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Elementary is a CBS television series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories with contemporary twists. It stars Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson.
Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller

Sherlock Holmes

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

Dr. Joan Watson

Jon Michael Hill

Jon Michael Hill

Detective Marcus Bell

Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn

Captain Tobias Gregson

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  • Surprisingly good show!

    At first I thought the Sherlock character was very Liu is cool as always and so HOT! But now I see enough of Sherlock Holmes character that I look forward to it! Watson adds to the show as well as being so lovely.
  • A nice replacement for NCIS

    It took me a couple of episodes before I began to like this team but now I don't miss the show. This season I had to give up another crime show and this is a welcome replacement. The characters are strong, acting and script well done. The background characters are on enough so you are vested but they don't overrun the main characters. They've had several interesting storylines and unique backstories, like how they took in two roosters. Lucy Lui is strong to his silent character and it works. Highly recommend you watch a couple shows before you pass judgment on it.moreless
  • Sherlock Holmes would never "Reach Out"

    Concerning Elementary, there's almost nothing that can be said as a criticism of the show itself. Of all the latest attempts to revive the character of Sherlock Holmes, Elementary's version is the only one that is both dramatically compelling AND humanly possible. By that I simply mean that Elementary's Sherlock Holmes might very well exist as an actual human being and not just a dramatic or comical character deliberately created for the screen.

    However, in going over the total of the first year's episodes and keeping up to date on the second season, I have noted that the phrase "reached out" used as a substitute for "called," "contacted," "telephoned," etc. has been used on an average of 2.5 times per episode and has been used more than once by each of the main characters.

    Now, ignoring the fact that the phrase "reached out" actually has a specific meaning in the English language that has nothing to do with emailing, telephoning or sending someone a letter and is only the latest in a sad, sick list of faddish PC phrases utilized by certain pseudo intellectuals in an attempt to impress everyone and offend no one, the fact is that Sherlock Holmes in any of his incarnations would never be party to such a usage. Given that Elementary's Sherlock is fascinated with internet shorthand, he is enamored because such a use serves to make communication concise, and above all Precise!!! OMG may be a fad but there's no question about what it means. The phrase "reached out" is the opposite. Does it mean you telephoned, emailed, texted, met with, skyped, twittered? Or could it even mean that you appealed for someone's help or attempted to help someone in a crisis which is the original meaning of the phrase. Like most PCisms, "reached out" seems to mean something but actually could mean almost anything.

    Sherlock Holmes is, above all, a man with a passionate belief in the value of DETAIL. He would never use such a meaningless phrase, nor would he let anyone else use it without questioning what the speaker actually meant.

    Worst of all, in my opinion, in having all the characters use this absurd PCism in, quite literally, EVERY episode, the watcher is subconsciously reminded that the characters in the show are the creations of a writer, that the characters lack actual individuality, speaking far too much and far too often exactly like each other to be considered individuals with their own linguistic quirks.

    My personal theory is that the newest PCism, "reach out" dates back to the old ATT television ads that tried to convince us to Reach Out And Touch Someone. It's sad to think that such an empty and trivial bit of jargon should have infected television screenplay writers like a lethal virus. Sadder still: although the phrase is rampant on many television shows of the last three years, Elementary is the worst offender.moreless
  • Absolutely love Sherlock and Watson

    Johnny and Lucy, you are amazing, I plan my week around you. You guys have grown on me and I would be lost when the season ends. I love both of your unique qualities and interaction with each other and with other cast members. Only one little thing I wish was different, if Johnny can speak a little louder and clearer, at times you mumble and I am forced to use closed captioning because I don't want to miss one word that you are saying. But, keep up the good work, I looking forward to seeing a lot more of both of you.moreless
  • Performances are good, but scripts are lacking

    There have been a couple of Sherlock shows in recent years (UK - Sherlock, USA - Elementary) and they both seem to suffer the same issues.

    The level of acting is great in both, but as the shows pass by each episode gets less and less "Holmesian" and more and more any old cop show.

    There are fewer and fewer real Sherlock like insights into cases, the kind of leads that no-one else could see. Elementary suffers even more too, as there are just so many episodes to write, and they have to be kept brief most of the time to fit in with schedules.

    Still, they are both better than average, but they are trending in the wrong direction, and good cast performances can only hold your interest for so long...moreless

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