Season 1 Episode 21

A Landmark Story

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 02, 2013 on CBS

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  • Death by painful plotting.

    So once again Sherlock fails to save a live of a man who is in the same room as him. By now I really wonder about these plots and the path of least resistance they take.

    We have a bad man, the flashbacks aren't enough so lets have him kill so the audience get it. But Sherlock is in the room. Maybe he should leave. It's more dramatic if he's in there with the killer. Lets have him call out, that way the death is on the people who arrive too late and not on him.

    Finally we have an excuse for Watson to show her medical skill and at last she gets to be competent and Sherlock's equal (or better) at something.

    So death by bees.. I was open mouthed that of all the possible cases for a medic alert bracelet and Sherlock picks the correct one. I can see him spotting the bee as a semi excuse but still that was shockingly thin stuff.

    The high speed photograph gimmick was fun and I really enjoyed it despite it being very silly but they really sold it well.

    I was sorely disappointed that Holmes didn't even attempt to crack the code he was given before running around asking everyone else he knows. It was sloppy writing and I guessed it was so those 2 people got the message but as it turned out it was silly. For the plot to have worked they should have made time a factor and driven Holmes to go looking for shortcuts. What was the worst that M. gives Sherlock the key to the code and yet he doesn't note it for hours. For a sharp mind Sherlock sure i dumb when the writers want him to be.

    Line of the episode: "Dildo!"
  • Superb!

    This was a breathtaking instalment of Elementary, as a storyline from several weeks ago is explored further with alarming results. There were some spectacular scenes and the storyline evolved rapidly and in spectacular fashion.

    I quite loved the way he took photos of the passing train then cut out strip by strip to construct an appropriate image. It was quite cool stuff!

    And the ending was really interesting - I'm hooked and I can't wait for next week!
  • A Landmark Story

    A Landmark Story was an exciting episode of Elementary as Sherlock discovers another link to the mysterious Moriarty. Joan and Sherlock have settled into each others lives nicely. It wss fun watching Holmes follow the trail and find some surprising stuff. I liked the serial killer guy who made things look like natural accidents, I mean an army of bee assassins is bloody brilliant! Holmes thought he found Moriarty but death piled up leaving Sherlock to keep guessing. The scenes with Moran were great. I liked the coded messages. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Average

    Though it featured an intelligent criminal and the crimes were fun to see, Sherlock Holmes was dispensable to the story line. The story went nowhere and no closure was impressed upon the episode.
  • Army of Bee Assassins

    Closer and closer we come to M. I'm considering watching the live airing next week (instead of Hannibal), being the finale and all, but I don't really feel like we'll meet Moriarty. One of my biggest peeves with this version of Sherlock Holmes is that we have no Irene. We have no Mycroft. We have no Moriarty. The major players are referenced but not present. For Elementary to stick the landing, as it were, M needs to show up in the next episode. This one was decent, but still teasing.
  • What an episode!

    i am breathless! This weeks Elementary episode was astonishing. Not only that the main plot is getting onward, but yet Sherlock showed emotions towards Joan for the first time.

    The ways of murdering they invented for this shows are just brilliant, especially the one with the bees.