Season 2 Episode 23

Art in the Blood

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2014 on CBS



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    • Holmes: So-so, do you no longer wish to be a detective? After all that time and energy I put into your training?
      Watson: Okay, you're not listening to me. I love what we do, I love our partnership.
      Holmes: Obviously.
      Watson: But we do not need to live together to consult for the police.
      Holmes: Y-You're forgetting how-how crucial our cohabitation has been to our process. How much we tend to accomplish here.
      Watson: No, I am not forgetting. It's just not enough.
      Holmes: Oh, Watson, I--
      Watson: I know this is hard for you. I know that you like things just so, but I need room for a life outside of this. Us, what we do.
      Holmes: But we are what we do.
      Watson: No. You are what you do, you have to be to be happy. I don't.

    • Watson: Sherlock's not here. I'll tell him you came by.
      Mycroft: Actually, I came to see you.
      Watson: No.
      Mycroft: No, to what?
      Watson: No, to whatever you came here to say. No, you can't come in. No, I'm not all right. No, there is no possible future for us, once some time goes by. Just no.
      Mycroft: Joan, I came here to apologize. Because of ... choices I made years ago, because of my obligation to maintain secrecy, you were placed in terrible danger. Put through an ordeal no one should ever have to go through. If you never want to see me again, I'd understand.
      Watson: That's good, because I don't want to see you again. And it's not because I almost got killed. It's because I cannot believe a word out of your mouth. I know that you had your reasons for everything that you did. But whatever they were, you decided a long time ago that they were much more important than being honest with the people who actually care about you. Someone who is capable of that kind of deception, someone who can maintain it for literally years, I could never feel comfortable with. Sherlock may be insensitive and-and intrusive, and if anything, too honest, but with him, I know exactly where I stand. He deserves better than you. So do I.

    • Mycroft: I suppose, at first, it was all very romantic. I was an asset. I was embedded with Le Milieu. As it turned out, I had something of a knack for spying.
      Holmes: What's your 00 designation, license to kill or just annoy?

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