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discussion for elementary"s PILOT episode...

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    i have a feeling i'm going to really like this...but i already know that to compare it to the very well done british series is useless,a waste of time and ultimately a mistake. this has to stand alone,on it's own. a protrayal of sherlock holmes is not easy and will only be received well if it isn't flawless in the sense that in this situation it must be millers own...i think already at 20 min in he has got it..by george lol..now will lucy lu be excepted as the female associate?.she may have the more difficult task. and then of course there are the commercials interrupting the flow. but nothing we can do about that. he(JLM)is playing holmes with a fuller emotional tenor and i like it,it feels edgy. thepush in his speech as thou the words can not come out fast enough is the perfect companion to the emotion. very well excecuted,and very difficult to pulloff. on the other hand lu is almost stunted with her emotions,more pensive,but LL has a severness to her affect that is part of her face. it's an interesting combo...and she is being pulled into his messy world inspite of herself.i find myself more tuned into the characters at this point rather than the case. considering that this is more about pulling off the roles,esp in this pilot, it is a good thing. but...the cases with a sherlock holmes series must be clever,engaging and intense. oh andwatson and holmes should have a plaful side,which i think we began to see with the ballgame at the end...so i am very happy and hopeful...we will see???

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    I liked it, I liked it a lot. When it comes to shows that are an adaptation of something that has been done before I always just try to watch the show without allowing myself to be influenced, by the previous show. So when I was watching Elementary, I didn't compare it to Sherlock, because I wasn't expecting Sherlock, and it paid off because I really liked it. So I'm definitely going to tune in for this series when ever I can.
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