Season 2 Episode 17

Ears to You

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 2014 on CBS

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  • Clever!

    This was a smart episode with a cleverly constructed cas. It took so many weird twists and turns that I couldn't possilby see coming but I did definitely suspect the woman to be involved in some capacity.

    The stuff with Lastrade was all right. It was an interesting ending to the episode indeed.

    All up, I really liked it. The growing of the ears was both bizarre and scary but also clever.
  • Back Cuts

    Seriously, that's how they're dealing with the roosters? Sending them to a petting zoo? I hope they stick around longer than this, but maybe they realized the menagerie they've built and decided to actively address it like I wanted them to. The case was an interesting one and I can't help but feel like they took a page out of Hannibal's book, giving us just that taste of gruesome with the ears and how they came into existence. The case was odd but it was fun to revisit. Decent episode overall and quite a bit of growth.
  • Ears to the ground...

    Another great episode though I was disturbed by the fact I did solve both cases before the answers for either were provided. I really liked the tolerance shown to Lestrade by both Watson and Holmes. In that order because because Lestrade was really hitting on Watson! The first case was solved by the comment Sarah Cushing new partner/husband was a plastic surgeon about 1/3 the way through. The science simply lead the way after that. What amazing times we do live in! We could not have said this even 10 years ago with barely a flicker of surprise! The bicycle case was straight forward. However it was really about helping Lestrade get back on the horse. I wish I had friends as good as Holmes and Watson! Did Holmes set up the solution for Lestrade. I think not! Lestrade getting the right solution and misreading Holmes involvement was supposed to real leg up Lestrade needed! He needed to believe in his own powers again.

    Oh! great lol! To the running cock jokes!
  • Lastrade was potentially right!

    Anyone notice that at the end when talking to Joan, Sherlock refers to the two other mugging victims by their full names, but Lastrade when explaining his theory earlier only refers to them by their last names. Sherlock must have obviously gone through the files at some point in order to know their names.
  • Holmes and Watson investigate a kidnapping of a woman long thought to have been murdered.

    One of the better episodes of the season. It certainly keeps you guessing all the way to the end. Just when you thought you had it all figured out... The episode worked for several reasons. One thing is its well written script. I like the roads the story took because it helped keep the viewer's interest all the way through. Second is the most obvious: the cast. Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are terrific as always. The episode also had a very clever ending. I like how LaStrade thought that the whole thing had been set up by Holmes. It was a very good way to end a strong episode of this great series.
  • "That's me. A joke machine!"

    It was a great episode, both for the main story and for the background one as well.

    Some very strong dialogues about the meaning of friendship and finding your path in life.

    This series has got an intellectual level which I have never seen before.

    It requires your full attention and there is so much to think about and discuss afterwards.

    And then it's great writing. No f*** or other swear words but elaborate language and a dialogue based plot.

    Thank you for that.

    This week I especially liked Sherlocks comments about him being a joke machine and the one about sobriety chips made of plastic because it is thin and frail like sobriety itself. (Very moving)
  • elementary is brilliant and lucyliu wos her fantastic self as Wlucyliuwelldoneatson

    Great show elementary
  • A friend in need is a friend in deed

    Sherlock is a mysterious man but his methods are flawless
  • I have faith

    I love the character interaction between Watson and Holmes. It seems so matter of fact that Watson doesn't seem to be phased by anything that Holmes does. Keeping roosters loose in the house, having Lestrade as a "guest" in the house but totally ignoring him to let him find his own way. Not even a bomb on the kitchen table, now that's faith.