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Letting Down Masks
17 hours ago
Review "The One That Got Away"

If there is anybody out there who was left untouched by the last scene then something must be wrong with that person. I don't think I have seen many scenes that were more moving than this one. Thank you, Mr. Miller, for this extraordinary moment. It was the first time we got a glimpse of Sherlock without ...

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Example: "You look mahvelous!" - Billy Crystal as Fernando
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A sense of closure will never come
Jan 23, 2015
Review "The Illustrious Client"
When it was announced that a new character named Kitty Winter would be part of Elementary Season 3, I first was very sceptical if this would work out and how it would affect the “Joan – Sherlock” relationship.
But then I remembered that Kitty was from canon and reread the story which carries the same title as this week’s episode.

It is one of the darkest and most brutal ones of the original Holmes.

A murderous baron by the name of Adelbert Gruner (any resemblances to persons in this episode are purely not coincidental) seduces women, uses them and in the end “throws them away” or kills them. Kitty Winter is one of his victims who ended up in the gutter.
It gave me an idea of what the writers of Elementary intended with that character and I was beginning to look forward to this new addition to the show ...Read more
infinitely Stranger than a Mind could invent
Jan 17, 2015
Review "Seed Money"
„Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent.”

This is the original quote from “A Case of Identity” from “The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes” which, in a slightly modified version, marked the beginning of the Episode.
It can be seen as the header of “Seed Money” as all of the storylines, and there were quite a few of them, refer to it.
In my opinion this was an original and interesting approach with one little problem. The multitude of people and events made it sometimes difficult to keep track with the investigation, but I have to admit that that somehow added to the attractiveness of the episode. At some points I was glad though that I had the possibility to rewind, because the main plot was definitely stranger than the mind of man could invent, although this is a paradox, because it was invented by ...Read more
(Space-) Time Continuum
Jan 10, 2015
Review: The Eternity Injection
I follow the Elementary writers on Twitter and they are “live-tweeting” most of the episodes. I can’t read the tweets live because I live in the wrong time zone, but if you are able to do so, you should. It’s really interesting. You often get “Behind the scenes” photos and information about VFX and other things.
I sometimes read some of the tweets before I watch the episode. This week it was Jeffrey Paul King’s turn and there was one statement that particularly caught my eye:

“I love this scene. If you’re an aspiring writer, this is the kind of work you should be copying. Nice work, Sweeny.”

Reading the comments I found out that it must be a monologue of Sherlock about sobriety being a leaky faucet and that the scene was obviously very moving.
After watching I can only agree.
The dialogues of Elementary ...Read more
My mind rebels at stagnation
Dec 19, 2014
Review: End of Watch
"My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my very own atmosphere."

This week’s review will be different, maybe it’s not even a review at all. But one aspect of this episode relates to my personal life so much, that I just have to write about it.

But let’s start with a short recap of the main plot.
A police officer gets shot on duty. When the scene is examined Sherlock finds out that Flynn only had a realistic looking toy gun instead of his service weapon.
At first it seems that someone replaced it so that he couldn’t defend himself, but then we learn that he was an addict who sold his service weapon to a gun dealer, what lead to more crimes of that sort.
Usually ...Read more
The Magical Myristica Tour
Dec 13, 2014
Review: The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction
“Follow your nose!”
This is how I would entitle this week's episode.

First:The case.
It was all about the smell of nutmeg. Lucy Liu asked in a tweet if anyone could guess how many times the word was used during the episode. I didn’t bother counting but I can tell you that it was a lot.
The interesting thing is, that it didn’t annoy. You could even learn something about the spice. It can be used as a drug. Did you know that before? Well, I didn’t.
By the way, after reading about the effects I can totally understand why Sherlock said that “it isn’t a particularly satisfying experience”. I wouldn’t recommend trying it.
The rest of the case was interesting but nothing spectacular. I would say it was solid.

Again I was intrigued by the subplot and I found it especially moving ...Read more
We're Losers Baby, But you won't lose me
Dec 06, 2014
Review: "Terra Pericolosa"
Last week I stated that character development is the great strength of “Elementary”.
It is often even more important than the main plot.
We got another example of that this week.
The title of the episode “Terra pericolosa” is Italian for “dangerous land”, given in cartography to a region that is believed to be unsafe for travellers, because it is not fully documented and mapped.
Like last episode the title fits perfectly to the case as well as to the subplot.

An antique map gets stolen from an archive, the guard of the place is found murdered.
It seems someone stole the map to sell it to a collector, because there had been similar burglaries in other archives. But then the map turns out to be fake and the story that now unravels could have been written by Doyle himself, it even included magnifying glasses. There were so many inventive ...Read more
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