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This will be a very short review without much preparation as there were two new episodes this week and I still have to watch the second one.
Nevertheless I want to write down a few thoughts as the episode raised some issues I don't want to sweep under the rug as they are too important to me. Sorry if this is more of a spew than a real review but I just have to speak my mind.

When Sherlock comes home he crosses paths with detective Grimes. He asks Sherlock about the scuba gear. We don't know the significance of the character at that moment but in hind side the scene is symptomatic for Sherlock's regular experience with other people and the experience of a lot of gifted individuals especially kids in general.
Sherlock explains to Grimes that he needed the equipment to check on an experiment and even makes a joke about it but the only reaction he gets from the detective is:

"I have to go to work. We'll talk soon, okay."

Translation: I am not the least interested in what you are talking about . You annoy me.

I know that the enthusiasm and behaviour of gifted people can be strenuous sometimes but if you are not interested in a conversation with them or if it annoys you, then just don't ask them what they are doing or tell them honestly when it gets too much for you. Everything else is utterly unfair and hurtful.
It was no surprise that Sherlock had to let off steam afterwards. He is lucky that Joan bears his moods with so much patience.

Another thing that made me think was the story of the boy in prison.
He tells Bell and Watson that he had only stolen the skull because he got bullied and beaten at school and was desperately looking for something to stop his ordeal.
No one in the whole process bothered to ask why he had done what he had done; not his teachers, not the police, not Gabriel Rojas, not the judge. They just branded him as a criminal and practitioner of the cult of Palo Mayombe and put him in jail.
In reality he was the victim and should not be in prison at all.
I appreciate that the writers address the issue of bullying on a regular basis. It is important to raise awareness and to remind people to pay attention and ask for the reasons of strange behaviour of children or teenagers instead of judging them quickly.

I entitled this review with Notice of Failure because although the culprit got caught a lot of things in the episode did not end well.
The rum company succeeded in intimidating the leader of the movement. She decided to give up the fight and disappear. The pictures are not proof enough to hold the company accountable for the attacks and it is doubtful wether the remaining workers will have the courage to continue. It seems business has won over workers' rights.

Sherlock's attempt to find a replacement for Bell has failed too.
The woman he considered suitable did not win Gregson's approval.
It will be difficult if not impossible to find another detective to work with Sherlock and Joan.

There are two main reasons for that:

1. Bell is a victim of abuse like Sherlock. They had the same motivation for becoming a detective. Bell's own experience also helps him to understand Sherlock's sometimes weird behaviour.

2. Marcus is very smart and the detectives have got a similar sense of humour as we got shown in this episode when Bell told the councilman that the pictures he would get to see could be called "hairraising" and Sherlock reacting to Joan switching off the lights in the living room with the comment that that would be how a bat would look at the problem.

It was nice to see Bell realising that Sherlock was feeling down and trying to lift up his mood.
The scene was beautiful and sad at the same time as it cast a light on the fact that Sherlock is currently losing one social contact after another.

Moriarty doesn't write to him anymore, although it is questionable if this is bad or good. His brother, one of the few people who were able to understand him,is dead, Bell is leaving for the U.S. Marshals and Joan considers adoption. Not to forget that he also still hasn't got a sponsor.
The two attempts he made lately to gain new contacts ended in being assaulted and injured by one and used as some kind of toy by the other who on top turned out to be a serial killer.

Here ends the review.
I am curious about your thoughts on the episode.
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Sep 13, 2018
That's a great way to stay up and fight back with failures.
Aug 15, 2018
Nice insight, and it will be interesting to see where the season goes as Bell's time will be coming to an end. I do not think I have anything to add to your comments, but it is interesting to see how much a reflection of the real world this show has shown, for it does seem often the bad guys win in the real world. Though as I have aged, i find that while individuals can be good, when it comes to what you see as a whole most of it is evil, from companies to politicians and even unions go over that line to evil all too often.

As for the Bell leaving, I get more and more the feeling that Sherlock will have to trust Gregson to find someone they can work with and just hope it works out as well as it did with Bell.
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