Dad!!! I do not!

    • El Tigre: One chance Jengo! End this now and you can walk away!
      Jengo: I'll end it by ending you!(Jengo sends hot magma up Manny's grapple hook, Manny sweats but cuts off the hook and yelps in pain)

    • Sartana: Those who fail will be eliminated (Everyone gasps) from the tournament. (Everyone relaxes)

    • El Tigre: Jengo, I really appreciate this.
      Jengo: The offer to join us?
      El Tigre: No, you sticking your hand out like an idiot.

  • NOTES (8)

    • One of many episodes to show violence (Manny's hand was cut off)

    • This is the first appearence of Django of the dead.

    • This is a hero episode.

    • Nickelodeon had a poll on Nick.com as to whether Manny will join Sartana or save his family.

    • Among the villains competing in Sartana's tournament are Puma Loco, El Oso, General Chapuza, Senor Siniestro, the Flock of Fury, Dr. Chipotle Sr., Dr. Chipotle Jr., Comrade Chaos, El Tarantula, Mano Negra, the Mustache Mafia, Cactus Kid, El Mal Verde, the Alebrije Monster, and Giant Robot Sanchez.

    • In the alternate ending at nick.com, Manny joins Sartana and Jengo, and after they take over the world, he double crosses them both so that he can rule alone. He later returns to Roldolpho and Grandpapi so that he can steal their weapons. He then rules the world together with Frida. Sixty years later, he frees Rolodopho and Grandpapi just in ttime for them to take on Sartana and Jengo, who have returned with an army of space aliens.

    • Rodolfo's disguise to get into the tournament is his regular outfit except with a black jacket over the white one

    • Alternate Title: Decision of Destiny.