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May 22, 2017
Elementary Season Finale "Hurt Me, Hurt You" Review - Do the right thing

Well, this is it, or nearly for this Season. I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them. There is always so much in an episode that is worth talking about that I often have to decide what to leave out. The great Sherlock Holmes of the books once said: "Crime is a commonplace, exist...

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Example: "You look mahvelous!" - Billy Crystal as Fernando
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Mystery Woman
May 16, 2017
Elementary "Scrambled" Review - What the...?
I can't remember a more vivid discussion on social media about an Elementary episode than this one and all because of one character. Well done Elementary staff. The mysterious woman is indeed an intriguing albeit disturbing figure.

I will try to solve the mystery in this review so if you want to keep the suspense about her until next week don't read on. Stop here!

As you didn't stop reading you are probably curious what my thoughts are. Although I am not 100% certain I think I know who she is and it all makes perfect sense.

It's his mother or better Sherlock's hallucination of her

These are the facts that indicate that:

1.The character's name
Take a look at the cast list. The name of the mysterious woman is May.

2.The clothing and the haircut
Sherlock told once that he was ...Read more
Skilled Detective Helps catch killer
May 09, 2017
Elementary "Moving Targets" Review - Reality TV
The title of the episode or the way it was written, to be more precise, suggests a certain approach for this review.

You have probably grown accustomed to my sometimes weird writing style (I'm glad I can't hear your sighs about my ridiculous reviews) or you would not read this gush of words of mine.

Moving Targets Review
Writing down two or three sentences about everything that catches the eye of the reviewer while watching the episode
(Don't try to look this up in a dictionary. It's totally a product of my imagination. ;-))

Opening sequence - "Alec shot him!"

The scene shows how well the detectives work together and how much they respect each other in contrast to the couple sitting opposite them. The woman doesn't hesitate a second to sell out her husband for a deal.
Moral: Don't try to fool Sherlock and Joan ...Read more
May 02, 2017
Elementary "Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing" Review - Damaged people
As it would only be repeating myself I will not say anything about the quality of this episode. I will instead discuss the interactions of Sherlock and Bell and what they tell us about a topic that is lingering around the show since as early as Episode 3 of Season 1 and that the writers have come back to frequently:

The effects of childhood abuse.

Until now we could only see them in Sherlock's behaviour. This is the first time he talks about it.
When I watched the Sneak Peek I immediately found Sherlock's statement to Bell significant as it reveals a lot about his psychology. In fact I couldn't think of anything more personal he ever said to anyone except Joan Watson.

Here's the scene:

The part I find interesting is the following:

When Marcus says he isn't ...Read more
Stay weird, Sweetie
Apr 26, 2017
Elementary "The Art of Sleights and Deception" Review - Anatomy
The topics that Elementary often deals with are definitely not of the "light entertainment" sort but this episode tackled a subject that didn't make it easy for me to decide if I really wanted to write about it because it is so dreadful.

In the end I made up my mind to do it nevertheless because I think that the things that happened nearly 80 years ago should never be forgotten, even if some people think otherwise.
I am German and so it wasn't too difficult for me to find the information I was looking for.

Anatomy in Germany and Austria in the 1940s

Long before World War II the bodies of executed criminals were the first legal source for the anatomy labs of universities. Until the beginning of the 20th century the corpses of people who committed suicide, prisoners or poor people had also been used. There ...Read more
Defining Standards
Apr 18, 2017
Elementary "High Heat" Review - Compensation
Elementary is currently in the bubble for renewal.

If CBS still needs an argument to give the show a Season 6, in spite of all the comments on various platforms saying that Elementary is one of the most intelligent and best written shows on TV ,"High Heat" is a striking one.

The episode contained everything that makes the series extraordinary: A credible and interesting plot, excellent writing, emotion, strong characters, realism and something that I had been missing for some time: humour (I only say "Mr.Coconut").

The main and the background plot were closely linked in this episode because if Kirby had had the necessary skills for the job he was doing and if he had worked properly, I strongly suspect that the story would have taken a different turn.

Kirby obviously didn't inform the relatives of the murder victims about his intentions. They thought he was just ...Read more
Mar 28, 2017
Elementary "Dead Man's Tale" Review - Piracy
I am interested in pirates, buccaneers and privateers since I watched "The Sea Hawk" with Errol Flynn as a kid.

So I was looking forward to this episode. I wasn't disappointed.

In the end not so much because of the references to the Golden Age of Piracy but because of the overall complexity, credibility and intelligence of the plot.
The things that in my opinion make Elementary one of the best written TV shows I have ever watched.

The attention the writers give their stories is outstanding.

I also appreciate the fact that Elementary never goes the easy, comfortable way.
The writers, directors and actors demand from their audience to deal with plots and scenes that are hard to digest because of the intensity of performance and the lack of any whitewashing.

The last scene of this episode was an impressive demonstration of that but I will come back ...Read more
Mar 21, 2017
Elementary "The Ballad of Lady Frances" Review - Double Homicide
I usually can't find a lot to complain about an Elementary Episode but this time it was different.
Dear writers:
Please excuse this outburst. I am a musician and guitarist myself and this just makes my heart bleed.

Joking apart "The Ballad of Lady Frances" demonstrated the qualities of Elementary:
Bizarre but totally credible plots, accuracy and the reference to real life topics.
In this case Gunshot surveillance and vintage guitars. I will tell you something about both in this review because I find them equally interesting.

Until today I wasn't aware that a system that could record gunshots actually existed. In fact it does. And there are indeed some issues connected to that.

The technique:
The Real Life "Bulletpoint" is ...
Read more
Fake News
Mar 16, 2017
Elementary "Fidelity" Review - Truths
I don't know if the scene with McNally and Sherlock on the bench was added or edited by the writers last minute as the episode was filmed at the end of January. I think it might because it was shortly after Meryl Streep and with her actors and artists in general had been criticised publicly for talking about politics instead of sticking to their "purpose" of entertaining people and only days after Ewan McGregor was insulted by Piers Morgan for refusing to be interviewed by him.
You could virtually see the pleasure with which Jonny Lee Miller and Tim Guinee delivered the dialogue that I find significant.

"No one was saying 'just a little' in Farsi in the background on that tape. It wasn't an Iranian Nuclear scientist referencing how much enriched uranium they were using. It was Gephardts mother beckoning her pet in another part of the ...
Read more
Mar 07, 2017
Elementary "Wrong Side of the Road" Review - Inside Out

At the end of January, when this 2 part event was filmed, Jonny Lee Miller had to go to the UK for the premier and following press junket of "T2 Trainspotting".

This compelled the writers to find a way to reduce Sherlock's screen time for two episodes.
The solution they found was bringing Kitty Winter back, in my opinion a good choice.
The storyline up to this point was so intriguing that I was surprised that 40 minutes had already passed when the episode ended.

If the absence of a lead actor of the show always leads to scripts like this one, maybe one of them should head off to Europe once in a while. ;-)

I am going to focus this review or maybe it's once again one of my non-reviews on one single scene.
That's why I have decided to let you do the regular reviewer ...Read more
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