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Elementary: "Ears to You" (S02E17)

So, last week's post was successful enough for me, engagement-wise, to keep doing these little discussion starters, so let's get to it, shall we?


Sorry. That was my reaction to a lady growing/cultivating ears on her back.

That mild squicking out aside (and, frankly, it was worth it), the case of the week was probably one of the stronger ones that I can recall in recent memory. It was certainly more exciting a case than last week's, and less easy to predict the outcome than "Corpse de Ballet" (which I still enjoyed overall). The pleasure of the case, as in all good mysteries, was in the misdirection. The episode did a solid job with reasonable red herrings, from Cushing's own ransom dealings a few years earlier to the hair brush bit with the escort. It all piled up nicely without tipping over into absurdity so that by the time the dead end in the case had been reached, you were stuck as much as Sherlock was.

However, also like all good mysteries, the clue and answer we needed was hidden in plain sight for us on that newscast as well as the mention of Sarah/Allison have a touch of work done prior to that. I figured out that her plastic surgeon husband was involved somehow (nice of the show not to allow him to make an appearance; it would've been too much of a tip off) as Sherlock was staring at the files, but before he got the banana reward for his breakthrough. That Sarah/Allison developed the ears on her back, well, that I did not see coming.

Lestrade stuck around which I also didn't expect. I thought him needing a place to stay at the end of last week's episode was just a quick gag to round out that story, but Elementary decided to commit to and give Lestrade a little rehabilitation. Like with last week, this subplot had the benefit for being complementary to the main plot in that it was also buried with bits of misdirection for us as the audience.

Why do I suggest this? Well, the "Previously On..." made use of Sherlock doing an impersonation though there was no reason to do this since Sherlock didn't do an impersonation during the episode. So when Lestrade broke the case of his mugging too simply (I loved the composed a limerick while waiting), Shawn went down like a sack of potatoes, and then Lestrade "found" the feather, we, like Lestrade, were primed to see Sherlock as having a hand in Lestrade's case. Compound it with Sherlock's insistence that Joan not help Lestrade, and it's nicely executed misdirection again.

So, all in all, a solid episode. What'd you all think about it?

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