Season 2 Episode 8

Blood is Thicker

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2013 on CBS

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  • Good.

    A pretty good episode today - we had an interesting case with a rather unpredictable motive for a while. I enjoyed the case, it was good.

    However the more interesting stuff was more personal. The ending was strange and suspicious - very interesting and I'm quite curious to know who Mycroft was talking to and how this plays out.

    Looking forward to it!
  • Sneaky Devil

    Oh Mycroft, you sneaky devil. As per usual, the case of the week was completely boring (and solved by Joan, freeing Sherlock up to deal with family shenanigans) but the background character development was absolutely spectacular. I have this sinking feeling Mycroft and Moriadler are working together, but that would just be too sinister. I'm interested in how this is going to play out.
  • Elementary.

    Interesting case, so multi millionaire Ian Gale is dying and in need of a rare blood transfusion, so the only one that can help him is his daughter Hayley Tyler, who was the result of a one night stand that Gale had years ago. As it turns out Hayley is murdered and when Watson with the help from the medical examiner discovers the murderer had some medical training and knew exactly how to commit the murder. When Watson discovers that Gale's wife Natalie was a Doctor, a Pediatrician actually and makes some allegations, Natalie lawyer's up. Until Sherlock finds out that Hayley's boyfriend is in town as well, according to McKibben, Hayley was very ill with Flu like systems and when Watson checks out the pharmacy, McKibben was telling the truth. So Watson's suspicion's was right the first time Natalie did murder Hayley and injected her with poison and paid off Suarez to keep quiet and in doing so murdered her husband as well. As for Mycroft and Sherlock, I don't know what Mycroft's agenda is here and don't know who he was talking with on the phone, because it wasn't their father. According to the novels Sherlock's father never revels himself at all. Great Work By Watson. Fantastic Episode Again.
  • Recycled plot?

    This story (Blood is thicker) seemed so familiar. Was it a recycled plot from some other show? Monk, maybe?
  • way back when

    in 1987 one of the networks ran a pilot called 'the return of Sherlock

    Michael Pennington played Holmes, brought back to life from suspended animation by 'Joan Watson,' played by Margret Colin.

    Was thought to be a pilot for a series but nothing came of it.

    Was excellent in watching the 'fish out of water' Holmes drive a car, fly on a plane and fall into a swimming pool and generally outwit the 'youngins' with his mind. Funniest part was his going into an 'adult book store' to buy a book on history. As they say, priceless. Show might be online somewhere or maybe on disk. 221B still existed but might have been a barber shop or some such thing.

    One has to wonder if the two 'Watsons' talked shop.
  • review

    Another strong episode with family's members playing and lying to each others. I don't want to see Holmes and Watson moving to London and Mycroft is trying to mess up things with his new plot. I liked the case and William Sadler is really a good actor. In conclusion, i'm wondering whom is Mycroft speaking to on the phone.
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