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I usually can't find a lot to complain about an Elementary Episode but this time it was different. Dear writers: HOW COULD YOU DARE TO LET THE MURDERER DESTROY A BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE GUITAR FROM THE 50s.COULDN'T HE HAVE USED THE SHELF ON THE LEFT INSTEAD? Please excuse this outburst. I am a musician ...

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Example: "You look mahvelous!" - Billy Crystal as Fernando
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Fake News
Mar 16, 2017
Elementary "Fidelity" Review - Truths
I don't know if the scene with McNally and Sherlock on the bench was added or edited by the writers last minute as the episode was filmed at the end of January. I think it might because it was shortly after Meryl Streep and with her actors and artists in general had been criticised publicly for talking about politics instead of sticking to their "purpose" of entertaining people and only days after Ewan McGregor was insulted by Piers Morgan for refusing to be interviewed by him.
You could virtually see the pleasure with which Jonny Lee Miller and Tim Guinee delivered the dialogue that I find significant.

"No one was saying 'just a little' in Farsi in the background on that tape. It wasn't an Iranian Nuclear scientist referencing how much enriched uranium they were using. It was Gephardts mother beckoning her pet in another part of the ...
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Mar 07, 2017
Elementary "Wrong Side of the Road" Review - Inside Out

At the end of January, when this 2 part event was filmed, Jonny Lee Miller had to go to the UK for the premier and following press junket of "T2 Trainspotting".

This compelled the writers to find a way to reduce Sherlock's screen time for two episodes.
The solution they found was bringing Kitty Winter back, in my opinion a good choice.
The storyline up to this point was so intriguing that I was surprised that 40 minutes had already passed when the episode ended.

If the absence of a lead actor of the show always leads to scripts like this one, maybe one of them should head off to Europe once in a while. ;-)

I am going to focus this review or maybe it's once again one of my non-reviews on one single scene.
That's why I have decided to let you do the regular reviewer ...Read more
Thin Ice
Feb 21, 2017
Elementary "Rekt In Real Life" Review - Clash of Cultures
I chose that heading for my review because it fits well to the things I want to talk about:

Inuit and eSports.

I didn't know anything about eSports before I watched this episode.
I knew that it existed and that there were professional teams but that was about everything.
Why do I consider it a Clash of Cultures?
Because I think that you are either fascinated by eSports or it doesn't make any sense to you.
I have to admit I belong to the latter. I have never been really interested in Computer Games.
Afterall I don't judge people who do eSports and if they can earn money with it, good for them.

There is one thing that I find problematic though about the eSports world.
It is a topic of the Episode as well as obvious in tweets of some of the pros that had a ...Read more
A Close Shave
Jan 31, 2017
Elementary "Over A Barrel" Review - Common Sense
If you hadn't watched this episode and just read the synopsis you could say:

"Oh no. Not again. I've seen this a thousand times in films and on TV: Someone taking hostages and threatening to kill them one by one if his demands are not fulfilled. BORING!"

I can only answer: "No, you haven't seen anything like that before. Not even close."
I hope you agree with me. If not, I accept your opinion and hope you do the same with mine.

This marks the transition to the main point of this review.

Jeffrey Paul King took all the elements of an ordinary hostage-taking and turned it into an allegory for the essentials of a humane society.

Jack Brunelle had asked Sherlock for his help several times before he took the hostages. His motives for being persistent are totally understandable but his behaviour towards Joan and ...Read more
Montezumas office prank
Jan 18, 2017
Elementary "Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown" Review - Watershed Down
This isn't a review.

Or maybe it is. I don't know.

Review ( according to

1. a critical article or report, as in a periodical, on a book, play, recital, or the like; critique; evaluation.

Well, this is an article. It will not be very critical though because as so often I can't find a lot to criticise. Maybe that after the intense last episode it seemed a bit dull at first. But like a fine wine it revealed its quality in the aftertaste.

2. the process of going over a subject again in study or recitation in order to fix it in the memory or summarize the facts.

I am not going to summarize the facts, because you have watched this episode yourself and don't need to get the story retold I think. What I am going to do is go over the subject ...Read more
LOose Ends
Jan 10, 2017
Elementary "Be My Guest" Review - Demons
Over the last two years I have been writing reviews for this platform, it occurred very rarely that I found it hard to find an approach.
This is one of those occasions.

It is not because "Be My Guest" was a bad episode ( in fact I liked it a lot) but because it was an episode that you can view and review from different angles and I am not sure if the one that I choose is one you share.

So what now?

I think you will have to live with my decision.
If you can't, feel free to throw your computer, laptop or whatever device you are reading this on, out of the window. I don't take any responsibility for it though because you can't say I didn't warn you. ;-)

Let's go.

Usually an episode of Elementary has got a "Case of the Week ...Read more
Stealing Lives
Dec 21, 2016
Elementary "Pick your Poison" Review - Munchhausen

I already wrote that Elementary wasn't suitable for watching to unwind after work, because the plots require your full attention and the topics they are built on often don't let you go fast.
"Pick Your Poison" was an especially fine example for that.
A straight forward case of identity theft and selling of prescriptions to opiate addicts developed into a tragedy where the attempt to help a young man who got abused by his mother lead to a double homicide that left you with a bitter aftertaste. Not for the first time this season the culprit turned out to be also a victim. Ethan was made sick by his mother so that she would get attention and appraisal for caring so selflessly for her son, a mental disorder that is commonly called

Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP)

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) lists it ...
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Dec 13, 2016
Elementary "It Serves You Right To Suffer" Review - Friends and Family

This week's episode didn't have a special topic to talk about.
But this was a good thing. It allowed the stellar cast of "Elementary" to show what they are able to when they get the room for it.
The story wasn't spectacular but Kelly Wheeler proved that you don't need to construct a complicated plot to create a compelling story that has enough depth to get you thinking.
In my opinion it was the strength of this episode that it concentrated on the interactions of the characters.
I remember that in the live tweet for the Premier of Season 3 Jonny Lee Miller wrote that he loved those long dialogue scenes because that was what acting was about.
In "It Serves You Right To Suffer" you could see what he meant.
The dialogues between Sherlock and Shinwell and the confrontations between Joan and Whitlock were superb ...
Read more
Murder is not Kosher
Nov 29, 2016
Elementary "How The Sausage Is Made" Review - Shmeat
I hope everybody had already finished their leftovers from Thanksgiving before watching this episode. Luckily I live in Europe and there were no such festivities so...oh. Wait. Damn. The murder victim was transformed into sausages. I like sausages. Especially those with fennel and anise. Urgh!

One can't say Elementary isn't surprising and creative in its storytelling.
In fact it's the meat and potatoes of this show and that's what makes it special. The plots are never buzzard meat they are often dealing with unsolved problems of science or society that make you reflect on it. "How The Sausage Is Made" was no exception. But let's move forward to the meat of the matter:

Lab grown beef
The murder victim was a scientist who worked on the development of lab grown meat that could actually be classified as such.
As often after watching an Elementary ...Read more
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