Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

ABC (ended 1977)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Return of the Pharaoh (2)
      PART 2 Frank, who is monitoring everything, has no choice but to cut off Electra Woman's power. But the Pharaoh has another trick-- he uses his staff to immobilize our heroines with a mummifying spray. (note: the last time they met, Frank had developed an antidote for the Pharaoh's mummifying gas; it seems this mummifying spray is something new.) Back at Electra Base, Frank sends sonic vibrations to shatter the mummifying spray. Meanwhile, the Pharaoh sets an 18-ton rock descending, to seal off the main chamber "for all eternity." Dyna Girl shakes Electra Woman, snapping her out of her hypnotic trance; the Dynamo Duo Electra-degravitate away from the asps. The villains get lost in the maze of passageways, and stupidly wind up back in the main chamber with our heroines. The 18-ton rock descends, trapping all 4 of them inside the main chamber! All power to the Electra-comps is blocked! They are trapped in the main chamber forever! And the air is running out! To save their lives, our heroines and the villains must-- work together! The Pharaoh reads the hieroglyphics on the wall; they reveal that by pulling a lever high above the floor, a ceiling panel will open, letting in a shaft of sunlight which will hit a certain spot on the wall, opening a secret door. Without their superpowers, Lori gives Judy a boost, and Judy flips up high enough to pull the lever! A ceiling panel opens, and a shaft of sunlight enters-- but no secret door opens. However, the open panel, besides letting in a shaft of sunlight, allows the power source from Electra Base to reactivate their Electra-comps! Electra Woman and Dyna Girl use the new Electra-Vision "at full brightness" to saturate the walls with light. A secret door opens! But then, the treacherous Pharaoh double-crosses our heroines-- he hypnotizes them with his Coptic Eye, while he and Cleopatra escape. Electra Woman and Dyna Girl seem to be caught in a huge earthquake, and large stones seem to be falling all around them, as if the pyramid were caving in on them! Back at Electra Base, Crime Scope reveals the earthquake is an illusion. Frank tells our heroines not to trust their eyes-- and he verbally guides them to safety. Then our heroines track the Pharaoh and Cleopatra down at their lair. The Pharaoh tries to hypnotize them one more time with his Coptic Eye-- but our heroines use their Electra-Vision, and the hypnotic rays are reflected back at the Pharaoh! The villains get sent to prison for a long time. Back at Electra Base, Frank wonders why the Pharaoh will never learn. Judy says, "Well, thanks to your Electra-Vision, I think he finally saw the light." Frank, pretending to be serious as always, says, "I don't get it." Then they all have a good laugh. (synopsis by: kdh) --------------------------------- RE: The "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl" TV series, Judy Strangis (Dyna Girl) once said in an interview: "I run the show a lot on campus, and this episode is usually the one I conclude the night with."moreless
    • Return of the Pharaoh (1)
      PART 1 Narrator: "The Coptic Eye-- the sacred mystic symbol of the ancient Egyptians. But the great Pharaohs, for whom it was so important, are all gone-- with one regrettable exception." In their secret lair, gazing at a replica of the Coptic Eye, are Electra Woman and Dyna Girl's old nemeses: The Pharaoh and the notorious Princess Cleopatra. The Pharaoh says that with the Coptic Eye's extraordinary powers, he could rule the world. The Coptic Eye is buried deep in the main chamber of King Tut's pyramid in Egypt. However, entrepreneur Mr. McLintock has recently spent billions of dollars to have the entire pyramid brought, stone by stone, 6,000 miles from Egypt to just outside the city, as a tourist attraction. By coincidence, Lori and Judi, ace reporters for Newsmakers magazine, are interviewing Mr. McLintock at this very moment. Due to an ancient curse, the tourists stopped coming-- now Mr. McLintock plans to "seal up the pyramid forever." Just then, Lori and Judi get a signal on their Electra-comps -- they are being summoned back to Electra Base by Frank Heflin, on a matter of urgent importance! At Electra Base, Frank tells our superheroines that Crime Scope has detected The Pharaoh in the area. Dyna Girl says, "Electra-wow!" Frank has also developed a new attachment for their Electra-Comps, a night-tracking device which he named Electra-Vision; it can "turn night into day." Our heroines punch it up with a bypass. Bright, dazzling light floods the room. Dyna Girl says, "Electra-blinding! Wow!" Cleopatra cuts in on the Crime Scope monitor with a broadcast; she tells them of the Pharaoh's plan to steal the Coptic Eye. It's a trap, of course-- but our brave heroines decide to use the opportunity to trap the villains. Our heroines speed to the pyramid in their Electra-Car; their Electra-scan reveals footprints of the Pharaoh and Cleopatra going inside; the door is open, even though the pyramid is supposed to be sealed shut. The villains lure our heroines into a dead-end chamber. Then the exit door closes, trapping our heroines inside. A 20-ton rock slab descends from the ceiling! Even at full power, the