Season 1 Episode 20

Dead Man's Switch

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2013 on CBS

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  • Dire plotting that self contradicts and a new season low for the show and TV in general.

    Again we have a decent plot that utterly fails to be clever or showcase Sherlock's detective skills.

    How does the great man track the suspect? He gets the police to trace them for him. Now that's some impressive detective skills. So his first clever act is some B&E and then witnesses a murder while in phone contact with Watson now here's the problem: the murderer breaks in about 3 minutes after Holmes but somehow didn't know he was there, they just broke in as the walked by? without looking in a window?

    Holmes and Watson also somehow fail to see, stop or follow the killer, the writers just ignore that plot-hole and jump a few hours a head and hope we forget too. The worst part is they leave an unsecured laptop and DVDs of sexabuse (and god knows what else) in the house for anyone to walk in and steal. They even convince the cops to leave the house alone so that the materials are free for anyone who happens by.

    So next Holmes uncovers a fraudulent and immoral businessman who admits to being complicit in blackmail and Holmes just lets him go altogether and is his character is totally forgotten. A scene or two before Holmes himself described blackmailers as in many ways as bad as murderers.. and he just lets this one go? This was an all-time low for a show that calls itself a detective drama.

    Halfway through we arrive at the false confession stage that been the staple of cop dramas for the last decade so. When you get a confession accepted anything outside the last 10 minutes of a show you know what to expect. The two usual outcomes are protecting a family member or using it to hide a worse crime.

    I was somewhat confused about the cat-litter house. If you had vast amounts of cat litter wouldn't you have just covered the body in the bath with it? I wouldn't think it would be effective spread out in every other room, maybe the poor actor in the bath wasn't paid enough to do it. It's half formed ideas like this that mark the slackness of Elementary's writing.

    So apparently the laptop was taken, I don't know if that came up before now and I just missed it, but the fact remains a vile blackmailer who makes copies of his materials has his house left unsearched for the material and/or clues while Holmes sods about ignoring his clients privacy concerns.

    So in the final analysis they partly riff on a Columbo episode where a distinctive ring damns the guilty man but this being Elementary they again bugger it all up by telling the man that they already have a confession from his brother so it's all academic anyways. The sad part is that they have email evidence that everyone ignores and could have ended the investigation days earlier.

    Best Moment: every second that the writers ignored their own broken internal logic that was the basis for the episode.