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Nerdy by nature
Oct 21, 2018
What it means to be gifted
It is a tradition for a few years now that I write a post about the recently finished Season of Elementary.
This time it will be a little bit different as the topic will not be directly related to the Season but to the Series as a whole and even further than that: Giftedness and especially gifted adults.
I have long hesitated to talk about that subject because I don't want to be seen as arrogant or immodest. I am neither of that but during my life I have been confronted with so many misconceptions that I just have to try to explain what living as a gifted person means.
I am not sure if I will be able to do it because same as you (unless you are gifted yourself) can't know how a gifted brain works I don't know what it is like to have ...
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Looking for clues
Mar 23, 2014
Why Sherlock might suffer from an Anxious (Avoidant) Personality Disorder
Solving Sherlock - This puzzle surely is fascinating!
What are you worth?
Feb 21, 2015
Elementary Review: "When Your Number's Up"
When I watched the sneak peek for this episode I already knew what I would like to write about. The short excerpt was enough to make my mind up and even the song that I am going to finish with popped into my head immediately. Maybe it’s because the question preoccupies me since I was a child

“What is the value of a human life and how can the lives of some people obviously be considered more worth than others?”

I appreciate that Elementary often deals with questions of morality or dilemmas of society. And this week it was an especially controversial one. Hats off to Bob Goodman for how he handled it.

But first things first: The plot.

The CBS preview stated that “When Your Number’s Up” would be different and indeed it was. For the first time we knew from the beginning who the killer was ...Read more
plan your tv
Jun 24, 2014
CBS Announces Fall 2014 Premiere Dates for The Good Wife, Big Bang Theory, Stalker, POI , and More
Break out your day planners, because things are getting messy at CBS thanks to the addition of Thursday Night Football.
are you ready for some football?
May 14, 2014
CBS's 2014-2015 Schedule: The Big Bang Theory, CSI, NCIS: LA, and The Amazing Race Are All on the Move
Plus: Two and a Half Men, The Millers, and new comedy The McCarthys won't debut until after football season.
Letting Down Masks
Jan 31, 2015
Review "The One That Got Away"
If there is anybody out there who was left untouched by the last scene then something must be wrong with that person.
I don’t think I have seen many scenes that were more moving than this one.
Thank you, Mr. Miller, for this extraordinary moment.
It was the first time we got a glimpse of Sherlock without any mask. We were shown what he gets like when there is nothing and no one to sustain him. Seeing him there slumped in a chair, crying was absolutely gut-wrenching.

When you think about it, the whole episode dealt with letting down masks.

At the end of last episode Kitty discovered that it was Joan’s boss who abducted and raped her.
Joan brings her back to the brownstone, helping her to find some rest.
When she gets down Sherlock waits for her and raises the question if Kitty could be right ...Read more
Season Pass or Fail?
Nov 07, 2012
The 4-Episode Test, Fall 2012 Edition, Part 2: Arrow, Elementary, The Mindy Project, and More

It's been a hell of a fall season so far, hasn't it? Typically by the time we get to this point (omg how is it November already?), half of the new fall shows have already been canceled. But somehow only two freshmen series out of 21 total have gotten the axe—so which ones do we think are going strong, and which ones would we've killed weeks ago? We started to answer that question just over a week ago with the first installment of our patented 4-Episode Test, and now we're back with round two.

Episode ratings are out of five stars.


Episode 1: ★★★★ Episode 2: ★★ Episode 3: ★★★ Episode 4: ★★

Verdict: Keep watching.

While by no means the best new drama of the fall season (hi there, Last Resort!), Arrow offers fun, comic book-y fare plus Stephen Amell doing parkour and, oftentimes, not wearing a ...

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One is the lonliest number
Feb 07, 2015
Review "Hemlock"
I was well aware that it would be difficult for the writer of this week’s episode to deliver a story with a quality that could compare to the ones before. So I didn’t place high hopes on it, but still got disappointed in the end. This was mostly due to that commonplace ending.
But I will come back to that later.

Let’s start with the positive aspects as there were quite a few of them.

The story was interesting and well written. I liked the realism of it. I didn’t know before that it is possible in the US to sell debts to other companies, who get their profit out of it by collecting them themselves, but as the personal debts add up to more than two trillion Dollars( a figure with 13 digits) as Sherlock states, it doesn’t surprise me at all. The episode ...Read more
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