Season 2 Episode 13

All in the Family

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2014 on CBS

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  • Not the best episode, but still quite good.

    An enjoyable hour of Elementary, even though it definitely wasn't my favourite or one of my favourite episodes. There were a lot of interesting moments - particularly with the reconciliation between Holmes and Bell.

    The actual case itself was hit and miss - it had really good moments but most of it was uncompelling and it wasn't strung together as impressively as most episodes. In addition, I don't particularly like the mafia side of things - doesn't interest me.

    All up though, good episode, but not great.
  • All Dressed Up

    This week's case seemed rather long and strung-out. It was very hard to follow and just generally felt like the first handful of episodes that made me worry about where the series was going and how it would get there. I loved the opening and the interactions between Sherlock and Bell though. Sherlock's more willing to talk about himself and his short-comings and even deem himself as someone who has friends. That development was great, but the rest of the episode, not so much.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Great scripting. The scene where Holmes confronts Bell, telling him of his own ability to confront and defeat drug addiction rather than feel sorry for himself, was epic. I felt the epiphany in Bell at that moment. The episode's pacing was tight and riveting, played with aplomb by all cast members, as usual. I really believe in this show, for what it's worth. It's firing on all cylinders, which in my mind means that it remains true to it's core narrative and plot structure, and tidies things up quickly. No one wants to wait an entire season for a satisfactory conclusion. Deliberate cliff hangers to drag viewers in week after week is exhausting, if not infuriating. Great work, guys.
  • unringing the Bell

    i didn't understand why Det Bell was hating on Sherlock - he stepped in front of the bullet because he instinctively knew the value of Holmes and Watson to the NYPD. I suppose it's a fear reaction after the fact in the hospital, and the fear translated to hatred of Holmes for causing the fear.

    anyway, I had a feeling it was time to stop it and fix the relationship and this ep did it SO VERY WELL.

    and the mafia story with Watson's girly fascination - great writing. I PMSL when Sherlock said "did you have trading cards?"
  • review

    Another nice episode. The plot was quite easy but the focus here was on detective Bell and his relationship with Holmes. I liked their confrontation when Bell comes at Holmes's place. I feel that Sherlock will play quite a part in Bell's recovery.
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