Elemental Gelade

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Aug 16, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Viro, Cou and Ren sort out their feelings for each other.

    One of the most important episodes in the entire series, this one episode solidifies Cou and Ren together beyond any doubt. Between the kiss they share and Cous' straight forward, I love Ren, line is beautiful. Cou and Viros' "fight" really shows how much he cares for Viro even though his heart belongs to Ren he still cares for her which is what "defeats" her in the end. She cannot believe how nice he is being even after her betrayal. Viro is the key that unlocked Cou and Rens feelings even though that key came at the cost of her life. On the up side of Viro losing her life she deals a devastating blow to the Chaos Choir by killing their "enforcer." At the same time the group lost a deer friend, however it also gave them yet another reason to bring down Chaos Choir. It is in my opinion that even though Viro is annoying at times she plays one of the most critical roles in the show and I consider her loss one of the greats, right next to Aeris in FF7.