El Tigre : The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

Season 1 Episode 9

Yellow Pantera/ Rising Son

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 16, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Yellow Pantera: Manny is so disgusted with his father after finding out that he once fled from a supervillain that he goes out to fight the villain himself to preserve the family name. Rising Son: Rodolfo's old superhero friend, the Seventh Samurai, sends his goody-goody son, Toshiro, a.k.a. "Cyber-Sumo", to stay with the Riveras until he defeats a supervillain all by himself.moreless

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  • White Pantera runs away from a fight.

    This is a very good episode. But I don`t understand one thing : why would El Mar Verde steal money , if he could just steal anything he wants to steal? As for Rising Son , the episode was funny , comical , and hillarious. El Mar Verde looked huge , and menacing. Like a huge monster. These 2 episodes looked really good , and had very good plots. The Yellow Pantera gets an A

    The Rising Son gets an A-

    You should definitely try to catch these 2 , extremely rare episodes. If you are a fan of El Tigre of course.moreless
  • Yellow Pantera was AMAZING!!

    Yellow Pantera was AMAZING!! The bond between Manny and his father is one of the reasons I love this show so much. Frida's not knowing of the library is adorable, and the ending where Manny finds Rodolpho's wallet with the family picture is just so sweet. "Dad didn't run because he was scared to fight, he ran because he was scared of leaving me and mom alone" was special for there relationship. Also Manny retelling the fake story of the superheros who went to live on a farm and chase rabbits with the face he made was just adorable. All in all Yellow Pantera is one of the best episodes so far. Something I noticed that hasn't been shown in other episodes was the wind effect. When Manny went to the mountain to confront Elma Verde I noticed the wind blowing his ears and whiskers which was a pretty cool scene. So yes I enjoyed this episode quite alotmoreless
  • Yellow Pantera was the greates episode EVER!!! Oh, the other one was good too...

    Yellow Pantera was one of the greates father/son eps in the series! I love Rodolfo's reaction when Manny found out about his father running away from a fight. So sad, yet so sweet! Plus the sacrafic a father makes for his son...TOTALLY AWSOME!!!! Plus, Frida was hilarious in this ep. "Li-brar-y?" LOL. 10/10

    The other ep was pretty cool too. I like how Rodolfo kept saying stuff like, "I swear, I'll have the city cleaned of crime by Tuesday!" lol. Very cool.7/10moreless
Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Manny Rivera / El Tigre

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Grandpapi Rivera / Puma Loco

Eric Bauza

Eric Bauza

Rodolfo Rivera / White Pantera

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frida Suarez

George Takei

George Takei

Seventh Samurai

Guest Star

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo

El Mar Verde

Guest Star

April Stewart

April Stewart

Maria Rivera

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Frida acts like she never heard of the libarey before, but in "The Mother of All Tigres", she knew what it was.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • White Pantera: El Mar Verde, face the wrath of... (El Mar Verde flats him down) Stop doing that!

    • Frida:Great,now all he needs is a supervillan who's a birthday candle.

    • El Tigre: (Climbing El Mal Verde's mountain) Whose idea was it to put the peak at the top?

    • Frida: Li. . .berry?

    • Ninja Clan Monster: So he is...unprotected?
      Manny: Yeah. We gave him a dictionary and told him there was a spelling mistake in it. He'll be busy for hours.

    • El Tigre: Dad, I'm sorry I doubted you. You're no coward. You ran away for us.
      White Pantera: I had to make sure I was around to raise a heroic son like you, mijo
      Maria: And you did a good job
      El Tigre: Your super macho, Dad
      White Pantera: Thank you, mijo, but we beat that bandido together!
      Frida: I helped! I threw a liberry book at him (Giggles)
      Maria: And you will be fined accordingly, Frida
      Frida: Aww, man! Liberians!

    • Frida: Let me off here!
      Granpapi: Theres no room to land!
      Frida: Don't worry! In the Li-berry I found something that will defeat El Mal Verde!
      Maria: You found a book that reveals his secret weakness!
      Frida: Nope! Eat this! (Frida pulls out a dictionary and throws it at El Mal Verde which has no effect) Well, thats all I got. Thoughts?

    • El Tigre: (After finding White Pantera's wallet with the family photo) Dad didn't run away cause he was scared to fight. He ran away cause he was scared of leaving me and Mom alone! Papa, I'm sorry! I know your no coward. You can beat him. I believe in you, Dad!

    • Seventh Samurai: Toshiro, a wise hero knows when to stop fighting a battle.
      El Tigre: (To Frida) A wise hero also knows how to open a door.

    • Maria: Manny, you spoke to your father?
      Manny: Hmph! You mean.. The Coward!
      Maria: Manny!
      Frida: Harsh!

    • Frida: Wow! What is this place?
      Maria: Frida, you act as if you've never been to the school library before.
      Frida: Library?

    • Frida: You know something? This library place is full of books. Well, it is, isn't it? What?

    • Rodolpho: Manny, you remember what I told you about those superheroes who disappeared 10 years ago?
      Manny: Yeah you said that they went to live on a farm where they could run free and chase rabbits (Manny's eyes get big and gives an innocent face)
      Rodolpho: Well, yes thats what we agreed to tell the children but the truth is they were... whats the word?
      Granpapi: Eaten.
      Rodolpho: Eaten. By El Mal Verde! And it was my duty to defeat him. But I misjudged the size of the problem. It was close but he was to strong for me. I had two choices stay and fight a battle I could not win, or return to my family. And thats what happened. (To Manny) Flan?
      Manny: Wait! You decided to stay and fight right!?
      Rodolpho: Well... no
      Manny: But what about honor! And courage! And our Family Name! Why didn't you go back Dad!? Why!?
      Rodolpho: I couldn't! You wouldn't understand!
      Manny: Oh I understand! I understand that my father.. Is a coward!
      Rodolpho: COWARD! (Manny gasps) If that is what you think of me! Then there is nothing left to say. (Manny turns away and Rodolpho looks ashamed)

    • Bully: (To Manny) We got the goods on your family! Your gonna cry! Your gonna cry like a baby! Your gonna cry like a guy who... cries a lot!
      Frida: back off pinheads! You say anything bad about his family, and Manny's gonna go all EL TIGRE ON YOUR SORRY BEHINDS!!

    • Frida:(About the library) Do you have a book about guitars?
      Maria:(Pulls out book entitled "Guitars") Yes
      Frida: Do you a book about exploding things?
      Maria:(Pulls out a book entitled "Boom") Yes
      Frida: Do you have a book about Churros?
      Maria:(Pulls out a book entitled "Churros") Yes
      Frida: Ah-ha! But do you have a book about eating Churros while playing an exploding guitar!?
      Maria: hmm (Pulls out a book entitled "Eating Churros while playing an exploding guitar") Yes
      Frida: This is the greatest place ever!!!!

  • NOTES (1)