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where u at, natalie dormer?
May 03, 2013
Elementary "A Landmark Story" Review: Come on, Irene!

Elementary S01E21: "A Landmark Story"

I barely endured another 100 percent Natalie Dormer-free episode of Elementary. The episode was great, don't get me wrong! Just every minute I expected to FINALLY see her and JLM talking sexily in British accents to each other about brainy stuff. Still, despite her absence, Irene infused this week's episode, which lent a ton of credence to the theory already espoused by several of you apt commenters that Irene Adler IS Moriarity. I know the producers assured us Irene Adler was dead, but remember when the Revenge showrunner swore up and down that Daniel was really killed in that show's Season 1 premiere? Sometimes Paleyfest is a NEST OF LIES. And pardon my conjecture, but perhaps the writers will justify their fibs by saying the "persona" of Irene Adler died when she took the reins of Crime Impresario Moriarty.

It would give ...

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good friday
Mar 25, 2016
CBS Renews 11 Series, but Not Supergirl, Limitless, and Others... Yet
Things don't look good for CSI: Cyber, Criminal Minds, and The Odd Couple.
if it ain't broke...
May 11, 2015
CBS Renews Person of Interest, The Good Wife, and 13 More, But Not CSI
Most of CBS's shows will be back, but one big franchise might be dead.
actual sci-fi on syfy!!
Apr 12, 2014
News Briefs: Syfy Orders The Expanse, a Space Opera from the Writers of Children of Men
Plus: Jimmy Kimmel goes Behind the Scandalabra, there's a new woman in Mike's life on Suits, and Sharknado 2 wants your money.
not gone yet
Feb 13, 2014
News Briefs: House of Cards' David Fincher Is Remaking Utopia at HBO
Plus: Donal Logue's moving to Gotham, Will Forte is the Last Man on Earth, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's getting Shameless.
Oct 19, 2012
Elementary "Child Predator" Review: Good Episode, But We Could Have Done Without the Kid Murder
Aside from the regrettable content of the mystery, the way it was handled and the dynamic between Watson and Sherlock showed real growth and promise.
Friendly Advice
Sep 27, 2012
Hey, Should I Watch Elementary?
Benedict Cumberbatch has already lambasted the Colonists for daring to make an American version of Sherlock. So should you tempt the fates and watch it? Let's discuss.
Brought to You By the Microsoft Surface
Dec 07, 2012
Elementary "You Do It to Yourself" Review: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!
Revenge-suiciding is just so preposterously awful as a murder-mystery concept that this entire episode was a stretch, even if Watson was more involved in the proceedings.
Not a Fan of This Episode, Guys
Nov 16, 2012
Elementary Review: The Seven Deadly Sins of "One Way to Get Off"
The seven deadly boring sins, I should say.
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