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"triggers abound"
May 15, 2015
Elementary Season 3 Finale Review: Tracking You
When Alfredo goes missing, Sherlock does everything he can to find him. Everything.
upfronts 2015
May 13, 2015
CBS's 2015-2016 Schedule: CSI Is Ending, Person of Interest Held 'Til Midseason, and Supergirl Mondays
CBS will be comedy-free on Mondays for the first time in decades, and Bradley Cooper will recur on the Limitless adaptation.
if it ain't broke...
May 11, 2015
CBS Renews Person of Interest, The Good Wife, and 13 More, But Not CSI
Most of CBS's shows will be back, but one big franchise might be dead.
"BeE" - knotted
May 08, 2015
Elementary Review "Absconded"
I think nobody will contradict me when I say that this episode was a real buzz.

Gordian Knot
Usually in Elementary a single murder has to be solved; not this time. Absconded dealt with mass murder, a millionfold mass murder in fact.
Everett Keck, a scientist working for the USDA gets killed while inspecting the hives of an apiarist. Somebody has poisoned him by dropping cardboard drenched in cyanide into his smoker. Sherlock, a keen beekeeper himself, is called to the scene by his online community. At first it seems that "Agrinext" might be responsible for the murder, as Everett Keck tried to prove that the Colony Collapse Disorder was caused by their neonicotinoid pesticides. This is by the way really an established theory for the cause of CCD. Then it is revealed that Keck had caused the colony collapse himself on purpose by infesting the hives he visited with ...Read more
You are, in Your own Way, Marcus, a lonelier man than me
May 02, 2015
Elementary Review "The Best Way Out Is Always Through"
Women don't break out of prisons as often as men. Sherlock says it's not because they don't succeed less but because they don't try that often.

I am tempted to say that maybe they are just smarter as breakouts usually don't end well and then only prolong your stay, but that would be politically incorrect. So please forget what I just wrote.

Better concentrate on the topic of this week's episode. Privatization of prisons.
I like that the writers of Elementary often deal with current political issues.
Who else but journalists and writers can denounce grievances that effectively.
Arika Mittman did a great job explaining why privatizing prisons might not be such a good idea.

A judge gets murdered and at first it seems to have been a lovers' quarrel. But the more the detectives investigate the more complicated the story gets. In the ...Read more
LOsing the Sponsor....Winning a Friend
Apr 26, 2015
Elementary Review "Under My Skin"
At first I want to apologize that this review is posted so late. I was away for the weekend and didn't have the possibility to watch the Episode before today.
Next week it will be online on Friday. I promise.

The Title of this episode was a superb choice. It fits in multiple ways. That makes it very easy for me to structure this review.


A woman gets abducted in an ambulance in front of the Emergency entrance of a hospital and the two paramedics who accompany her are murdered. Later the woman is found dead, some organs are missing. It is revealed, that she was used as a drug mule unknowingly. The drugs were planted under her skin by a surgeon in Brazil while she thought she was getting a gastrointestinal bypass.
It was an unspectacular but interesting and conceivable story. I especially liked the ...Read more
A box That does nothing
Apr 18, 2015
Elementary Review: "A Stitch in Time"
The box in "A Stitch in Time" was designed to delay the time of dataflow without changing any of it. I had the same feeling about this week's episode.
It was a well written and interesting story but it offered nearly no character development. It seemed like it was just there to delay the time until we reach the unavoidable Season Finale, which will by the way be focussing on Alfredo, Sherlock's sponsor.

There are two aspects however that I think are worth talking about. As they are not related to each other, I will treat them separately.

First I want to say something about the amazing work of the arts department of Elementary for the scene at the "Church of Modern Atomicism".
What they achieved is magnificent and they deserve some recognition for that. The setting was marvellous and staged with great passion for detail.
Watch the ...Read more
Flutter Crow
Apr 10, 2015
Elementary Review: "One Watson, One Holmes"
Already while watching the episode I realised that writing this review would be a difficult task, especially after one of the comments to my thoughts about "The View from Olympus".

Sorry, Sir or Madam if I am going to annoy you again. I respect your opinion, but I just have to state my point of view on this topic as it was so obviously the main focus of "One Watson, One Holmes". I really appreciate that Robert Hewitt Wolfe, the author of the episode had the courage to write such an explosive story.
It delivers a lot of material to talk about. The most important one is:

Are governmental organisations allowed to use every method to achieve their objective, are they subjected to a different law than the average citizen?

In my opinion they are not and that was the message I gathered from that episode, too.

At the beginning ...Read more
I do what I do because it would hurt too much not to
Apr 05, 2015
Elementary Review: "The View from Olympus"

"This excellent outing explores the sometimes surprising risks posed by omniscience, both to those subjected to its oversight and to those who have its power. The vehicle for the exploration is a murder linked to an information-gathering app — but the story's real subject is Sherlock himself, in an episode that allows the dependably splendid Jonny Lee Miller to give full range to Holmes' outer eccentricities and inner demons, and to take the character from comic to tragic in one smart hour."
Robert Bianco - USA Today

This quote from an advance review to this week's episode hits the nail on the head. And delivers perfect captions for my review.

The Risks of Omniscience

The subject of the main plot is represented by an app of a car sharing company with which it is possible to track the movements of every customer, because as Sherlock states they give up their ...Read more
Family is the tie that binds
Mar 14, 2015
Elementary Review: T-Bone and the Iceman
After watching the episode I wasn't sure how to structure this review.
So I decided to let it be and take counsel of my pillow. It helped.

One particular statement of Sherlock stayed in my mind and the more I thought about it the more it revealed itself as the central aspect of the episode and maybe even more than that, so I decided to focus on it but not without saying something about the first two scenes, because they were remarkable as well.

Apart from the first minute, the entire episode takes place outside the brownstone. No wonder, as there is no electricity, after Sherlock has tried to build a light bulb that could imitate sunlight, what, as he states, would have been revolutionary, because it could help with his mental health problems but just lead to the electric panel in the house being destroyed.
The first two ...Read more
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