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TV Tokyo (ended 2005)





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  • Elemental Gelade is about a sky pirat named kuu van gerite who finds a box that has a girl in it. When he takes the seal of her she wakes up and starts walking a way.

    Elemental Gelade is about a sky pirate who is called Kuu van gerite. When he walks in his boss's ship he stumbles across a room and finds a box and opens it. To kuu's surprise it had a girl in it. Kuu taks a seal off her and she wakes up and she starts to walk away. When he asks her where she is going she says she hates the smell of humans. And she keeps walking on, Kuu stops her again and sho's her to boss [ whitch boss is his name ]. All boss says is to protect her cause he woke her up. Kuu aks her name she says it is Ren. When ren and kuu get atack they meet three people named Saskea, Rowan and Keya Who help them fight. When Kuu and Ren excaped they ran into another croup who wanted Ren. When Kuu protects her she reacks to Kuu, Ren became a powerful weapon. When the fight is over Saskea tells them that Ren is shikouhogi the last survivour . Ren, Kuu, Saskea, Rowan and Keya start to travel together. And Rowan and Keya can transform as well, but keya is a [ can't remember ha ha ha sorry ].
  • A great new addition to the world of anime.

    From the first time I watches nad episode of this show, I knew it would love it. It always gets straight to the point with none of that needless dragging on that a lot of anime shows seem to follow. Even though there are only 26 episodes or so, not one of them is a filler which is rare for anime. I love the fact hat Cou and ren's relationship plays a major role in character and story develpment and there is plenty of action to keep it exciting. There are no plot holes and everything is tied together in the end. A great show with great voice actors, plotlines and characters. Hell, everything about this show is great. 10 stars.
  • Unbelievable series with a combination of genres that range from romance, fantasy, action, and even a little comedy to create a detailed world with believable characters. A truly uplifting and heartwarming adventure awaits you in Elemental Gelade.

    I finally finished the series and all I have to say, simply put, is wow! All of the genres came through all the way to the end; romance, fantasy, action, and comedy. Cou and Ren continue to grow closer to each other with each episode and with the support of their friends. They truly become a pair after a small push from an unexpected source. Cou and Ren are an unbelievable pair, their personalities balance each other like I have yet to see anywhere else. They bring a magic that none of the other characters can touch. The magic as a whole starts beautifully and never looses any of its luster throughout the series. If anything at all the magic becomes more powerful and impressive as Cou and Ren grow closer. This is truly a heartwarming story that should be relived again and again. It would be unreal if the creators made another 20 or so episodes but in all reality it probably wont happen. However there is a Managa out there for those of us that want to see a different side of the story and a continuation of the story. Enjoy this one!
  • Great fantasy anime with decent action, comedy, and romance that has been considered to be overlooked due to minimum media promotion. One of the best and exellent anime I've ever watched!!!

    Elemental Gelade is such a GREAT hit anime series to watch; though I prefer the original Japanese title over the English title. Pretty much, I'm an avid fan to Erementar Gerad (Elemental Gelade). It was definitely worth it to buy all the DVDs. I've watched all of the episodes (and still reading the ongoing manga), and I'm glad that it's not one of those anime that would end bad, incomplete, or in a cliffhanger.

    I love pracitally everything about the anime, especially the characters and the music. Ren is one of my favorite characters of the show. I just wish that the makers of the anime could continue on with at least 20 more new episodes. Oh well...nevertheless; Elemental Gelade definitely gets a 10/10 in my Best Anime Favorites list. Please, don't overlook this anime,; It's well worth watching, especially to fantasy anime fans.
  • What a hit!!!!! I love it.... You got to watch this fantastic anime.. It is a 10/10 show....

    This a very excellent coool anime i ever watch ,,,
    It romantic and action and coool and beautiful and lovely and beautiful ...wait i said that and and....and...
    You just have to watch it....
    It is a about a rookie call Cou....
    He discovered/found a edel maiden called Ren..
    Cou job is to protect Ren from any danger..
    Even when he is hurt..
    OH SO cool
    AND they FELL in love with eachother..
    Really romantic and beautiful

    Thats all i know bout it...
    because i actually didnt even watch one bit of the episode..yet...
    But when ijust...just look at the theme song...(japanese)i just know that it will be a hit...
  • A young sky pirate meets a girl who is able to React and become a powerful weapon.

    These is one of those shows that I love because of all the different genres. It has action, comedy, drama and so far, a hint of romance.
    I find Elemental Gelade to be very intriguing. Cou is a rookie sky pirate and he is the Pleasure to an Edel Raid, Ren. After a couple of episodes, it is hinted that Cou likes Ren although we're not entirely sure how Ren feels about Cou. Three members of Arc Aile, Csiqua, Rowen and Kuea are travelling with Cou and Ren. They want to take Ren with them to protect her, but Cou wants to take her to Edel Garden.
    I haven't seen all of the episodes, but I will see the rest of them.
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