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So Sherlock surrendered himself to the FBI.
This may seem a surprising move but when you consider everything that has happened in the first two episodes it becomes rather logical. It also gave me the title and topic for my review.

Last week Sherlock said that he liked it in London, that that was the place where he wanted to be, because it meant something to him.

Well, it is his home, is what you might say.
But is it really?
To get an answer to that, we first need a definition of the term „home“.

In my opinion there are two and they are the reason why Sherlock is torn between London and New York.

1. Home is the place where you were born and raised

It cannot be denied that your origin plays an important role in the development of how you see and experience the world.
You are influenced by your family, your neighbourhood, your friends, your teachers, the town you live in, your country and even the continent.

Being familiar with the customs and culture of a place makes us feel safe and comfortable.
That’s why we call it home.
Here’s one example for that from my personal experience that I talked about with someone from Canada last year.
In the US you have flags waving everywhere, you even pledge allegiance to it. The National Anthem is sung on a lot of occasions.
In Europe and especially in Germany we only take out flags on special occasions (mostly for the Football World Cup).
On ordinary days, with very few exceptions, you only see them on official government buildings. The National Anthem is only sung on International sports events and very special National political events.
This is only one example and probably not even an important one that shows the cultural differences that exist so it is no wonder that Joan has difficulties adjusting to her life in London.
For Sherlock it is the other way around. In the US he is always the Brit. There are several examples in the series where people refer to that negatively.

But I think there is also another reason why London is important to Sherlock.
It is the place where he spent the few years of his life he felt safe and loved.
Even though his mother has died a long time ago, somewhere in his brain the positive emotions connected to her are still there.
This takes us to the second definition:

2. Home are the people that you love and that love you


„You said in London that you missed it here.“


„Yes, but…“


„Stay. Make sure there is no more danger, no active terror cell.“

„What about you?“

„ I could stay, too.“

„No. No, there is no way. There is no way I’m going to stay here with you and worry the whole time that you are going to get arrested.“

„Then I’ll go. You can do what you’ve been pretending to do the last few days:
 keep me apprised in London and I will help you from there.“

„Are you sure?“

„No. But what choice do we have?“

Well, we know how it ended.
Why did he do it? - Because of what happened at the hospital.

Sherlock goes to Gregson, because Joan had convinced him to.
He always relies on her advice although he is sometimes reluctant to do so.
When he stands at the Captain’s bed he is still not sure that what he does makes any sense but obviously the more he talks the more he realises how relieving it is.

Then Paige enters and asks him astonished how he got past the guard at the door.
There is no negative vibe in her voice at all and still Sherlock believes that she means that he is not welcome.
Not being wanted is so deeply engraved in his mind that he cannot interpret the message correctly.

Paige, as perceptive as she is, notices that and puts a very friendly tone into her voice.
It is exactly what Sherlock needs at that moment.
She ensures him that he was sorely missed by her husband and that he is loved.

This probably makes Sherlock realise that no matter how much he likes the place where he comes from, it will be very difficult to ever fully feel at home there again.
The relationship with the DCI in London was a purely professional and rather chilly one. Like Mycroft had once said to Joan, Sherlock only had colleagues in London but never any friends. 

If Sherlock returned to London without Joan he would be utterly lonely.
All the people he cares about and who care about him live in New York.

In my opinion this factor is much more important to consider a place your home than the place itself.

You can live nearly everywhere as long as you are among the right people.
I hope you have found such a place. Sherlock obviously has.
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Jun 07, 2019
Your explanation of the two differences of home is spot on. As much as Sherlock was born in england and it is his home, his real home is with Joan and his friends in NY.

How they will continue should be interesting, having seen the previews for the next episode, which I feel revealed maybe too much, but I think we can trust these writers to give us some interesting spin on what little the preview revealed.
London just was not feeling quite the same in the first episode and I thought it would take some time to adjust to it and now the show is quickly returning to NY and I do not think I will be complaining about that. It would be interesting to see if they follow up on a few things from previous seasons, like Sherlock's father and Mortiarty. Time will tell.
As always, good review, looking forward to the next.
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