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You don't need a dead body to construct an interesting case.
This is the first thing this episode proved plus that there is so much inspiration in real life that you never run out of material for original stories, at least when you know your job, what Robert Hewitt Wolfe obviously does.

The Incel community currently got into focus because several men who committed mass killings claimed to be part of that group.
In November 2017 the platform Reddit closed down a forum with about 40.000 members because some of them stated that rape was not a crime but rather an inconvenience or that being friends with "femoids" was useless if you couldn't have sex with them.

If you are interested to know more, here is the link to the wikipedia article which is quite well founded and extensive. It also contains an explanation of the term Black Pill.

A site similar to the Black Pill 4 U site in the episode really exists by the way and not even in the dark net. I stumbled over it when I looked up the term. It's called OmegaVirginRevolt.

The story of Kyle Spikowski shows how easy websites, that spread hate, radicalise young unstable men and turn them into terrorists. Kyle at first only visited the website to express his frustration with the fact that Maria didn't love him back. He didn't hate women in general. In the end he calls them "sluts", steals the guns of his neighbour and plans to gun down women in a gym.

You could say now this is all fault of the internet. Yes, maybe but think, Spikowski would not have been arrested by the police before he could hurt anyone if Derek Clary had not grown concerned that the woman he chatted with every day suddenly didn't answer.

In music this would be called a bridge as it leads to the topic I want to focus on: friendship

When Clary is unable to reach his internet friend, he engages a detective to find out if everything is alright with her. He doesn't tell Joan the whole truth, but he must be aware that it is likely that the reason why he knows Maria will get out. He puts responsibility over his own interests and with that saves the lives of two people or even more when you also count the coincidental arrest of Kyle Spikowski.
Do you remember? Sherlock did the same thing once when he couldn't reach an internet acquaintance. Unfortunately the guy was already dead. It's how Sherlock and Joan got into possession of Clyde.

Talking about Sherlock, his recommendation of Bell to the U.S. Marshalls is a prime example for what friendship means.

He enjoys working with Marcus and he is the first detective that he really cares about and who cares about him. He also knows that Bell has to move on soon, because the longer he waits the more unlikely a promotion gets. Sherlock's empathy and people reading skills tell him that Marcus would not consider to change his life on his own. He feels comfortable in the position he is, but as Sherlock states to Joan "you have to take risks in order to be the best version of yourself".
So he decides to give Marcus a push, although letting the detective go will hurt him profoundly.

Friendship means wanting the best for your friend regardless of your own feelings.

By the way, did you notice that Bell in the conversation with the convict solely refers to Sherlock as his friend not as his colleague as he used to do.

Another important aspect of friendship is loyalty and getting one's priorities right on that.

Bud Granville does not want to be a snitch, he wants to be an honourable criminal (if this is possible anyway) but in the end he decides that his marriage and his mistress are more important to him than that. A win-win-win situation as Bell calls it.

The third thing that is essential in a friendship is knowing your friend well and understand them.

Marcus knows that Sherlock has got difficulties with changes, doesn't trust easily and often gets rejected, because of his sometimes weird behaviour. So he immediately tells him about his decision to apply for the Marshall Service and that he will be leaving in about six months. He wants to give him time to adapt to the situation and maybe already look for a substitute. Sherlock answers that a six months notice is more than fair, but when you consider that he was not able to find a new sponsor in three years than six months will hardly be enough to find a replacement for Marcus.

Additional thoughts:

Marcus proved that Sherlock was right about him making a good Marshall. When he reaches out to Suffolk PD for the arrest of Moncada he suggests to them to arrest him on the street but they decide to arrest him at his home. Although knowing better Bell respects that it is their jurisdiction and stays calm when the attempt leads to the death of the suspect.

The Trebuchet case:
I recently spent some time in New York City and while you are there you will at least once a day be confronted with the slogan "If you see something, say something." It is an appeal to everybody to keep their eyes open and report things to the authorities that seem out of the ordinary.
I think it is important to show civil courage, even if people think that you are stupid as obviously the people on the other end of the phone do when Sherlock tells them of the Trebuchet that is used to smuggle drugs over the border and that killed an innocent woman.
Sherlock persists and tells them that they have to look for the device before another person dies. Doing that is probably easier when people consider you stupid anyway but I think that the well-being of your fellow humans is more important than your personal reputation.

Picture by Grendelkhan [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
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