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I have written reviews for Elementary since the beginning of Season 3.

This is my penultimate text. I am no professional writer of any kind so most if not all of my reviews didn’t follow any standards.
They were just the expression of my thoughts about an extraordinary series that
besides one ending and one episode that I didn’t like never disappointed my expectations.
„Reichenbach falls“ was no exception.

From the beginning of the series we got an insight into what made Sherlock the person he is and it was clear from the beginning that the early loss of his mother (although we didn’t know for sure until the middle of Season 4) and the dysfunctional relationship with his father played an important role.

As Sherlock said in this episode, Morland had turned his back on his wife when she struggled with addiction and neglected his children when they desperately would have needed a father.
They experienced him as a strange, cold and distant person who obviously didn’t understand what being a father meant or even worse didn’t know how to love at all.
As it resulted in Sherlock being utterly alone for most of his life it is no wonder that he was never able to forgive him for what he had done to them.

In the episode „T-Bone and the Iceman“ in Season three Sherlock had said:

„Family is the tie that binds, but while one end undergirds human civilisation the other one is a noose that chokes away your individuation.“
Sherlock Holmes
Now, after Morland got killed, he realises that despite everything that has happened between them he still loved his father, that even though a noose can choke you it also offers a hold.

It was moving to see how hard Sherlock took the death of his father, how he got more depressed and more hopeless with every new lead that came to nothing.
In that situation the value of Joan Watson in his life becomes once more obvious.

After he receives the news of his father’s death Sherlock’s brain isn’t capable to deal with the impact and he gets into a dissociative state. Joan gets him out of it by calmly repeating his name until he finally reacts again. After that she doesn’t leave him out of sight anymore, checking on him regularly.
Sherlock is well aware of how much he needs her support.
I think it is one of the reasons why he had difficulties to decide if he was up to take matters into his own hands the way he finally did.

Although Joan is probably in on the plan, it can’t have been easy for her to embrace it.
It means Sherlock will be cut off from any contact to her and all other people close to him for a very long time which in his case is tantamount to nearly complete isolation. He will not be able to work either as this would in all likelihood expose him.
What he has left are recovery meetings but as it is never easy for him to get used to new places and people it remains a dangerous mixture regarding his mental health and subsequently his sobriety.
This takes us to the final scene.

In Canon after the incidents in Switzerland Sherlock Holmes also escaped to Florence but soon afterwards left for Tibet and then went on to Norway and several other places.
I think, regarding „Elementary“ Sherlock’s anxiety issues and proneness to motion sickness we can assume that he won’t start travelling around the world, too.
Also, who buys a flat when he plans to leave the city soon? But we will see.
By the way, I have to express a little criticism here: The word „flat“ in Italian „apartamento“ is a male noun which means that Sherlock should have said „lo prendo“ not „la prendo“ unless he wanted to buy the whole house which would be „la casa“. (Forgive me, but I just couldn’t help myself :-))

Speaking of the flat, it immediately occurred to me that the design of it didn’t match Sherlock’s taste at all. It would much rather have been Morland’s choice.
It seemed that as soon as the estate agent opened the door to the balcony and revealed the beautiful view over the city Sherlock got hit by a pang of grief what resulted in the puzzled question of the woman if he didn’t like it.
Sherlock’s effort to give her a reassuring smile while his utterly sad eyes revealed his true state of mind was touching.

It took three years until the original Sherlock Holmes returned home.
We will see next week in the Series finale how long it will be for this one.

Photo © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas
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