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A box That does nothing
Apr 18, 2015
Elementary Review: "A Stitch in Time"

The box in "A Stitch in Time" was designed to delay the time of dataflow without changing any of it. I had the same feeling about this week's episode. It was a well written and interesting story but it offered nearly no character development. It seemed like it was just there to delay the time until we reach the unavoidable...

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Example: "You look mahvelous!" - Billy Crystal as Fernando
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Flutter Crow
Apr 10, 2015
Elementary Review: "One Watson, One Holmes"
Already while watching the episode I realised that writing this review would be a difficult task, especially after one of the comments to my thoughts about "The View from Olympus".

Sorry, Sir or Madam if I am going to annoy you again. I respect your opinion, but I just have to state my point of view on this topic as it was so obviously the main focus of "One Watson, One Holmes". I really appreciate that Robert Hewitt Wolfe, the author of the episode had the courage to write such an explosive story.
It delivers a lot of material to talk about. The most important one is:

Are governmental organisations allowed to use every method to achieve their objective, are they subjected to a different law than the average citizen?

In my opinion they are not and that was the message I gathered from that episode, too.

At the beginning ...Read more
I do what I do because it would hurt too much not to
Apr 05, 2015
Elementary Review: "The View from Olympus"

"This excellent outing explores the sometimes surprising risks posed by omniscience, both to those subjected to its oversight and to those who have its power. The vehicle for the exploration is a murder linked to an information-gathering app — but the story's real subject is Sherlock himself, in an episode that allows the dependably splendid Jonny Lee Miller to give full range to Holmes' outer eccentricities and inner demons, and to take the character from comic to tragic in one smart hour."
Robert Bianco - USA Today

This quote from an advance review to this week's episode hits the nail on the head. And delivers perfect captions for my review.

The Risks of Omniscience

The subject of the main plot is represented by an app of a car sharing company with which it is possible to track the movements of every customer, because as Sherlock states they give up their ...Read more
Swimming through the old life
Mar 07, 2015
Elementary Review: "For All You Know"
Sometimes there are films or episodes where you better have someone next to you watching it with you, because the story and the acting are so stirring that you feel the need to talk to someone about it. “For All you Know” was definitely one of them.
Especially the scene in the garage where Sherlock offers Maria’s brother a wrench to break his hand with in return for the answering of questions was quite unnerving.

Jeffrey Paul King, one of the authors of Elementary, wrote in a tweet recently:

“If a piece of art doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then it’s not art”.

“For All You Know” was both: uncomfortable and a piece of art.
Let me explain why.

First - The Writing
Peter Ocko did a great job in describing Sherlock’s internal states that took up the main part of this episode. His dialogues were gritty and ...Read more
Family is the tie that binds
Mar 14, 2015
Elementary Review: T-Bone and the Iceman
After watching the episode I wasn't sure how to structure this review.
So I decided to let it be and take counsel of my pillow. It helped.

One particular statement of Sherlock stayed in my mind and the more I thought about it the more it revealed itself as the central aspect of the episode and maybe even more than that, so I decided to focus on it but not without saying something about the first two scenes, because they were remarkable as well.

Apart from the first minute, the entire episode takes place outside the brownstone. No wonder, as there is no electricity, after Sherlock has tried to build a light bulb that could imitate sunlight, what, as he states, would have been revolutionary, because it could help with his mental health problems but just lead to the electric panel in the house being destroyed.
The first two ...Read more
It was a Pleasure!
Feb 14, 2015
Elementary Review: "The Female of the Species"
„The Female of The Species“


The reason why it is an advantage to be curious and interested in a wide range of subjects.

“The Female of the Species” was a very “doylesque” case not only because Sherlock used the name of “Sigurdson” as a pseudonym what the original Holmes does once in a while, too, but because of the construction of the plot and the course of the investigation.
It was a calmly staged story, whose attractiveness was based on the way the case was solved. It is possible that people, who like a bit of action, were disappointed or got bored, but I was intrigued by the construction of the puzzle and how Sherlock got to the solution just by using his vast knowledge and his ability to detect patterns.

Two pregnant zebras (Interesting discussion by the way on Twitter about ’zɛbrǝ (BE) versus ‘ziːbrǝ (AE)) were ...Read more
What are you worth?
Feb 21, 2015
Elementary Review: "When Your Number's Up"
When I watched the sneak peek for this episode I already knew what I would like to write about. The short excerpt was enough to make my mind up and even the song that I am going to finish with popped into my head immediately. Maybe it’s because the question preoccupies me since I was a child

“What is the value of a human life and how can the lives of some people obviously be considered more worth than others?”

I appreciate that Elementary often deals with questions of morality or dilemmas of society. And this week it was an especially controversial one. Hats off to Bob Goodman for how he handled it.

But first things first: The plot.

The CBS preview stated that “When Your Number’s Up” would be different and indeed it was. For the first time we knew from the beginning who the killer was ...Read more
One is the lonliest number
Feb 07, 2015
Review "Hemlock"
I was well aware that it would be difficult for the writer of this week’s episode to deliver a story with a quality that could compare to the ones before. So I didn’t place high hopes on it, but still got disappointed in the end. This was mostly due to that commonplace ending.
But I will come back to that later.

Let’s start with the positive aspects as there were quite a few of them.

The story was interesting and well written. I liked the realism of it. I didn’t know before that it is possible in the US to sell debts to other companies, who get their profit out of it by collecting them themselves, but as the personal debts add up to more than two trillion Dollars( a figure with 13 digits) as Sherlock states, it doesn’t surprise me at all. The episode ...Read more
Letting Down Masks
Jan 31, 2015
Review "The One That Got Away"
If there is anybody out there who was left untouched by the last scene then something must be wrong with that person.
I don’t think I have seen many scenes that were more moving than this one.
Thank you, Mr. Miller, for this extraordinary moment.
It was the first time we got a glimpse of Sherlock without any mask. We were shown what he gets like when there is nothing and no one to sustain him. Seeing him there slumped in a chair, crying was absolutely gut-wrenching.

When you think about it, the whole episode dealt with letting down masks.

At the end of last episode Kitty discovered that it was Joan’s boss who abducted and raped her.
Joan brings her back to the brownstone, helping her to find some rest.
When she gets down Sherlock waits for her and raises the question if Kitty could be right ...Read more
A sense of closure will never come
Jan 23, 2015
Review "The Illustrious Client"
When it was announced that a new character named Kitty Winter would be part of Elementary Season 3, I first was very sceptical if this would work out and how it would affect the “Joan – Sherlock” relationship.
But then I remembered that Kitty was from canon and reread the story which carries the same title as this week’s episode.

It is one of the darkest and most brutal ones of the original Holmes.

A murderous baron by the name of Adelbert Gruner (any resemblances to persons in this episode are purely not coincidental) seduces women, uses them and in the end “throws them away” or kills them. Kitty Winter is one of his victims who ended up in the gutter.
It gave me an idea of what the writers of Elementary intended with that character and I was beginning to look forward to this new addition to the show ...Read more
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