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Joan of bark
Feb 06, 2016
Elementary "Down Where The Dead Delight" Review: Misinterpretations

"Down where the Dead Delight" began with one of the most stirring opening scenes of Elementary. I can't get it out of my head: Nicole entering the morgue with a stretcher, singing a song and Eugene Hawes, the medical examiner, coming down the stairs completing the line getting told by Nicole that he was supposed...

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Example: "You look mahvelous!" - Billy Crystal as Fernando
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It's all about family
Jan 30, 2016
Elementary "Alma Matters" Review: Crossroads

Bob Goodman said on Twitter that one of the fun things about his job as a writer was “getting to poke at what makes me mad.”
This week it was predatory for-profit colleges.
And again Elementary proved that the show is best when it deals with actual problems of society. The stories are interesting and stimulating.

Usually I don’t like when the culprit is known from the beginning but in this case it made sense and opened the possibility for a completely different approach.
A lookout of a group of burglars is eye-witness to a murder, but of course he doesn’t stay to give a statement and so the murder remains unsolved until a former drug counsellor of Sherlock asks for his help.

How the story evolves from here is highly creative and entertaining. Instead of the usual twists and turns the plot develops its attractiveness out of ...Read more
war is good for business
Jan 23, 2016
Elementary "Murder Ex Machina" Review: Moral Relativism
I know that some of you will criticise about this episode that it was the corporate killer again who committed the murder. Yes, that's right but in my opinion this often just makes sense and delivers interesting material to think and discuss about.

The recently deceased actor Alan Rickman once said:
"A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music or a book can make a difference. It can change the world."

"Murder Ex Machina" was a good example for the effort of a writer to do so.

There were two statements made by Sherlock that especially caught my attention and that I want to share my thoughts about.
I am well aware that discussing those points in a review won't change the world but they preoccupy me to a degree that I can't help doing it nevertheless. You are invited to take part by expressing ...Read more
Jan 19, 2016
Having been completely hooked on this show and having watched my way through Seasons 1-3, I was looking forward to Season 4. However, I view Sky channels via a Now TV box - and it's proving hugely frustrating. For reasons I can't fathom, Season 4 began at Episode 4! AARRGH!!!
Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why Episodes 1-3 aren't available?
The Sins of the father will be visited upon the child
Jan 16, 2016
Elementary "A Burden Of Blood" Review: Killer Gene
After the very clear story of last week, this week's Elementary presented us a case that was anything but straight forward. A woman gets murdered in the fashion of a serial killer who was incarcerated more than 20 years ago, revealing that the woman was in fact the daughter of that man. The logical outcome would now be that some relative of a victim sought revenge but of course this simple conclusion proves to be incorrect.
It doesn't remain the only assumption made in "A Burden of Blood" to suffer that fate. Throughout the whole episode starting with the opening sequence and finishing with the solving of the case, Nick Thiel plays skilfully with common clichés of life and crime.
In my opinion he uses the technique of "Reductio ad Absurdum".
I will recapture this episode based on this assumption hoping that false, untenable, or absurd results won ...Read more
Tell me, Am I Lying?
Jan 08, 2016
Elementary "Miss Taken" Review: Liar Liar

"It's hardly the first time I have inspired a writer, Watson. I am actually the basis for several fictional characters across various media. It's one of the by-products of my success as a detective. I fascinate. This cannot be helped. You yourself once wrote about me. 'The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes." I was displeased because you used my real name and shared my real history. Your father's Magnum Opus on the other hand is the very opposite of real".

At first I was quite disappointed because I knew who the killer was the second the girl appeared on the scene and even the why was no secret. So nothing mysterious there. I also pretty much guessed how the story with Watson and her step-dad would end. So no suspense there either. But the more I thought about it the more I realised that it was actually a ...Read more
R.I.P. CSi: Cyber
Jan 08, 2016
CBS Sets Premiere Date for Rush Hour, Moves Elementary to Sundays
There is still no word on when Person of Interest will return.
Draw your own inferences
Dec 18, 2015
Elementary "The Cost of Doing Business" Review: Clues
The title of an Elementary Episode always refers to the case of the week or the subplot, right?

Strangely this time it didn't.

But is this really true?

At the end of the episode I sat in front of the television completely confused. What the hell did just happen? I knew that Morland could be quite cold and threatening but this last scene was scarier than a horror movie. I was shocked. It took me quite some time to regain my composure. And when I did it hit me.

You can call me nuts and maybe the rest of the Season will prove me completely wrong, but I think this Episode had but one motive: To explain why Morland is in New York. Maybe I am influenced by too many books I read and too many films I watched to come to the conclusion I did but for me ...Read more
Are you ready to protect the damsel and save the world?
Dec 12, 2015
Elementary "The Games Underfoot" Review: Nottingham Knights
Sorry, this review is a bit late. But it took me quite some time to decide what I wanted to write about, because there was so much interesting material in this episode I had to do some research on.
I appreciate TV Shows that make you think and pique your curiosity to find out more about the topics referred to. Elementary definitely is one of those and this episode in particular:

1. Disposal of toxic waste
2. Bad video games buried in a landfill
3. Friendship and what it means
4. Racism

You may say that each of these topics is very important and putting all of that into one episode might be too much. Usually I would agree but in this case everything meshed so well that it worked perfectly for me.

Elementary makes most of its talents of having superb writers, actors and crew members who are able ...Read more
mark your calendars
Nov 30, 2015
CBS Midseason Schedule: 2 Broke Girls Moves, But Where Is Person of Interest?
Plus: get premiere dates for Angel From Hell and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders!
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