Electra-beams can't stop the rock of death! Electra Woman and Dyna Girl put their hands over their heads-- they push on the rock, but it keeps coming down! Back at Electra Base, Frank quickly figures that if he can eliminate certain Crime Scope functions, he can redirect more energy to their Electra-beams. Our heroines are down on their knees! Now they are laying flat on the floor, and the rock of death keeps descending! Finally, with the giant rock just inches above their heads, the extra power diverted to their Electra-beams pushes the rock back up to the ceiling! That was close! The Pharaoh and Cleopatra go to the main chamber; behind a secret panel, they find the Coptic Eye, which the Pharaoh then wears as a ring. Electra Woman and Dyna Girl catch up to the villains; Electra Woman puts a Force Shield around the Pharaoh. But using the Coptic Eye's hypnotic power, the Pharaoh hypnotizes Electra Woman, and makes her put the Force Shield on Dyna Girl! With our heroines helpless-- Electra Woman hypnotized and Dyna Girl in a Force Shield-- Cleopatra releases some deadly asps!!! (continued next week)moreless
    • The Spider Lady (2)
      PART 2 Back at the Spider Lair, 4 tarantulas are crawling up Electra Woman's boots! In the embassy above, the Clone takes the Golden Spider Idol from the Monk. At Electra Base, the spider-bomb explodes, short-circuiting Crime Scope! It loses power, and is out of commission. Meanwhile, Dyna Girl-- wondering who could have sabotaged Crime Scope, and remembering the Clone's mistakes-- figures out that "Electra Woman" is really Spider Lady in disguise! But Spider Lady has out-tricked herself! With Crime Scope down, the Force Field of Electra Woman's Electra-Comp fades. She is free! Electra Woman finds Dyna Girl, and confronts the Clone. But Dyna Girl can't tell them apart-- which is which? Dyna Girl despairs, "Electra-wow! I just don't know!" The Clone gets flustered, she says accusing her of being Spider Lady is ridiculous. Dyna Girl says, "Electra-ridiculous!" As a test, Dyna Girl asks the Clone what Frank's middle name is. The Clone gets so frustrated, she loses mental control and reverts back to Spider Lady! Dyna Girl exclaims, "Electra-wow!" Back at Electra Base, Frank does some repairs on Crime Scope; it's working again, though only with a limited power source. At the embassy, an old lady is walking along, carrying a package. Dyna Girl accidentally bumps into her, knocking the package to the floor; Dyna Girl hands it back to her. Our superheroines are looking for anyone in a disguise. Dyna Girl says, "Electra-wow!" and then uses her Electra-X -- the old lady is revealed as the Spider Lady! Dyna Girl chides herself, "And I gave her back her package-- Electra-dumb!" Spider Lady tries to escape by taking the elevator to the roof -- but Electra Woman and Dyna Girl quickly Electra-degravitate to the roof and intercept her there. Our heroines trap Spider Lady "in her own web of villainy." (synopsis by: kdh)moreless
    • The Spider Lady (1)
      Electra Woman and Dyna Girl take on the sinster Spider Lady as she schemes against the heroines.
    • The Pharaoh (2)
      The Pharaoh (2)
      Episode 12
      Electra Woman and Dyna Girl look to put an end to the Pharaoh's menace as well as the sinister Solaris.
    • The Pharaoh (1)
      The Pharaoh (1)
      Episode 11
      Electra Woman and Dyna Girl square off against the Pharaoh as the villain tries again to obtain ultimate power.
    • Return of the Sorcerer (2)
      Electra Woman and Dyna Girl must defeat the Sorcerer before he succeeds in his art thefts even if it means traveling to the villain's mirror dimension.
    • Return of the Sorcerer (1)
      The Sorcerer returns to wreak havoc and threatens to steal the crown jewels of England. Can Electra Woman and Dyna Girl stop the villain from succeeding in his dastardly plan?
    • Ali Baba (2)
      Ali Baba (2)
      Episode 8
      Electra Woman struggles to free herself from Ali Baba's deadly trap and looks to change Dyna Girl back to the heroine she normally is.
    • Ali Baba (1)
      Ali Baba (1)
      Episode 7
      Electra Woman and Dyna Girl take on the amazing Ali Baba and his Genie , who have something sinister in mind regarding Dyna Girl. Can the duo overcome the evil of Ali Baba?
    • Empress of Evil (2)
      Electra Woman and Dyna Girl struggle to escape from numerous deadly traps set by the Empress of Evil as they try to defeat the evil woman once and for all.
    • Empress of Evil (1)
      Electra- Woman and Dyna-Girl battle the hypnotic evil of the Empress of Evil but find themselves in deadly peril once again....
    • Glitter Rock (2)
      Glitter Rock (2)
      Episode 4
      Electra Woman and Dyna Girl struggle to survive Glitter's deadly trap and foil his scheme for world domination.
    • Glitter Rock (1)
      Glitter Rock (1)
      Episode 3
      Electra Woman combat the pulsating power of Glitter Rock and his plan to rule the country of Tourembourg.
    • The Sorcerer's Golden Trick (2)
      Electra Woman and Dyna Girl take on the Sorceror and his aide Miss Dazzle in a electrifing final battle at Fort Knox.
    • The Sorcerer's Golden Trick (1)
      In the pilot episode, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl takes on the evil spellcaster known as...the Sorcerer!!!