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Had you asked me yesterday if I was happy that there will be a Season 7 I would have wholeheartedly answered that question with

Well, somehow I still am, because, let's be honest, there is currently no other TV show that could hold a candle to Elementary. I remember that a few years ago I enjoyed watching three or four different series.

Now there is only one left.
All the new shows were either highly disappointing to me or broadcast on streaming channels that I didn't subscribe to.

To be fair, the standards that Elementary has set in writing as well as in the excellence of its cast will be difficult to replicate but if there was a channel courageous enough to give quality TV a chance I am pretty sure the viewing figures would not be too bad, as there is an audience that cherishes well written and acted stories even if those people might not be the most relevant group when it comes to commercials.

So why has my enthusiasm changed to mixed feelings?

Because of the ending. It was just perfect, exactly how I always wanted Elementary to end and in fact it was also what the writers had in mind because at the time the episode was written and produced the team didn't know that there would be a Season 7.

In addition to that Season 6 was in my opinion one of the best if not the best of all. There was not a single episode that I would consider inferior to the others. All 21 stories were equally compelling. I start to wonder how this can be topped or could even reach the same measure.

I have decided for now that being content about getting more stories about my favourite detective duo outweighs my fear that the next Season might be disappointing and so I am looking forward to next Season. We will see how it will all play out.

I can't leave you though without having talked about one scene as it was one of the best of the entire series: The confrontation between Gregson and Sherlock.

I don't know if you were able to pay any attention to the state of Gregson's house when he arrives. Everything is scattered across the floor. The house is an absolute mess, even the kitchen. Cushions are turned inside out, tables knocked over and even the pictures on the walls are hanging crookedly.
Sherlock obviously had problems wrapping his head around the fact that the man he had always held in very high regards and who was one of his closest friends had betrayed him of sorts. He wanted to believe that he had really made a copy of the security footage and not just destroyed evidence so he looked for it. The longer he looked the more he realised that there was no copy and he lost himself, something we have already seen before for example in Season 2 where he bashed in the window in the studio of the serial killer and in Season 3 with Oscar.
It is nothing Sherlock could be blamed for as it is a symptom of his condition of Complex PTSD.
It is clear that Gregson knows that because he doesn't make any comment whatsoever about the chaos.
He also knows that Sherlock often blames himself for things he is not in any way responsible for.
In last episode he even took him out of a situation where he punished himself.

That makes what happens next even more incomprehensible.

It is understandable that Gregson is devastated about his daughter being a killer and you could even understand that he wants to protect her, but pointing the finger to Sherlock for everything that happened is utterly unfair and cruel.
What makes it even more brutal is the fact that the person who always supported Sherlock and even stood up against his father now treats Sherlock the same way Morland does.

You can hear in Sherlock's voice that he is crying when he leaves the room after having fought back the tears during the whole conversation. I can't remember anybody hurting Sherlock the way Gregson does in that scene, not even his dad and that is saying something.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon in real life to blame the victim for becoming a victim.

It will take a lot from Gregson's side to heal that rift especially because Sherlock took the fall for him in spite of it all.

What did you think about "Whatever remains, However improbable..."?

See you next year!
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