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Oh hey, Moriarty!
Jan 11, 2013
Elementary "M." Review: Now We're Getting Somewhere!
This episode was genuinely engrossing, laid down a promising foundation for the rest of the series, and at long last proved to us that Watson wants to be here.
No More Sober Companion Yay!
Feb 15, 2013
Elementary "Details" Review: Why Watson and Sherlock Can Never Hook Up
"Details" stayed just this side of making Sherlock's offer of an apprenticeship romantic, and it's my fervent hope that they can continue to develop the unique Watson-and-Sherlock, platonically-in-love vibe.
Oct 13, 2013
A Life Worth Living
Ever since Moonlighting, detective couples on TV have been actual couples dating through their cases, trying their best to avoid the settled stage Bones, Castle or The Mentalist only achieve in its final seasons. No character ever questioned their passion for work because the writers used it as euphemism for actual passion for one another.

Elementary, on the other hand, chose to focus on a domestic partnership that doesn't feel threaten to explore a life of meaning: Joan shouldn't be the only one who knows Sherlock, he shouldn't be the only one who gets to wake her up every morning - a point cleverly made with Clyde's assistance - they shouldn't have to cut off themselves from the rest of the world to be engaged in creating a life that's actually worth living in.


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Oct 05, 2012
Elementary "While You Were Sleeping" Review: Studio Notes on Sherlock
We guess what CBS told the producers of the new procedural to enhance/get rid of in the all-important second episode.
what an earful
Mar 07, 2014
Elementary "Ears to You" Discussion: Who's Got Your Back?
Misdirection is the name of the game in this week's solid episode.
Sep 04, 2013
The End of the Bromance: Elementary on the female character
Up until the introduction of Joan Watson, the role had been traditionally a male character: a sidekick, a Doctor and a friend. A character that exists only to offer support rather than to lead the investigation.

Any take on the bromance, made the audience invested in the cases rather than the pre-established dynamic of Holmes and Watson. Their friendship was a given and the writers didn't bother to construct or deconstruct the dynamic at hand.

Elementary refused to play along, using the female gender to create a balanced partnership in which the characters of Watson and Holmes didn't compete for the alpha male role, but complemented their strenghts and weaknesses in an affectionate intimacy between equals.

She was not the only one, for familiar names such as Ms Hudson and Moriarty were given new backstories that played with the viewers expectations because of their gender, and created one ...Read more
Give Us Moriarty!
Nov 30, 2012
Elementary "The Long Fuse" Review: Good Mystery! Now Quit Second-guessing Holmes and Pretending Watson's Gonna Leave
"The Long Fuse" gave us one of the better puzzles the show has put together so far, if not the best.
happy spring!
Apr 05, 2013
Elementary "Snow Angels" Review: Is It Still Snowing Where You Live? (Other Than That, a Pleasant Episode)
After Elementary's long hiatus, watching a blizzard episode in April was a bit disorienting. But "Snow Angels" was still an enjoyable (if chilly) return to form.
Not Your Best Work, Show
Jan 04, 2013
Elementary "Dirty Laundry" Review: Holmesland
This week, Sherlock Holmes did something I truly didn’t expect: He smoked out a nest of Russian spies.
where u at, natalie dormer?
May 03, 2013
Elementary "A Landmark Story" Review: Come on, Irene!

Elementary S01E21: "A Landmark Story"

I barely endured another 100 percent Natalie Dormer-free episode of Elementary. The episode was great, don't get me wrong! Just every minute I expected to FINALLY see her and JLM talking sexily in British accents to each other about brainy stuff. Still, despite her absence, Irene infused this week's episode, which lent a ton of credence to the theory already espoused by several of you apt commenters that Irene Adler IS Moriarity. I know the producers assured us Irene Adler was dead, but remember when the Revenge showrunner swore up and down that Daniel was really killed in that show's Season 1 premiere? Sometimes Paleyfest is a NEST OF LIES. And pardon my conjecture, but perhaps the writers will justify their fibs by saying the "persona" of Irene Adler died when she took the reins of Crime Impresario Moriarty.

It would give ...

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