Electron Arrangement and Bonding



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Electron Arrangement and Bonding

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Electron Arrangement and Bonding from TVO is a series designed to provide a brief overview of how different elements and substances combine to form compounds. Each episode presents an in-depth explanation of the physics and chemistry behind such bonds. Episodes touch upon many related concepts, such as the differences between ionic and covalent bonds. Whereas ionic bonds result from extreme differences in electronegativity of atomic nuclei whereby one atom strips a valence electron from another, covalently bonded substances share valence electrons (these bonds are stronger than ionic bonds). The series also gives viewers a glimpse of the structure and behavior of atoms and subatomic particles. Understanding concepts such as electron shells and orbitals is paramount to understanding how atoms combine to form bonds. The show also explains electron energy levels. An electron that is imparted with enough energy is able to move up through various shells and vice versa if energy is lost.

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Season 1 : Episode 6