El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 1 Episode 5

The Mother of All Tigres/Old Money

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • The Mother of All Tigres is great. Great story of how Maria came back. Old Money is just average in my opinion.

    The Mother of All Tigres is a beautiful episode which shows how Maria divorced Rodolfo. No wonder how come a mother is missing from Manny until this episode is explained. I wonder if she discovered in the newspaper last time which she saw her son is El Tigre, I wonder did she freak out with all that breath in and out.

    As for Old Money, just like the regular kids or volunteers who help the Old Folks Home. Ahh, especially I like that classic Soviet villain, Comrade Chaos. But not for the ending, there is a huge problem regarding after Manny kick the crutch down and the old folks' home collapses, did the villains there said the "F" words? Which my ear could nearly hear it is true, unless the script says it's a different word. For the kid audiences, it's not recommended to say harsh languages, a simple "Hey!" will do the job.
  • :) "Mother of All Tigres" is still my favorite episode!

    There have been 11 (21 if you wan to get picky) episodes since, and "Mother of All Tigres" is still my favorite. I liked the show a lot before, but this is the episode that made me fall in love with it. What was it about this particular episode made me love the show? "Maria!! You look like a beautiful, fluffy woman-cloud drifting in a sky of happy!" Rodolfo is the master of pick-up lines : D. I love any episode where he interacts with Maria : D Eeeeee I hope they get remarried!! I enjoyed "Old Money" too, especially Frida's "Old Villians" song and, the giant cart makes a sound just like a Transformer when it expands : ).
  • Manny's mom comes to visit! This episode is awesome in so many ways.

    Manny's mom comes to visit! This episode is awesome in so many ways. Manny never told his mother he's El Tigre and tries to fix the city to make it seem like its a safe place to live. I loved this episode out of all the episodes I've seen. The comedy in the second episode with the super villain talking in the mocking tone and saying its just the way he talks was awesome, because its true for a lot of villains. The story was well written and extreamly entertaining. I really loved both these episodes by far the best ones so far.