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Looking for clues
Mar 23, 2014
Why Sherlock might suffer from an Anxious (avoidant) Personality Disorder
Solving Sherlock - This puzzle surely is fascinating!
Nov 03, 2013
Captain Gregson and Unnatural Arrangements
"I've come to appreciate the premise of partnership. It's far more intricate that I could have imagined. The very smallest gesture can speak volumes." - Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes

For a man who believes marriage has outlasted its usefulness, the ultimate advocator of domestic partnership can't resist to help Captain Gregson out of a trial separation from his wife.

One can tell from the start affection isn't the problem between them; Mrs. Gregson asks the police to protect "Tommy" after she reduces the man looking for her husband, the Captain goes through the trouble to give her the man-hating-dog in order to send a message. And, as Holmes pointed out, his wife goes through the trouble to make diner for the one man Gregson hates, in order to get his attention.

For a man who believes domestic partnership is no better than a trial separation ...Read more
Oct 13, 2013
A Life Worth Living
Ever since Moonlighting, detective couples on TV have been actual couples dating through their cases, trying their best to avoid the settled stage Bones, Castle or The Mentalist only achieve in its final seasons. No character ever questioned their passion for work because the writers used it as euphemism for actual passion for one another.

Elementary, on the other hand, chose to focus on a domestic partnership that doesn't feel threaten to explore a life of meaning: Joan shouldn't be the only one who knows Sherlock, he shouldn't be the only one who gets to wake her up every morning - a point cleverly made with Clyde's assistance - they shouldn't have to cut off themselves from the rest of the world to be engaged in creating a life that's actually worth living in.


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Sep 29, 2013
Boys Will Be Boys: The Holmes Brothers
Elementary finally introduces Watson to the brother Sherlock never told her about. "Fattie" invades his sactum sanctorum, reveals the most embarrasing moments of their youth and gets along with their father, which makes the character as relateable as only a real brother would.

Its a treat to watch them rival over Joan, quarrel over life decisions, bicker over just about everything and be emotionally crippled to communicate with each other. I see the family resemblance too, Mycroft nails the earnest whisper move like only a Holmes would, he is uniquely drawn to Watson and his deductive skills prove remarkable to fix things with his brother.

Thing is, Mycroft was ill and, even at his worst, he couldn't bring himself to call Sherlock. He doesn't want that to happen again, ever. And following Watson's advice, he makes sure his brother listens: Sherlock blew up his wedding, so Mycroft ...Read more
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