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CBS (ended 2019)
In the first scene Sherlock says to Joan Watson at some point:

„The angle is more critical than the speed.“

I don‘t know if it was on purpose but this quote serves as an excellent starting point for a review. Sorry that it comes so late again but I am on holiday and didn‘t find the time to watch the episode before yesterday evening. I hope you still enjoy it.

There are two things connected to the quote that I want to talk about.

The first thing is the attitude of the M.E. who had examined the body of Regina Volodka.
Regina had a history of drug addiction so when she was found with a heroin overdose as cause of death the M.E. didn‘t pay attention to her work anymore.
Otherwise you can’t explain why she missed the taser marks and the fact that Regina had given birth to a child the day she had died while it took Joan Watson only a short look at the report to come to the conclusion that Regina had been murdered.
Had she done her work properly, Regina probably would have gotten justice much earlier and her sister and Baxter Lim could still be alive but you can judge from the way the M.E. talks that she considers drug addicts as people you don’t need to treat with respect.
It is very understandable that Gregson gets so angry with her. As he has a daughter who is an alcoholic and a close friend who is a heroin addict who both put a lot of work into keeping their sobriety he knows that addicts may have a problem but that they are no lesser human beings. They deserve the same respect and attention as any other person.

The second point are the different angles from which Sherlock and Odin approach crime prevention.

While Reichenbach considers killing potential killers to prevent them from comitting the crimes as the best way to tackle the issue Sherlock‘s point of view is a completely different one.
He believes that the best way to prevent crimes is to find out what brings a person to consider commiting a murder and helping them find a better way to deal with their problem than killing someone.

In his eyes nobody has the right to take the life of another person especially not when that person has not committed any actual crime.
He states that not every person who considers killing someone really does so in the end and that not everybody who does research on guns or on people he hates on the internet plans their demise.
No matter which of the two angles you prefer, the fact that Sherlock‘s efforts failed in the end and what Odin Reichenbach claimed to be the proof that his approach was the correct one, in reality revealed the most dangerous flaw in the mogul‘s method to identify potential killers.
As accurate as your analyzes may be and as thorough as it gets, it is always possible to draw the wrong conclusions. You cannot look into a person‘s head by looking at their online history.
Researches and actions, although the connections between them seem strikingly obvious, can still be unrelated. A big part of a person‘s life (fortunately) still happens offline. It was impossible for Odin and Sherlock to know that it wasn‘t Iwan, Wesley Conrad planned to kill.
The problems he had with his parent‘s were completely hidden to both of them. When Sherlock visited Conrad‘s home and talked to his mother there was not the slightest hint that the relationship was strained.
So in my opinion Sherlock is right to say that it is the job of the police to prevent crimes and to bring people to justice.

In the case of Wesley Conrad, the only ones who maybe could have prevented what happened would have been his parents but obviously they didn‘t suspect anything either.

One last thing.
Odin Reichenbach sarcastically said that Sherlock should have taken the knife too, implying that it was useless to take the gun from Conrad’s house.
If you tend to share his opinion just think for a moment.
It is tragic that his parents are dead but if he had still had his gun, don‘t you consider it possible that his killing spree wouldn‘t have ended with his parents? Killing with a knife is much more difficult then killing with a gun.

A gun can kill a great number of people in a rather short time. Try that with a knife.

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