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My mind rebels at stagnation
2 days ago
Review: End of Watch

"My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my very own atmosphere." This week's review will be different, maybe it's not even a review at all. But one aspect of this episode relates to my personal life so much, that I just h...

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Example: "You look mahvelous!" - Billy Crystal as Fernando
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The Magical Myristica Tour
Dec 13, 2014
Review: The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction
“Follow your nose!”
This is how I would entitle this week's episode.

First:The case.
It was all about the smell of nutmeg. Lucy Liu asked in a tweet if anyone could guess how many times the word was used during the episode. I didn’t bother counting but I can tell you that it was a lot.
The interesting thing is, that it didn’t annoy. You could even learn something about the spice. It can be used as a drug. Did you know that before? Well, I didn’t.
By the way, after reading about the effects I can totally understand why Sherlock said that “it isn’t a particularly satisfying experience”. I wouldn’t recommend trying it.
The rest of the case was interesting but nothing spectacular. I would say it was solid.

Again I was intrigued by the subplot and I found it especially moving ...Read more
We're Losers Baby, But you won't lose me
Dec 06, 2014
Review: "Terra Pericolosa"
Last week I stated that character development is the great strength of “Elementary”.
It is often even more important than the main plot.
We got another example of that this week.
The title of the episode “Terra pericolosa” is Italian for “dangerous land”, given in cartography to a region that is believed to be unsafe for travellers, because it is not fully documented and mapped.
Like last episode the title fits perfectly to the case as well as to the subplot.

An antique map gets stolen from an archive, the guard of the place is found murdered.
It seems someone stole the map to sell it to a collector, because there had been similar burglaries in other archives. But then the map turns out to be fake and the story that now unravels could have been written by Doyle himself, it even included magnifying glasses. There were so many inventive ...Read more
Perception is Important
Nov 29, 2014
Review "Rip Off"
The title is an excellent choice for this episode. Apart from the victim’s hand being ripped off there were several other rip offs present:

    1. Watson was ripped off the episode

    2. The episode was ripped (off) in three different storylines
    3. Oosthuizen was ripped-off first by Moshe Shapiro and then by his employee Hamit

    4. Some other "rip off" I can’t recall and that you are free to add to this list ;-)

This review will only cover the first two rip offs, although number three is strongly connected to number two.

Watson’s rip off:
An entire episode without Watson?

Had you asked me before watching the episode I would have said: Never.
Now I have to admit that it worked quite well. It was different of course, but not as bad as I would have expected. It facilitated the view on the relationship between Sherlock and ...
Read more
I don't understand the question, can i have more information?
Nov 22, 2014
Review: Bella
I have to admit, “Bella” dumbfounded me.
The quality of this TV show is way beyond everything I have watched so far and I cannot believe that there are still people out there to question this.
Today’s episode left me in a state of confusion and with a mixture of feelings I can hardly describe. The last time that happened was when I watched “The Fountain” by Darren Aronofsky and this was quite some time ago.
The cleverly constructed plot raised a lot of questions that cannot be answered and problems that have to remain unsolved.

The first one of those is the question Sherlock asks “Bella” at the beginning of the episode.

“Is love real or is it just a human construct?”

I liked the answer of the computer who says that even if love is a human construct it is useful because it is needed, failing though ...Read more
Mo' Shell shocker
Nov 14, 2014
Review: "Just A Regular Irregular
Just having finished watching this episode I am at a loss. Not because there is nothing to talk about, but because there is actually so much to talk about that I find it difficult to pick out one aspect to focus on. I think I will just start and we’ll see where it leads me.
The case: One of Sherlock's irregulars, a mathematician, stumbles upon a dead body during a puzzle hunt. It was interesting but what it revealed was illuminating.
Kitty says in the beginning that Sherlock got bored and so started to work on a case of the 1930s. It was a nice idea including the short appearance of Phil Simms.
But then when he is asked to consult for the NYPD in a case that involved one of his irregulars he says he is busy and is so reluctant to take it that I started ...Read more
Taking pains
Nov 07, 2014
Review: The Five Orange Pipz
"They say that genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains. It’s a very bad definition, but it applies to detective work."

This quote from “A Study in Scarlet”, especially the “taking pains” part can be seen as a headline for this episode.

“Taking pains” in the original sense of the quote and according to the definition of the Macmillan Dictionary means “to do something with a lot of care or effort”. I don’t think that’s what the writers meant letting Sherlock say this sentence so let’s consult the Dictionary again. What does it tell us about the word “pain”

    1.A feeling that you have in a part of your body when you are hurt or ill
No, that doesn’t fit either, so on to the next definition
    2.A feeling of being very upset or unhappy

    Ah, there we are. And we can ...
Read more
I belong here, As do you!
Oct 31, 2014
Review: "Enough Nemesis to Go Around"
Sherlock is back in New York. That’s the good news.
It stayed the only one in this episode.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t refer to the quality of the writing or the story. They were way above average as always. The case, involving a 20 Tesla magnet weighing a ton, was so curious it kept you interested right to the end and the quality of the dialogues didn’t disappoint either.
I especially liked the scene in the hotel room where Sherlock explains why he left New York in such a hurry telling Joan that he ran away, because he was resenting her instead of resenting himself, what he says he should have done. He was afraid he would relapse and didn't want to do so right in front of Joan. Luckily this didn't happen in the end.

No, what I mean with not ...Read more
Sep 30, 2014
Dexter's Ice Truck Killer Joins Elementary as Joan's Ex
One of Dexter's most memorable villains is looking to kill Joan Watson… with kindness. Haven's Christian Camargo — best known for his role as Brian "Ice Truck Killer" Moser on Showtime's late, occa...
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