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Legless lies
Apr 18, 2016
Elementary "Ain't Nothing But The Real Thing" Review - Lie To You
Everybody lies from time to time, be it to protect someone, hide something you did wrong or simply to gain an advantage.

But no matter if your motives are bad or good, you always betray somebody's trust. Otherwise a lie wouldn't work.

"Ain't Nothing But The Real Thing" dealt with that topic in a way that stuck with you.
At the end of the episode there wasn't a single person who profited from all the lies.
A recap of the events will show you what I mean:

Lie No. 1:
Davis Potter
discovers that the property he and his business partner thought was worthless was indeed worth Millions because of a rare species of Ginseng growing on it. He wants all the profit from it and decides not to tell Jared.
Because he fears that Jared would find out, he hires Butch Callahan to kill his ...Read more
Double Feature
Apr 12, 2016
Elementary "All In" - "Art Imitates Art" Review: Framed
As this week two Episodes were shown on one day I decided to put them together in one review.
Mostly out of time-economic reasons.
For me the fact that Elementary is now broadcast on Sundays is unpractical at least. Usually I would watch the show on Friday and write the review on Saturday when I don't have to work. Luckily the last two episodes fell into my holidays, so there was no problem besides that the Holiday Flat didn't have proper Wi-Fi.

So please excuse when the remaining reviews will all be a bit late as I have to watch and write after work.

First I want to say that I liked both episodes for different reasons. The first had a very interesting and spellbinding story-line.
I have to admit that I will have to watch it again to be properly able to assess it. I am sure ...Read more
It is What it is
Mar 28, 2016
Elementary "Ready or Not" Review: Being Prepared
    prepper (definition):
    Someone who believes that a war or disaster will happen soon, and who learns skills and collects food and equipment, in order to be ready for it. (Source: Cambridge Dictionaries Online)

    Preparing this review I realised that I had lots of ideas about which aspects of the episode I would like to discuss and analyse but no clue how I could possibly enter the topic. In fact I still don't so I just keep on writing and see where it leads me. Sorry, if this is not what you expected, but that's life.

    Things don't always turn out the way you expect them to.

    Oh wait! That last sentence gives me something to start with.

    No matter how well you prepare for every eventuality you will never be able to foresee what will happen to you. John Lennon once put this down in a nutshell ...
Read more
good friday
Mar 25, 2016
CBS Renews 11 Series, but Not Supergirl, Limitless, and Others... Yet
Things don't look good for CSI: Cyber, Criminal Minds, and The Odd Couple.
Bitten by a radioactive detective
Mar 22, 2016
Elementary "You've Got Me, Who's Got You" Review: Heroes
"You've Got Me, Who's Got You" was written by Paul Cornell, a British author.
I didn't know him before, so I did a little bit of research.
Besides writing several comics for Marvel and DC including Wolverine stories, he worked for "Casualty" and "Dr. Who" and created the "Shadow Police." So far three novels set in London and belonging to the Urban Fantasy genre exist. The latest one is fittingly called "Who killed Sherlock Holmes?" (to be precise it is his ghost that got eliminated);
An interesting bibliography.
Part of that can be recognised in this episode, that I enjoyed a great deal. I am not that much into Superhero comics but I know enough about this universe to be able to appreciate all the little references and allusions that were woven into the story.

Paul Cornell said on Twitter that it was important to him to ...Read more
Mar 12, 2016
Elementary "Hounded" Review: Doing The Right Thing
"Hounded" was a special episode. It was the first adaption of an actual Conan Doyle story done by this show. I enjoyed it exceedingly. It was fun to look for the allusions to the original novel. I am pretty sure I didn't recognise them all and think I will reread the story and then watch the episode again to be able to fully appreciate the effort Robert Hewitt Wolfe put into it.

The idea of turning the hound into a robodog was interesting and in my opinion worked very well.
It offered the opportunity to address two important issues of the world of science and innovation.
Both appeared while looking for a motive for the murder of Charles Baskerville.

Baskerville owned a bioengineering company occupied with the development of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Their latest work is a dog with jelly fish DNA, glowing in the dark. The director ...Read more
Building Issues
Mar 06, 2016
Elementary "Up To Heaven and Down To Hell" Review: Measures
I admit I was quite sceptical when I read in the Episode summary that the story would be about an old lady who left all her belongings to her dog and the promo, too gave the impression that "Up To Heaven and Down To Hell" might be ridiculous. It was far from that. In fact it was a compelling story where the writers showed their talent to avoid all traps of banality.

Yes I know, it was a corporate killer again, but obviously those deliver the interesting plots and interesting it was for sure. That the culprit was the architect was no surprise to me, somehow I suspected that something was wrong with the statics of the building and that he feared to be exposed.
But despite that fact I didn't get bored a minute. There was so much to read in the scenes and dialogues that my mind ...Read more
I am my mother's son
Feb 28, 2016
Elementary "Who's That Masked Man" Review: Family Matters
A child forsaken, waking suddenly,
Whose gaze afeared on all things round doth rove
And seeth only that it cannot see
The meeting eyes of love
(George Eliot - "Middlemarch" Chapter 20)

When I read this poem some time ago I immediately thought of Sherlock. I chose to begin the review with it, because I think it represents this episode perfectly.

Maybe I should start to worry that this show occupies my thoughts too much, but it can also be seen as a sign that Elementary has so much depth that it is nearly impossible to watch an episode without pondering on it.

In my opinion "Who's That Masked Man" was an especially impressive example for that. Even hours after watching it still preoccupies me.
It stirred something up that I can't explain.
So excuse me when this review isn't as structured as the other ones were.
I ...Read more
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