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Aug 19, 2019
Elementary "Their Last Bow" Review - Epilogue
This is it.
It is difficult for me to find the right words for this last review.
There are so many thoughts in my head that it is impossible to express them all.
I don’t want to say much about the episode but rather write down my thoughts on the show in general.

But of course there are some things that have to be said.
I am sad that the Series is gone now but I am quite happy about how it ended.
It was touching how Sherlock pretended to be happy, hiding his real feelings like he had done in the very beginning of their acquaintance and Joan being so busy with keeping her illness and her worries from him that she wasn’t able to read between the lines.
It took the life experience of the retired Captain to deduce why Sherlock didn’t want to stay ...
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Family is the tie that binds
Aug 13, 2019
Elementary „Reichenbach Falls“ Review - The beginning of the end
I have written reviews for Elementary since the beginning of Season 3.

This is my penultimate text. I am no professional writer of any kind so most if not all of my reviews didn’t follow any standards.
They were just the expression of my thoughts about an extraordinary series that
besides one ending and one episode that I didn’t like never disappointed my expectations.
„Reichenbach falls“ was no exception.

From the beginning of the series we got an insight into what made Sherlock the person he is and it was clear from the beginning that the early loss of his mother (although we didn’t know for sure until the middle of Season 4) and the dysfunctional relationship with his father played an important role.

As Sherlock said in this episode, Morland had turned his back on his wife when she struggled with addiction and neglected his children ...
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Aug 04, 2019
Elementary "Unfriended" Review - Love will surface eventually
What. An. Episode.
In my opinion it speaks so powerfully for itself that no review can really do it justice.
I will still try to write down some thoughts because there was one scene that deeply impressed me for a number of reasons.
Nearly four years ago when John Noble joined Elementary as Sherlock’s estranged father, he said about his role as Morland Holmes:

„…fundamentally underneath, there is hopefully an unconditional love that will surface by the end.”
John Noble, New York ComicCon 2015
It took until the very last conversation between Sherlock and his father to finally happen what makes the events of this episode even more tragic.

I think I don’t have to say anything about the phenomenal acting of both Jonny Lee Miller and John Noble in this episode but especially in that specific scene in the library.
In the beginning there is nothing unusual ...Read more
Jul 30, 2019
Elementary „The Latest Model“ Review - Angles
In the first scene Sherlock says to Joan Watson at some point:

„The angle is more critical than the speed.“

I don‘t know if it was on purpose but this quote serves as an excellent starting point for a review. Sorry that it comes so late again but I am on holiday and didn‘t find the time to watch the episode before yesterday evening. I hope you still enjoy it.

There are two things connected to the quote that I want to talk about.

The first thing is the attitude of the M.E. who had examined the body of Regina Volodka.
Regina had a history of drug addiction so when she was found with a heroin overdose as cause of death the M.E. didn‘t pay attention to her work anymore.
Otherwise you can’t explain why she missed the taser marks and the fact that ...
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Jul 24, 2019
Elementary „On The Scent“ Review - Observe
At first I was angry at the end of the episode that there was no further explanation about the statement of the lover of Caroline Gibbs about having seen the artist when she was already dead, with the killer clearly being a man.
But then I realised that that was the whole point. Watson said that she didn‘t believe that Diana Long would have mistaken somebody else for Caroline as she knew her very well. It turned out that Joan was wrong.
There is a very famous dialogue between John Watson and Sherlock Holmes in „A Scandal in Bohemia“ that explains why Diana did not notice that the person she saw wasn‘t her friend and also Joan’s misjudgement of the matter.

„When I hear you give your reasons“, I remarked, „the thing always appears to me so ridiculously simple, that I could easily do it myself, though ...
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Making connections
Jul 14, 2019
Elementary “Misunderstood” Review - Identity
I have never watched Elementary because of „the case of the week”. The subplots are often at least as compelling as the main story lines and deal with topics that are very rarely put focus on, especially not on Network TV.

The problem that was discussed this week was so riveting to me that I had difficulties following the story of the murdered foster mum. I think I will have to watch the episode again.

The issue of making connections and finding your place in the world is a common and ongoing one for people who are gifted or otherwise different. It has been a current theme on Elementary since the beginning of the show.
When Cassie first appeared in Season 4 I didn’t like the story at all as I thought that too many things remained unexplained. I liked the character of Cassie though, specifically the interactions of ...
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Picture your father, but as a duck
Jul 10, 2019
Elementary "From Russia With Drugs" Review - (No) Coincidence
This week’s episode was written by Sean Bennett, who has been Robert Doherty’s assistant since 2014. It’s his first script for the show and I think he did a very good job.
The main plot was well constructed and had just enough twists to keep you interested.
It took Sherlock’s chemical expertise and the discovery that the two victims were childhood acquaintances to solve the mystery. But that’s not what I found most intriguing about the episode, it was the subplot about Captain Dwyer’s misconduct and Gregson’s reaction to it. The fact that the story was written by a man makes it even more relevant.

We get to know from Captain Gregson that Dwyer has a reputation of sexual harassment of women and that he is still on probation for the last incident.During the five episodes Dwyer was leading the precinct there ...Read more
Jul 02, 2019
Elementary "Command:Delete” Review - profit
"In all the ways that matter I know him better."
- Odin Reichenbach
Now that I wrote the quote down I realise that it would make an excellent line of a song.

What do you say?
This has no relevance for the episode?
Yes. OK. Let's get to the point.

Odin Reichenbach claims that he knows Sherlock Holmes and that he can handle him.
This is a pretty arrogant statement but I guess it's symptomatic for men of his profession.
People like him believe that they rule the world, that they can get everything they want and most of the time they are right.
What he doesn't take into consideration though and what probably will be his downfall in the end is the fact that there are people that are not corruptible, that you cannot manipulate.
Sherlock is one of them. He makes this absolutely clear towards McNally ...
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Battle of brilliant minds
Jun 26, 2019
Elementary "Into The Woods" Review - The Power of Knowledge
Knowledge is important.
It can be very helpful.
It can even save lives.
If Sherlock hadn't noticed the damp mud on the dead woman's ankle and hadn't known where it came from, it would have taken much longer to discover the crime scene, what would have meant that the second dead body would have been found much later, too (if at all). And even if the murderer would have been arrested eventually, the wine dealer and the target of the poisoning would in all likelihood have died.

Another example is Sherlock who depends on Joan knowing him inside out as it enables her to react and help him to cope when the detective gets into a dark state of mind.

But knowledge can also be very dangerous. It depends on how you use it.

Enter Odin Reichenbach.

I guess you all know the meaning of the surname ...
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Jun 15, 2019
Elementary "Red Light, Green Light" Review - Ambivalence

The screen went black and I sat in front of the TV not knowing what to think about the episode and with absolutely no idea what to write about it. It was extremely difficult for me to grasp.
I started to ask myself why this was the case and suddenly I realised that maybe that was exactly the intention.
The writing as well as the directing create so much ambivalence and ambiguity that the viewer has difficulties to find something to hold on. This is not meant as a negative critique, in fact I think what Robert Hewitt Wolfe and Jonny Lee Miller did with this episode is ingenious.

The opening scene
The confusion already begins with the opening scene. You see Sherlock in front of a casket with an enormous flower bouquet. There is nothing that shows the viewer that the scene is not real but although you immediately ...Read more
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