Season 1 Episode 6

Flight Risk

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • Weak sauce and Hamfists

    The writers struggle to update classic Holmes.. again. So taking the "I'm bored Watson" theme where Holmes laments the lack of crimes to solve (from the police, runners, walk-in's or the papers) trait worked will in literature but transplanted to modern NYC with radio scanners, internet, 24 hour news and we are supposed to believe that Holmes had nothing to work on? Dear Lord this is weak sauce.

    So this week Holmes randomly picks a plane crash that just happens to have murders where right from the start he spots a murder due to lack of blood (despite there being zero blood anywhere at all and therefore disproving his point even as he makes it). Holmes painfully narrates a blackbox for no apparent reason before a murder-board of photos with no blood in them.

    Next we get some of the most insulting detective work put on TV. Holmes takes out a memory card from a damaged phone and amazes the police that you can get voice mail off it.. That makes no sense at all.. none.. zero.. zip! But there's more.. next Holmes gets hold of a stated "cheap" CCTV tape that was apparently a high-def TV camera with massive resolution that has clear detail of 1cm high lettering from 30 feet away and Watson wants to know if he could enhance it. What! Eh? the best part.. it serves no useful purpose to the plot and is never mentioned again.

    Sherlock's dad scene was painfully obvious and even more insultingly they seem to have decided to start parodying House's glockenspiel music motif. At least they didn't drag it out and ended it pretty quickly, presumably hoping that the brain dead audience wouldn't have time to figure it out. Sadly the rearranged time of the meal earlier on hinted at this conceit and actually ruined any attempt at a surprise almost by accident it seems.

    Holmes further ignores reality by having aviation fuel soaked sand as a timed delivery for a surefire plane crash, lets not even insult the audience by discussing the plot holes here.

    Finally Holmes confronts a suspect who shows more knowledge than he should have and has a terrible alibi that Holmes just accepts. Then sin of sins they resort to the "The plant that only grows in one place on the planet" plot.. bugger me could they be any lazier and lets not forget the stupidest hiding place for illicit cash.

    Just to give Sherlock something to do they contrive a scene where he suspects a man in custody has a serious wound so they wait an hour while he drinks lots of water to prove it, what! The man is a suspect in custody and even Sherlock has to admit they could just ask him to lift his shirt. The broken logic of these scenes are so weighty that the writers can't even make the scene work, just to give Sherlock the appearance of being clever but withstand not even the slightest examination.

    The biggest problem this episode has that it highlights that there is no useful relationship between Holmes and Watson.. she rarely helps him, even by accident nor is she a sounding board for his work and as far as I can recall she's done nothing for his, now non-existent, addition problems since episode 2. She finally shows a thinnest of sleuthing abilities and gets a a verbal crowbar to get something personal out of Holmes, but even the language is awkward "I know about Irene. I want you to tell me about her".. so does she know or not? What she actually means is "I have something on you... now talk to me about your mysterious that's about as hamfisted as it gets.
  • Very interesting case!

    This was a very interesting episode of Elementary, with another very good case.

    I am certainly very impressed to see the large variety of cases that this show has come up with so far. It is very good and each one has been great.

    This was no exception!

    Wasn't too interested in the character development today. But the last scene of the episode was VREY interesteing for me, and I hope to see more in the netx episode!

  • Watson steals the show

    As usual I'm more transfixed by Watson than of Holmes. The PBS show is so much better than this one

    And again Holmes treats Watson like someone without any education at all I hope they aren't planning on matching these two up I only watch the show for Watson
  • A bored Sherlock goes to the scene of what looks to be a simple plane crash. Holmes soon discovers the crash was no accident.

    "Flight Risk" was a little tough to follow. It took a few viewings before I fully understood what was going on. When I did finally get the episode, I liked what I saw. As tough as this episode was it's hard to at least be entertained by Johnny Lee Miller. He is excellent here as well as in the series as a whole. The same can be said for Lucy Liu. It will also be interesting to see where Watson's investigation into Holmes' personal life will go. Just another reason to keep tuning into this great series.
  • Flight Risk

    Flight Risk was another entertaining episode of Elementary. I really enjoyed watching because the plot progression along with character development was awesome. The beginning was brilliant and showcased what it really must be like living with Sherlock. The story and investigation were intriguing and it was fun as usual to watch Sherlock deduce and contemplate. I liked how Watson believe Sherlock's father was going to meet for dinner and what happened was great! Every thing played out splendidly and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Names That Start With I

    I'm not going to lie, this week's case was so convoluted and back-and-forth that I got lost and didn't care to catch up. All I know was that Watson got stood up and asked about sex by a bookstore worker, sudden flashes of unexpected gore sucks and the name Irene ended the episode. I don't really feel like we got anywhere and if we did, I'm pretty sure I don't care about it.

    I mean seriously. This guy killed them and put them in the plane! This guy put sand in the fuel! This guy was smuggling drugs (drugs, drugs, drugs, that's the point of this series)! This guy was killed and dumped in brackish water! Sherlock is anxious about flying (look, he's human)! Back and forth and back and forth and I don't care.
  • Why Watsons a Girl

    I loved the entire episode and especially because we learned a little about his past. At first it really bothered me that Watson was a girl but now I see that because Watson is portrayed as a girl she gives more emotions and is more devoted into the emotional aspects of their relationship. And the very last scene, the look on his face was so vulnerable it was extremely different from his usual persona. I'm ever so excited to see the next episode!
  • The exposition continues....

    .... Just as the previous episode "Lesser Evils" continued to expand on the character of Watson, "Flight Risk" throws open a revealing curtain on Sherlock Holmes' past. This episode features an engaging case but the character moments between Holmes and Watson are its highlight. "Elementary" continues to offer consistent and quality episodes with a very satisfying balance of humor and mystery - but the show's greatest strength is the character dynamic between Holmes and Watson that is unfolding with each new episode. What's better is that I expect nothing else but for this dynamic to continue and even intensify, as revealed in this episode's ending.
  • Infuriatingly normal

    Look... When there was first hints of CBS making a new Sherlock show, I was all for it because as amazing as the BBC version is ( if you are one of the ten percent of the world that hasn't seen it, seriously do yourself the favor and head to Netflix or something to watch it) Sherlock Holmes is such an iconic character that I knew a US adaptation wouldn't hurt the name or the reputation that the BBC version has in fact, I saw it as the thing you can watch while they are on hiatus to accommodate freeman and cumberbatch's rising fame. And now in episode 6 I was hoping that they would do something... Anything to prove to the world that they are not just another CBS procedural or a knockoff a superior product. And so far... It's frustrating to watch because 90% of it is a knock off and another procedural while 10% of it is genuinely fun. Take this episode for example, the introduction of Roger Rees ( of warehouse 13 and greys anatomy as well as guest starring in a lot of tv shows) as an actor and closes thing that Sherlock has to a friends was a stroke of genius. He embodies the nobility of British actors with the sass of a struggling NY actor. I hoped that maybe he might actually be Mycroft but still the little moments between him an Watson were fun, unique and far more interesting than the mystery of the week. I hope that by the time this show gets to their coveted Super Bowl episode, they do turn it around and not rely on the charm of its leads and focus on a good story otherwise, after this first season (maybe one more after it) I don't see it going any further.