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Is there a future?

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    [1]Jun 21, 2007
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    Does anyone think that the creators will continue the series? At the end they leave it wide open for another "chapter" in the story, almost to the point of starting another story line.

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    [2]Sep 5, 2007
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    unfortunatly, no.
    *steels rocket launchers from cisqua (or however you spell it, i'm too lazy to look it up...) and threatens animators to make a sequel*
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    [3]Oct 26, 2007
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    I don't think so. It has an ending where everything is "complete"--there aren't really any loose ends.
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    [4]Jan 1, 2008
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    Even though it seems doubtful, there definately nshould be a future. All great anime shows extend past one season and this one should be no exception, even if the creators have to start a whole new story line.... I wouldn't mind.....
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    [5]Aug 19, 2009
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    I, for one, would love to see either a second season of Elemental Gelade or a remake of it. If they do plan for one in the future, I really hope the animation company XEBEC will have a much bigger budget to work with for better production ann animation quality. The background art quality in Elemental Gelade was mildly average, it wasn't spectacular or anything that would amaze me. Heck, if BONES can pull off doing a remake of Fullmetal Alchemist that follows the manga more closely than its TV predecessor, then XEBEC should be able to also if they have the budget and production time to do so.

    As of now, the Erementar Gerad (yeah, I'm sticking to saying that) manga series is still going with a total of 17 volumes (Volume 17 being available in Japan in September). The TV series has a new adjusted storyline and a few new characters that follows the manga in the earlier episodes, but then it deviates from it in the later episodes since the manga was not finished. Plus, I feel that this TV series has been "dumbed down" in terms of content and action in order to appeal to a younger audience. If they ever decide to a second season or a complete remake of Erementar Gerad, hopefully they won't resort to making the anime too kiddish just to please a television netwok station. I like the TV series, but the manga series is WAY better; and I hope that they do follow through the manga more faithfully if they ever decide to do a second season or remake.

    Also, let's not forget the spin-off series, Erementar Gerad -Flag of BlueSky-. I would also love to see that turn into an anime series. As of now there are still five volumes out in Japan, so maybe a few more volumes will garner a bit of attention and will spark an idea for greenlighting an anime version of it in the future.

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