Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on CBS

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  • The irony of the title

    Another dumb opening scene that was entirely transparent and lacked any drama. It seems Holmes has decided to become a jerk to everyone in this episode. Well it beats having to write clever things for him to say and do.

    Things were learned:

    Sherlock is an a-social jerk (for this case anyway) and Watson a blissful boob.

    NYPD cops have no street smarts or driving training.

    There are more than 2 cops in NYC and one is even female and can talk! I wonder if she is an important character in this episode?

    Bell is short.

    You test reflexes by throwing stuff at peoples backs randomly.

    Psychiatrists now state life advice rather than helping the clients work out what they want.. when Watson remembers to visit hers anyways, for a 90 second scene.

    Can cops can arrest people with gun licences for possibly discharging weapons?

    Cops, when cornered like to betray their guilt visibly on their faces in-front of other cops.

    Also they like to verbally admit to their guilt without lawyers present nor plead the 5th and this is all done while not under arrest.

    A clever way to write and ending is to reveal lots of info the viewer has never been party too.

    Sherlock appears to lack the reflexes he was supposed to be passing on to Watson.

    I hoped that making a list of good n bad might make the episode more fun to watch, prolly the wrong episode to have done that with.

  • Great!

    After missing the last couple of episodes, I really got back into the show tonight with a superb episode! Now I want to go back and watch the ones I missed, because this one was really good!

    Nice to see the development of another main character and lots of interesting scenes in the case. I thought it was very interesting overall, and the case took many twists and turns that were really intriguing and unpredictable.

    A superb episode that shows what Elementary is capable of!
  • Details

    Details was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Elementary. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and well written. There was lots of character growth and plot development along with drama and intrigue. I liked how everything played out snd I look forward to watching what happens next! !!!!!!!!
  • If you ever wonder how Sherlock and Watson celebrate Valentine's Day...

    there's a confession, a proposal and a statement same as any other couple, with a single detail that makes them different from the rest, but it's not the self-defense lessons as much as plain honesty. The truth is that Sherlock IS concerned about her safety, he is worried that she might turn him down, and he has no idea why she has that effect on him, but he's grateful for it. Not because it makes him a better person or sharper at his job, but because it makes her a true companion, a partner, a mate. A consort of the mind as well as the spirit, the better half he didn't know he needed until he found her, a relationship that rings all the more romantic because it's not.

    Joan and Holmes celebrate Valentine's Day by becoming Holmes and Watson.
  • Best episode so far...

    Thoroughly enjoying this series and for me, this was the best episode yet. Great storyline and a fantastic ending where the truth about Watson's employment finally came out,

    Great stuff.
  • Do your firearms homework

    I thoroughly enjoy this show, and this is the first glaring mistake I've seen them make. Other than shotguns, there have been no smooth bore firearms made for about two hundred years. An H&K MP5 comes standard with a rifled barrel -- no crazy modifications for insane criminals needed to rifle that barrel. Otherwise, an excellent episode.
  • My favourite episode thus far

    I really like this Sherlock, and even though I haven't thought this series as amazing as the BBCs 'Sherlock,' I reeeally liked this episode. It made me smile loads. I'll keep watching.
  • you have been warned

    great episode as always. altough I have to admit the end could have been a little more ... you know what? screw this. great episode!!!
  • Flimsy

    And there it is, folks. Watson's on for good. I was very much pleased with how this was handled. There were so many worries that CBS was going to go back on its promise these two weren't going to get involved and so far they've backed it up. What I wasn't so pleased about was how this episode was wrapped up in the last five minutes. The case was really building up to be a wonderful two-parter and then they just saddle us with the quick, not-so-insightful clean up. C'mon guys, live a little! Give us a two-parter! We can handle it, I promise. Also, still no Clyde?