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May 15, 2018
Elementary "Pushing Buttons" Review: Fighting Wars In The Neural Cortex

Anybody who says watching TV makes you dumb has definitely never watched an episode of Elementary.

Nearly every week I find myself looking up things on the internet, because I have learned something new that I want to know more about. This week it was Gilbert and Sullivan and Button Gwinnett.

It shows how much effort the writers put in their story lines. There is never a scene or dialogue that is of no importance. Often you only discover those things upon watching an episode for the second or third time.

I have grown accustomed to paying attention to seemingly minor details. Often they turn out to be crucial especially for the overall story arc or the inner feelings of the main characters.

Let me give you two examples that struck me the most in this episode.

First: Throw-Away Lines

For the second time this Season Sherlock says something to ...Read more
Curiosity Trail
May 08, 2018
Elementary "Once You've Ruled Out God" Review: Right Turns
Nitpickers, for lack of a better word (Sorry Mr. Hewitt Wolfe ;-)), could say about this episode that it was again the best known guest actor who turned out to be the culprit.

But to be honest, isn't that true for a lot of movies and series? And by the way nobody ever complained about that on Columbo, which by the way I didn't like much as you always knew the villain from the beginning.

I hope you agree with me that the case of the week was very well written and that the subplot didn't disappoint either.

The episode contained some great moments between Holmes and Watson that showed how well they know and how deeply they trust one another, something that was sorely missed last Season although I think the rift was necessary.

If you have followed this community for a while you might know that ...Read more
back across the pond
Sep 27, 2013
Elementary Season 2 Premiere Review: Home Again, Home Again
Holmes and Watson kicked off Season 2 with a trip to London to help a washed-up Lestrade. Oh, and Mycroft is living in 221B.
were you Surprised by the big reveal?
May 17, 2013
Elementary Season 1 Finale Review: "Menage a Trois With Moriarty"
Together, "The Woman" and "Heroine" basically served as a standalone movie.
May 02, 2014
Elementary "Paint It Black" Review: To Everyone He Meets, He Stays a Stranger
Sherlock and Mycroft teamed up to find Joan and a missing Swiss banker. However, not everything was what it seemed.
daddy issues
Jun 03, 2015
Elementary Has Found Sherlock's Father and He Looks a Lot Like John Noble
The Fringe star is coming off a two-season arc on Sleepy Hollow.
hello faddah
Nov 06, 2015
Elementary Season 4 Premiere Review: But Who Will Save You?
On the outs with all professional law enforcement agencies, Sherlock attempted to solve a case to save Joan's career in the season premiere.
limb thief!
May 09, 2014
Elementary "Art in the Blood" Review: For Your Own Good
While Joan dealt with the fallout of last week's episode, Sherlock went on the hunt for the murderer of an ex-MI-6 analyst.
A 'so many questions' moment
Nov 15, 2013
Elementary "Blood Is Thicker" Review: Family Plots
A twisty-turny murder involved a Steve Jobs-esque computer titan, but who cares? MYCROFT IS PLOTTING THINGS.
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