Season 2 Episode 15

Corpse de Ballet

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2014 on CBS

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  • *sight*

    I'm so glad we went through that whole 'Detective Bell getting shot in no small part to Holmes disregarding police procedure' drama, because of it -Holmes had to face the unintended consequences of his reckless methodologies and grew an appreciation for the precautions that the NYPD takes.

    Without that whole affair -Holmes might have continued to flout all procedure while expecting no negative and unintended consequences. He might say; have sex with the NYPD's prime suspect in a homicide. . .
  • Very good!

    Really liked this one, as we had both an interesting side story with Joan, as well as a very good case which adimttedly was somewhat predictable but nonetheless interesting to follow.

    I thought it was unique, at least we had something unusual lik e a ballet storyline. That was really good.

    All up, a very good hour - looking forward to seeing more!
  • Prima on the Move

    This week's case was rather dull, simple to follow and easy to predict. There didn't seem to be much character development - in fact, it felt very much like season one in that regard. I know not all episodes can be high-stakes with the core cast of characters we love, but this episode was just lacking in connection for me. Here's to hoping it picks up again soon. At least people aren't hating on the episode's "gay agenda" yet. I'm sure it's coming.
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