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Electromagnetism is a series from TVO designed to offer viewers a candid explanation for many of the phenomena observed on Earth that are related to electromagnetism, one of the four fundamental forces. The program is tailored for students in grades 11 - 12, and provides an expansive synopsis for how electromagnetism is important to modern science. One episode analyzes the geological properties of the Earth and why the planet has a magnetic field. Without a rotating iron core, the Earth would lack a magnetic field and life would not exist due to harmful solar radiation which lies on the border of ionizing wavelengths. An atmosphere would likely not exist as well if the planet did not have a magnetic field, as it would have been stripped away by the solar wind. The series also touches upon the natural changes in the Earth's magnetic field and the effects of such phenomenon on life. Other concepts such as domain theory and the motor principle are also discussed in Electromagnetism.