Season 1 Episode 3

Child Predator

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2012 on CBS
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    Elementary "Child Predator" Review: Good Episode, But We Could Have Done Without the Kid Murder

    Aside from the regrettable content of the mystery, the way it was handled and the dynamic between Watson and Sherlock showed real growth and promise.

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    "The Balloon Man" who leaves a signature batch of balloons at his crime scenes, is on the loose. Sherlock and Watson, called in to consult on a child abduction case, set out to find the serial killer. But will Sherlock's signature bluntness be of any use?

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    • Very good!

      An episode that I missed during the original run bt I recently saw a rerun - and it was very god. The storyline was very interesting with an unpredictable series of twists at the end. It played out beautifully.

      And he did threaten that he would be back soon - wonder if that will happen in some furture episode...

      Very good episode early in the series!
    • Intelligence Predator.

      Almost despite myself I'm warming to Liu's Watson (even if her name, when spoken, sticks in my craw) she's horribly underwritten as a sullen and stiff shell of a woman with a heavy weight on her shoulders that Sherlock will have to winkle out over the course of the season. It's painfully thin characterization but it hardly matters as it's all about Sherlock.

      Three shows in and three shows without a clever plot, twist, clue or villain and it's starting to get worrying.

      I found myself once again indifferent to the plot and while they ramp the seriousness and urgency in the first 10 minutes (which later dissolves in lazy plotting and disinterested characters) this is not a gritty or brave enough show to deliver anything other than the obvious conclusion. Even the least initiated will spot the possible twist coming (with such a limited list of characters involved there were only 2 or 3 realistic twists possible and none of them was all that and when they have such a plodding pace you are free to ponder the possible outcomes and work it out for yourself while waiting on the characters to do something interesting.

      I want to make special mention of Aidan Quinn's character as a policeman who actually seems competent at his job and whose character hasn't been undermined with stupidity in order for the plot to progress which is in odd contract to the only other cop in his department who seems to be there solely for Holmes to humiliate.moreless
    • Telegraphed

      This is the first episode that I stopped paying attention to about halfway through. Far too contrived and telegraphed and forecast (not the same foreshadowed) right down to the title. Any show just starting out deserves some time to work out the kinks and develop some increasing synchronicity between cast members, production, and the writers. The writers fell down this time, through the director should have spotted the holes and gaps, and the caste did some scrambling when it shouldn't have. It is always a bad sign when I know by the writing and not the clues who did the deed halfway through the show. Please don't do something like this again, I've already ditched 5 new shows this week and I really REALLY want to keep this one.moreless
    • Step in the Right Direction

      This is my favorite episode so far. The previous two have failed to come together for me in a meaningful way, but this one really stood out.

      The relationship between Holmes and Watson was engaging. The story was uncomfortable but in a way that was compelling. I believe that it would have been nice to keep Adam around for a while (and I was really disappointed in how scared he seemed when he knew he was trapped), but I guess they didn't want to keep that kind of crime around in order to not upset those highly sensitive to the like. He was a complex character and a potential rival(ish), but I suppose he was a one-trick pony.

      This episode kept my attention. You're getting there, Elementary.moreless
    • Elementary

      Although the episode was good and well written, it still isn't as fun as solving crimes whilst competing with Holmes.
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