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"I've come to appreciate the premise of partnership. It's far more intricate that I could have imagined. The very smallest gesture can speak volumes." - Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes

For a man who believes marriage has outlasted its usefulness, the ultimate advocator of domestic partnership can't resist to help Captain Gregson out of a trial separation from his wife.

One can tell from the start affection isn't the problem between them; Mrs. Gregson asks the police to protect "Tommy" after she reduces the man looking for her husband, the Captain goes through the trouble to give her the man-hating-dog in order to send a message. And, as Holmes pointed out, his wife goes through the trouble to make diner for the one man Gregson hates, in order to get his attention.

For a man who believes domestic partnership is no better than a trial separation, Gregson also helps out Holmes and, much like the man-hating-dog, the most loathed piece of furniture is used to tell Watson the same message as the Captain to his wife: someone listens.


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It was a neat contrast with the culrit too, Beth only wanted to comit the perfect crime, so she registers her husband as the new partner over the last one.

Gregon, on the other hand, only wanted to stay married so he didn't quite register the separation for what it was until his wife starts making dinner for another man.
An episode of sentimental gestures
I like Gregson's point of view: either you are married or you are not. There's no middle ground for him, which is why he doesn't get Holmes and didn't quite realize he had to make a gesture.
Yep! You understand the guy, with next to no hammering of the cliche and little effort you feel instantly familiar with this lifelong NYPD cop and his wife of many years and Aidan Quinn can knock into gear when he has to in the short space of time he's given, been a fan of his since Reckless.
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