Season 2 Episode 23

Art in the Blood

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2014 on CBS

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  • Bold and intriguing!

    A very clever episode today as we see the aftermath of what happened in the ast episode - there were great developments in terms of an MI-6 involvement and the story was executed perfectly. I was intrigued by the invisible ink tattos and all that.

    Meanwhile the episode finished with a bang - it has set up for an exciting season finale and I can't wait to see what happens!

    Looking forwards to the finale!
  • Holmes and Mycroft are recriuted by MI:6 for an assignment. At the same time Watson considers her future.

    "Art in the Blood" was a mixed bag for me. While I did not think it was a bad episode, I found it to be too predictable. Holmes assured Watson that once his MI:6 assignment was completed Mycroft would be gone from their lives forever. After that Watson angrily tells Mycroft that she wished she never had sex with him and looked forward to the day she could cut him out her life forever. After those two scenes it could not have been more obvious that Mycroft was not going anywhere and that Watson would fall in love with him all over again. That's the main reason why this episode was such a letdown for me. It does have it's positive point however. Johnny Lee Miller is once again in top form. The early scene of the conversation where Mycroft reveals all was very well done. Despite this setback, I am looking forward to the season finale. It certainly has me interested.
  • Sherlock v Mycroft v Watson

    Excellent episode finally tying all loose or segmented ends throughout the season. Shocking turn of events from last week; Mycroft's involvement with MI6 (or is it MI5 lol). That, versus the true nature of Sherlock & Mycroft's rift; Assumption of Motive "Modus Operandi" (MOD). A rift that will consume the relationship between he (Mycroft) and Watson (Lucy Liu) v the relationship with he and Sherlock.

    And finally, the shocking cliff hanger for next week's season finally. Despite all of Sherlock's gut reactions, his swift deduction of all hidden actions he still rushes to save the day ethically and without prejudice. Good episode!