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Season 6 : Episode 11

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      Meet Your Maker
      Meet Your Maker
      Episode 12

      Detective Bell considers leaving the NYPD when he is recommended for a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. Also, Holmes and Watson are hired by a private client to investigate the disappearance of a young woman who led a double life online as a financial dominatrix.

    • You've Come a Long Way, Baby

      Holmes engages an old foe to protect his father after he learns Morland is in danger of being killed. Also, Holmes and Watson search for a killer connected to the tobacco industry when a lawyer who was in the process of reviewing a major cigarette distributor's finances is murdered.

    • Sherlock and his father, Morland Holmes, attempt to repair their strained relationship upon learning of a death within their family. Also, Holmes and Watson discover a link between their latest case and the world of Egyptian antiquities when they search for a killer who tried to mummify his victim.

    • 6/25/18

      Alfredo asks for Holmes' help with an illegal venture in order to save his brother. Holmes and Watson investigate the poisoning of a biology professor who was working on a secret genetics project.

    • Sand Trap
      Episode 8

      Holmes and Watson search for the killer of a woman found encased in cement which in turn leads them inside the clean technology industry. Watson proceeds with her interest in adoption.

    • Sober Companions
      Episode 7

      Holmes and Watson hunt a serial killer after a murder rocks their inner circle. Also, Holmes' neurological recovery regresses and his sobriety wavers as his commitment to catching the killer grows into an obsession.

    • Elementary
      Episode 6

      Correct Title: Give Me the Finger Holmes and Watson enter the world of nuclear security when they investigate the murder of an ex-Yakuza gang member. Also, Captain Gregson is blindsided by a stunning personal confession from his daughter, Hannah, a police sergeant.

    • Bits and Pieces
      Episode 5
      Holmes and Watson retrace Holmes' steps after he finds himself in possession of a severed head and no memory of the past six hours or why he has it.
    • Our Time is Up
      Episode 4

      Watson considers making a major life change after reading her own therapy file while Holmes and she investigate the murder of her former psychiatrist.

    • Pushing Buttons
      Episode 3
      Holmes and Watson enter the world of rare antiquities when they investigate a case in which the victim was killed during a Revolutionary War reenactment. Also, as Holmes grows frustrated with the length of his cognitive recovery, he finds solace in his growing friendship with Michael.
    • 5/7/18

      Watson and her half sister, Lin, have conflicting reactions when their estranged biological father dies. Also, Holmes and Watson find themselves on the hunt for a stolen plutonium shipment they fear will be used to make a dirty bomb after a department of energy inspector is killed.

    • The Season 6 premiere: As Holmes confronts a medical diagnosis that threatens both his career and sobriety, he meets Michael, a man who credits Sherlock for helping him conquer his own addiction. Also, Holmes and Watson are hired by a reformed party girl heiress to find her missing partner in a years-old sex tape that has just leaked online.

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