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I know this post has a complicated title but I just couldn't find a better one. Sorry. Over the summer I talked to other Elementary fans and one topic was the relationship between father and son. This made me reflect upon what Sherlock flung in his father's teeth during the Season and ...

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Why Sherlock's behaviour sometimes is so weird
Jun 28, 2016
Effects of Complex Trauma
I have been thinking about writing this post for quite some time now, but always hesitated as I am no psychologist. But when I shortly read an article in a teacher's magazine saying that it was important for people working with children to know about complex trauma I finally made up my mind to do it. The other thing that encouraged me was the answer of Robert Hewitt Wolfe, one of the Elementary writers, to a question about Sherlock suffering from clinical depression. He said:

"I'd say Sherlock's diagnosis is more complicated than that..."

I don't know if the topic is interesting for people not working in caring professions, but perhaps you want to know why Sherlock's behaviour sometimes is so weird.

I already said that I am no psychologist, but I am not writing this without having talked to professionals before who know Elementary ...
Read more
It's Elementary
May 22, 2016
How to identify gifted people with Dabrowski's theory of Overexcitability using the example of Sherlock in Elementary
Sherlock: It has its costs.
Watson: What does?
Sherlock: Learning to see the puzzle in everything.
Once you start looking it‘s impossible to stop.
It just so happens, that people and all the deceits and delusions that inform everything they do, tend to be the most fascinating puzzles of all. Of course they don’t always appreciate being seen as such.
(Season 1, Episode 4)

Sherlock Holmes is a highly gifted person.
No one would deny that.

There are numerous interpretations of the character in film and TV, but Elementary's Sherlock is in my opinion the first authentic one.

Although gifted people are as diverse as the rest of the population, they share some characteristic traits that make them different to the rest and what often leads to them being seen as odd and sometimes misunderstood.

That's why I decided to create this post. Maybe Elementary ...Read more
YOu are not your father and you never will be
May 09, 2016
Elementary Season 4 Finale "A Difference in Kind" Review - Deadly Business
"A Difference in Kind" - In my opinion this was an excellent choice of title.

It fitted to the storylines in many ways and it was even part of a dialogue.
When Joan asks Sherlock if he thinks that his father would have accepted the offer to become the head of Moriarty's organisation, Sherlock answers:

"No. There's no denial that over his long story of career, my father has facilitated business deals where death was the likely outcome for someone somewhere but Vikner and his people, they pursue death as a business deal. It's a difference of kind, not of degree."

Speaking of Morland Holmes:

He made his entrance to Elementary in the first Episode of Season 4 the same way he now exits in the last: With a speech to Sherlock on the rooftop.

That he entered into the conversation both times with a seemingly banal topic ...Read more
May 02, 2016
Elementary "The Invisible Hand" Review: No peace it is
I think it is safe to say that this episode was explosive.

Not only because of the bomb that destroyed Morland's office but also because of the development of the plot and the introduction of Joshua Vikner, played by the Scottish actor Tony Curran.

As there was no special topic in "The Invisible Hand" that I could talk about, I think I will just have to write down what's on my mind, a difficult task, as I am used to having at least some sort of guideline for my reviews.

If by the end of reading this text you should have gained the impression that the author of it is a bloody amateur I can only say: Well, you are absolutely right, but that won't stop me from writing it anyway. This Season I have more or less successfully (that's on you to decide) completed 19 ...Read more
Apr 25, 2016
Elementary "Turn It Upside Down" Review: Biology dictates Reality
When I watched the Sneak Peeks for this Episode I knew that this was going to be intense.
I wasn't disappointed.
Sherlock vacillating between anger, shame, anxiety and despair was captivating.

Lucy Liu, who directed "Turn It Upside Down" explained in an interview that she laid the focus on the emotional undertone and that she tried to achieve that by rather using close-ups than long shots. I put the link to the article at the end of this review. It is interesting because it contains four pages of Lucy Liu's script with the notes she made as well as a video of the corresponding scene.

It is however not the scene I found especially impressive.
I think you know which one I mean.

Sherlock takes the ring of his mother out of its hiding place. Joan finds him there deep in thought in front of the fireplace holding ...Read more
Legless lies
Apr 18, 2016
Elementary "Ain't Nothing But The Real Thing" Review - Lie To You
Everybody lies from time to time, be it to protect someone, hide something you did wrong or simply to gain an advantage.

But no matter if your motives are bad or good, you always betray somebody's trust. Otherwise a lie wouldn't work.

"Ain't Nothing But The Real Thing" dealt with that topic in a way that stuck with you.
At the end of the episode there wasn't a single person who profited from all the lies.
A recap of the events will show you what I mean:

Lie No. 1:
Davis Potter
discovers that the property he and his business partner thought was worthless was indeed worth Millions because of a rare species of Ginseng growing on it. He wants all the profit from it and decides not to tell Jared.
Because he fears that Jared would find out, he hires Butch Callahan to kill his ...Read more
Double Feature
Apr 12, 2016
Elementary "All In" - "Art Imitates Art" Review: Framed
As this week two Episodes were shown on one day I decided to put them together in one review.
Mostly out of time-economic reasons.
For me the fact that Elementary is now broadcast on Sundays is unpractical at least. Usually I would watch the show on Friday and write the review on Saturday when I don't have to work. Luckily the last two episodes fell into my holidays, so there was no problem besides that the Holiday Flat didn't have proper Wi-Fi.

So please excuse when the remaining reviews will all be a bit late as I have to watch and write after work.

First I want to say that I liked both episodes for different reasons. The first had a very interesting and spellbinding story-line.
I have to admit that I will have to watch it again to be properly able to assess it. I am sure ...Read more
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